Another Tough Night for NBC, Chuck’s Ratings Drop

NBC had a tough Monday night with all the other networks airing new shows. Unfortunately, Chuck‘s ratings saw a drop with an estimated 5.62 million viewers tuning in live last night compared to 6.05 million last week. Fortunately, Chuck did keep steady with a 2.1 share in that 18-49 demo that advertisers love. Expect the total number of viewers and possibly the demo to go up a bit once final numbers are announced.

If you’d like to help ensure that Chuck gets a third season, be sure to check out our Watch/Buy/Share/Write campaign.

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  1. This situation with the low ratings is getting more and more frustrating – but what can you expect when you’re up against DWTS and HOUSE every time you’re on the air? As much as I LOVE CHUCK and am addicted to this show, I’m beginning to wonder if the whole “Buy More” part of this needs to go by the way side. Truth is, the “Big Mike,” Jeff, Lester, etc. thing while occasionally funny, just takes away from the main part of the show which are the Chuck “regular guy”/Chuck “spy”, Chuck/Sarah, Chuck/Casey/Sarah, and Chuck/Ellie/Awesome story lines. I understand that Josh and Chris (producers) say that the finale will be a game changer and that if there IS a season three it will almost be like launching a new show. Perhaps that is what NBC wants – a “new” show, without actually having to start a new show from the ground up. It will be with more of a focus on the CHUCK/SARAH dynamic. I think that’s what the show needs. You can’t possibly have Chuck working at Buy More and Sarah slogging yogurt for another season and then have them going back and forth with this on again/off again “can we have a relationship” thing. Zach and Yvonne are two young, talented (and obviously very attractive) actors who have bright futures ahead of them. Let the show focus on THEM and their characters and how they live out their lives and relationship as spies. Get rid of the “extra stuff” (i.e., BUY MORE). Even call it “CHUCK and SARAH” or something else if that’s what it takes to get a third season – and focus on THEM! And for goodness sake, NBC, PROMOTE THEM! You’ve got to potential great stars for many years to come – give them the promotion they deserve (and let some other show be the sacrificial lamb against DWTS and HOUSE). I’m just hoping CHUCK doesn’t get the axe. The sad fact is that most people to whom I mention “CHUCK” will say that they’ve never heard of it – NEVER HEARD OF IT – after almost two seasons now! So diehard fans, keep the web hits for CHUCK going on NBC.COM and HULU. Watch the episodes again – and again – and again on line. Could make all the difference between CHUCK getting renewed as opposed to EARL or MEDIUM making it instead. And remember to sign the RENEW CHUCK petition at – and tell all your friends to sign it, too. And keep up the great work all you good folks at CHUCKTV.NET! If CHUCK survives, you guys deserve the thanks of every CHUCK fan!!!!

  2. It just seems that Chuck would do so much better if it weren’t in such a tough time slot. The audience of DWTS may watch Chuck if the competition was not there. As long as that other time slot doesn’t go up against say…..Lost. That would be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

    I will be extremely disappointed if they cancel it. Maybe another network would pick it up similar to Scrubs? Heck, TNT, USA or another syndicated network may be a viable option.

  3. NBC has to renew Chuck. Any other show they put on during that timeslot will not be any better ratingswise and is very likely to suck. Chuck is just an awesome show that is constantly entertaining. Heck they renewed Heroes and that show is not doing well. I have faith though.

    I’m pretty sure NBC will renew Chuck but they might just cut the budget.

  4. My wife and I love watching Chuck and will miss it greatly if it is canceled. I have not missed a single episode since the show began. It would be a real shame to cancel it.

  5. It is frustrating that the ratings are so low. It gets me so mad because this show has so many great elements and people are missing out on it. If CHUCK does come back (fingers and legs and arms crossed) NBC should seriously move it to another night. Monday’s are just ridiculously competitive. I was thinking maybe Wednesdays at 8. I don’t think that there’s any real tough competition in that slot, unless i’m missing something. Or maybe Thursday’s, along with “The Office”. They could do like a comedy night type of thing. I don’t know, they need to do something ’cause JS said that he’s writing the finale as a season finale, not a series finale. If NBC leaves us fans hangin’ out to dry, oooooh, there are going to be so many pi–ed off people.

