SPOILERS: Ausiello Spreads the Word and Spills the Beans on Chuck & Sarah

There were three Chuck questions in this week’s Ask Ausiello column, including a major Chuck/Sarah scoop, plus he helps promote the Watch/Buy/Share/Write campaign. Thanks, Mike!

Question: Any good scoop on Chuck? — Andrew
Only one thing will stand in the way of Chuck and Sarah having sex next Monday. And that one thing looks like this.

Question: This week’s Chuck was unbelievable, and the final two episodes of this season look to be even better. Any news or predictions? — Josh
A few predictions: You’re going to love next week’s Ausiello TV; Subway will see a dramatic surge in business the night of the finale on April 27; and NBC will renew Chuck for a third season because I will come down on them like a ton of bricks if they don’t. (That last one was more like a threat disguised as a prediction than an actual prediction, FYI.)

Question: Why didn’t you tell us there are two weddings in the season finale of Chuck? One is obviously Ellie and Awesome’s. What do you know about the other one? — Isabelle
I forgot about the second one. Just kidding, I remembered and decided not to tell you. Just kidding, I honestly didn’t know. Just kidding, I know everything. Just kidding, there are some things I don’t know — like the fact that Kara and Paula were once roommates. Just kidding, I was their landlord. Just kidding, I lived upstairs from them. Just kidding, I lived downstairs. Just kidding, Kristen Wiig’s going to sue me for copyright infringement. Just kidding, Lorne Michaels actually owns the rights to this shtick. Just kidding, NBC does. Just kidding, what was your question? Oh, right, you want scoop on the second wedding. Per Josh Schwartz, “Chuck throws it for someone he cares about.”

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  1. WHAT!?! They don’t have sex because neither of them brought a condom?! What the hell, didn’t they learn to always come prepared? Well this is gonna cause a riot.

  2. Haha. You might think, that being an agent and having to have sex with random guys would mean that she was on BC. Guess not. Haha. Well, YOU CAN’T DENY YOUR FEELINGS IF YOUR READY TO DO IT! Just saying, and BTW, this guy is a riot. Wedding for Anna and Morgan? Casey and another character?

  3. I love spoilers like this, at the same time we have chuck and sarah (nearly) getting it on and also I can just imagine how awkward and funny the whole condom thing will be :D. Makes me so excited about the next episode, can’t wait. Also I hope all this excitement will be enough to get a ratings boost so that Chuck is renewed.

  4. What the?!
    If that’s true,what an absolute teaser.
    I knew that preview for next week was too good to be true!.

  5. It will definitely be awkward if the condom talk comes up. LOL, I could just imagine. I dont know how they’ll just be able to stop in the heat of the moment though. Makes me want to tune in even more, hopefully it will get a ratings boost

  6. They have to put chuck and sarah together once and for all! i mean iv been watching all of chuck within the last few weeks over and over again, and its killing me!! hahaha… teaser for next episode definitely makes me wanna tune in more, but PLLLEASE let them be together! They suit!

    And do you really think it will be anna and morgan for the second wedding? I mean thats kinda outta the blue dont you think? they just sprang a “move in”. Well im rooting for Sarah and Chuck to get married ( i know its a long shot but still!!!! I can dream! )

  7. Ohh and btw! im all the way in New Zealand!!!! lol fans around the world here!!!! NBC HAS to renew Chuck, this series is constantly on my mind!

  8. what about Big Mike and Morgan’s mother? as a comic relief it would be hysterical to see the wedding.

  9. Im from South Africa, Love this show, praying it gets renewed for a 3rd season. This show is brilliant

  10. lol no condom. makes sense tho. they didn’t bring anything with them when they left…and they would happen to have one?? lol don’t think so

  11. I just imagine Chuck saying.. “:| Nooooooooooo!!! Noooo!!” Sarah: “What?!” Chuck “No glove, no love.” LMAO

    It’ll be a funny scene for sure 😀

    From Portugal here! 😀

  12. caz, im also from s.a!:) guys think about it, he could also mean that it will all depend on whether or not they have it.. as opposed to casey ruining the moment..

  13. OH Gawd! Ha ha ha ha! Dude, seriously, go out to the nearest drug store and buy one! ha ha haha! This show is so brilliant it’s unbelievable!! Watched this from DAY ONE, and this better get renewed! I’m even buying subway!

  14. Gutted!.
    If they don’t have sex in this episode,then they won’t this season.
    Doubt they would be able to fit it in the final episode.

    Yet again,we get teased.Its starting to wear real thin.

    Oh well,hopefully we have a season 3 to sort this out.

    (Adelaide,Australia here by the way)

  15. Check out youtube.

    There is a preview clip for this Monday nights with some “extra sauce” for the upcoming episode.

    That link was hilarious.


  17. I think its more probable that the second wedding would be big Mike and Morgan’s mom!

    I can’t wait for next weeks episode!!! It’s going to be fantastic! Season 3 campaign…

  18. I read somewhere that the second wedding is also an ellie and awesome wedding because the first one has been ruined by roark

  19. it’s going to be a funny scene!

    Brazil here!

  20. SO excited for Monday! I predict a Big Mike/Morgan’s mom 2nd wedding. Why else would the buymore employees be there? Chuckles/Sarah wedding is too long a shot. But if NBC doesn’t renew… not to jinx anything… why not?

