Music for Episode 2.12 Added

We’ve updated the Music page with the songs from “Chuck vs. the Third Dimension”, including iTunes downloads as available.

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  1. Hi,
    don’t know if this song is from the soundtrack of the series, cause it is played by a local channel here in Turkey and I could not find who’s song it is, neither the name of the song, but the lyrics are like this:

    “…it’s stranger than fiction
    if there is a lesson
    it’s written in the sky
    it goes without saying
    you know what you’re doing
    a blessing in disguise
    for everyone who wants to know
    you know which way to go
    and for every time it comes around…”

    and you can listen to it here:

    Would be nice to know, who’s song it is.

  2. There’s a song that I love on this ep that you guys don’t have listed:

    Good Days, Bad Days by Kaiser Chiefs.

    It plays when Chuck comes in the BuyMore to see all the Tyler Martin pandemonium.

  3. Hey, friend from Turkey!
    I’m looking for that song too and I just can’t find whose it is. Just like you, I’ve heard the music in the trailer on cnbc-e. I looked it up in NBC’s web site but I couldnt find it in the list. It would be great if you have found the name of the group.

  4. hey there,

    the song is called Just Standing. to download go to

  5. thank you very much! 🙂