  6. I am also getting frustrated waiting to see if Chuck is going to be renewed for a third season. I’ve actually ran into a lot of people that love the show. Shows that should be on the bubble before Chuck: Night Rider (nothing like the original), Kath and Kim, maybe even My Name is Earl (the storyline, as funny as it is, has run it’s course). I just can’t see how a show like Chuck that has so many dynamics to it, would be let go. I think they should keep all of the elements. I know that everytime I see the Buymore sign, something goofy is going to happen, or a great 80’s/90’s reference will be made. I know that everytime I see Chuck and Sarah together, we’ll wonder what will happen next with their feelings for each other. I know that everytime I see John Casey, I’ll either see something really cool, or hear a snide comment about Chuck holding a gun, etc. It’s just an awesome show. Honestly, it is the only show I have consistently watched this whole season, and I’ve got plenty of shows to choose from. I guess if it is cancelled,I’ll be watching re-runs on DVD for years to come.

  7. keep in mind that TOTAL VIEWERS MEANS NOTHING!!! Advertisers care about ratings in the demos!
    total viewers=bragging rights
    demo ratings=$$$$$

  8. Im a fan from the uk and all this cancellation news is really upsetting. Im a die hard chuck fan but everyone i talk to hasn’t even heard of it. I heard about chuck from a 10 second advert on virgin one!!! Most of my friends watch heroes but chuck is not promoted very well so no one knows about it. Its so frustrating, i haven’t been this obsessed with a show since dragonball z and that was like 4-5 years ago. I watch 24, TSCC, big bang theory and in my opinion chuck is better than all of them. Chuck really needs a season 3 i mean is a new show going to pull in the kind of ratings they want with DWTS, house and CBS comedies on at the same time??? I dont think so but they again its not up to me. All we can do is keep our fingers and toes crossed and wait until may. Until that time however im really going to be nervous especially if it gets cancelled before i even get to see season 2…. i am really baffled as to why it doesn’t pull in more viewers its such an excellent show =)

  9. im also from the uk to be honest i cant imagin ther not being a 3rd season as a seriously dont belive you could tie every thing up in 3 epiesods plus look at hbo the policy is quality then ratings and the way the actors and every 1 involved are speaking they seem to be confident of a 3rd

  10. I agree with the whole time-slot idea. Maybe they should move all the other shows (wishful thinking, I know), but really—I can’t see them canceling it. They know Chuck is in a tight spot time-wise but the show still pulls through and it has great elements, the kind that keep a show alive based on creativity and flare alone. I haven’t missed a show since I started watching it last season, I have the box-set and, even though NBC doesn’t allow Canadian viewers to watch online, I keep my eyes and ears open for whatever shows up on the internet. They can’t cancel Chuck! It’s on the perfect night for me and where would I be without their unique flavour of comedy?!

    …Nowhere. That’s where. 😛

  11. Me and my family watch the show and have DVR it so we have every episode. We watch them over and over. If they take it off I will not watch NBC any more. I will watch CBS or FOX. DWTS is such bull who could watch this bs, I out it on once and never again. I love Chuck and hope forseason 3, if not I have seaon one and two and will watch it from time to time. I must say Sarah is so hot I am sure if the show goes off the air they will all get diffent show soon.

  12. Rick was correct in bringing the lack of promotion up and Dan was correct in stating the importance of the demos. Other Dan was not correct in his threat to boycott NBC if they cancel the show. Mel and Liz’ Watch/Buy/Share campaign is the best approach to show NBC the devoted fanbase that this show has developed. I’ve long lambasted the accuracy of the antiquated Nielsen system when they base millions of viewers on a virtual handful of people. No matter what they think you cannot take 16000 people’s viewing habits each week given the wide array of viewing options available and say that they represent the entire viewing public. I was one of those people who came to discover Chuck late in the game. I was a huge fan of Big Bang Theory last season and had no idea what Chuck was even about. I caught a Saturday rerun over the summer while visiting my parents. It caught my attention and I went home and looked it up. I watched the available episodes at that night and I was hooked. I ordered the 1st season DVD 2 days later and managed to get my 24 year old daughter and 21 year old son hooked on the show. Since then, 2 of my nephews (21 and 18) have become huge fans as well as 2 of my nieces (21 and 19) All of them have enjoyed the show so much that they have purchased the 1st season DVD too and you will notice that they’re all in the demo that the networks crave. If you look up the numbers for all of NBC’s programming, Chuck actually is in the middle of the pack so it would be foolish for NBC to cancel this show. Their top show is only averaging a little over 10 million viewers and Chuck is a very strong performer when you consider the strength of competition. Just take Mel and Liz’ advice and Watch/Buy/Share. Write a letter, buy the DVD, go to NBC’s website and buy a Buy More shirt or cup or hat. Tell your friends about this show and it will all help to make each and every one of us happy viewers for the 3rd season premier next September.