  21. I have posted requests for write ins to NBC all over the place to try to save this show. I have heard from two places that the CW network is interested in buying the show if it’s not renewed. I hope it stays where it is. To me it i one of the two or three best shows on TV today.

  22. Thats not really a second wedding if they just do ellie and awesomes again since its a second stab at the first wedding surely a wedding must actually happen first before u call it a wedding. Thats like saying we planned it for 23rd of april but then changed the date so this is our second wedding that does not make sense. Oh well you guys are probably right but kind of a let down =(

  23. The first wedding is Ellie and Devon’s wedding. The second wedding is Ellie and Devon’s wedding too.

    I’m from France 🙂

  24. Call me crazy but I took the comment as being literal. The only thing that would come between them during sex would be a condom so they WILL do the deed. Maybe I’m wrong but wouldn’t the previously stated “game changer” spoiler possibly be such an event? Wouldn’t that piss every single fan off if they never got together and the show didn’t get picked up?

    I think it’s a done deal.

  25. I hope they do the deed and that it becomes a subplot for a third season. If NBC thinks about some of their other shows ie Law & Order Criminal Intent Their are other options for a better time slot if they feel this is not a good time. Please renew Chuck. I watch a lot of TV and only one show has me wanting so much more and it is Chuck.

  26. Chuck and sarah have to get togather!!! I watch and love tons of shows but not as much as chuck it gets more exciting each week. There just has to be a 3rd season!!

  27. I think the second wedding is going to be Big Mike and Morgans Mom….

  28. I agree with JT as far as taking the comment literal. Instead of saying “the only thing that will stand in the way” I think it really is saying, “the only thing from keeping Sarah from being the mother of Orion the 3rd (Chuck being Orion Jr.) is the condom.” That’s the way I read it. OMG! No lie, as I was writing just now I saw a preview on NBC for Chuck and it renewed my love for the show. P.S. Someone should show the guys at NBC this page cuz it has ppl from all over the world and would help get a third season. I love reading the tags from everybody around the world.

    GO CHARAH!!! 🙂

  29. Oh yeah, the weddings… Both of them will be Awesome/Ellie. Just my opinion. (And judging by Ellie’s picture in the picture spoilers page of the season finale.)

  30. hey i am from germany. i have watched both seasons in the last two days and now i can not wait for the next episode. the last episodes were so incredible good that i couldn’t imagine how good must be the finale. i hope that nbc renewed chuck for season three.

  31. Wow, your kidding right? Can’t they have them make out, show some skin and voila they did the did. Why the heck do they need a condom story thrown in there.

  32. That second did should’ve been *deed*

  33. heyyy…hear me? NBC? I wanna have a omfortable summer with the good news of renewal of chuck…I already have many problems in my life and chuck is one of the very less things to relax in the whole week for me and for many others (I am sure about it) so LET US HEAR THE GOOD NEWS…

  34. edit: from now on, words are told, the only thing that YOU should (actually we can’t because we have no effect on ratings, TURKEY by the way) do is to watch and increase ratings, as I hear from the news and spoilers, this excitence can even change a negative decision to a positive one with the ratings of only last two episodes, so people, do it. Time has come…by the way of course I didin’t forget watch buy share…

  35. First of all, the promo for Chuck vs the Colonel was great. They tell the basic plot of the episode and then they throw in just what everyone wants: Chuck and Sarah getting their smooches on. Tell me that’s not the #1 reason we are counting down the hours and minutes till the episode. The season has been great and I just can’t wait to see how the season will end. I’ve done a bunch of surveys and written my letter to NBC so I really hope Chuck gets a 3 season.

  36. When will Chuck Versus the Colonel air in the UK?! Idk how long i can wait
    i’ve told as many people as i can about Chuck xD I agree with ‘utku’ – it’s a real relaxation period – just sitting down to Chuck – anything better?

    From the UK (Y)

  37. OMG! Chuck vs.the Colonel was the best episode of Chuck ever! Can’t wait til the finale!!!

  38. cody you are right. this episode was awesome and i can’t wait until the finale, too. finally sarah and chuck are together but i’m very excited what happens in the season finale because sarah have to leave but is she really leaving?

  39. Has anybody had difficulty in accessing the spoilers. Are there any suggestions for viewing them.

  40. I absolutely love the show, I’ve watched every episode of season one at least 30 times and can’t wait for season two on DVD. As much as I hope that it survives for a third season, I wonder how the show will turn, what will the storylines be like. He wanted the Intersect out of his head, now its out, does he really want it back or need it back. I think the writers already know how its going to play out with NBC, the finale will dictate that, I think it will end with Chuck and Sarah getting married. Remember from season one when she asked Casey, “didn’t you ever want a normal life, kids, a house, a regular life?” I think that is what she’ll get with the season finale. I hope for season 3, just don’t see what else can be done.

  41. I’ve been reading loads of spoilers for season 3 of Chuck, and the writers have planned to have Anna (Morgans Ex) return, but this time she is returning for Morgan. Also in season 3, Chuck asks Sarah if she loves him, i dont know what episode this is, but the promo is on youtube, here it is:


    The writers have Anna to return in the last six episodes, as they want her to return.