A Note On Downtime, Errors, and Being Super Popular

So it would appear that the Interwebz REALLY love Chuck. Thanks to extensive media coverage, and increasing interest in the show as the finale approaches, our server has been strained this past week or so. And we know it’s only going to get worse better over the next couple of weeks as Chuck fans wait for NBC to announce a third season. As a result of the tremendous amount of traffic we’ve been receiving, our host migrated us to a (temporary) dedicated server until we can move to permanent new digs. Unfortunately, they had to take the site down for several hours, without warning, to do that. We apologize for any Chuck withdrawals you experienced during that time.

We’ve been assured that this migration will handle the increased traffic for the time being, so we should be running smoothly from here on out. In the meantime, we are working on a permanent solution to house what’s become the largest Chuck fansite and home to a truly wonderful community of fans. Thanks for hanging in there as we get through these growing pangs, and don’t forget to tell your friends and family to watch the Chuck season finale on April 27th!

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  1. Thanks, guys for all you’re doing. Yes, we need to tell our friends to watch the finale on April 27th – but since most of our friends don’t have Nielsen boxes, we need to tell them to watch/rewatch and WATCH AGAIN & AGAIN the finale on NBC.COM/CHUCK and HULU.COM/CHUCK on Tuesday and the days immediately after the finale airs on Monday.

    If Nielsen isn’t going to count our viewing, at least these web sites will count our “hits,” and that DOES add to NBC’s advertising revenue for CHUCK and helps them see how many of us who aren’t being counted by Nielsen are out there. If you preview the finale on the NBC.COM site, you can “comment.” A TON of CHUCK fans already have, pleading with NBC to save the show. Add your name to the list. Let’s “overwhelm” NBC with our voices supporting CHUCK!!!

    Also. Pre-order Season 2 on Amazon NOW!!! Order “extras” for gifts for friends. You can also get cool CHUCK stuff for yourself or for gifts at the NBC.COM web site. Nerd Herd hats, tee shirts, Chuck coffee mugs, Chuck comic books (who knows – they may become collector’s items, and other CHUCK stuff.

    SEND THOSE LETTERS TO THE EXECS. AT NBC – THAT IS SOOOOOO IMPORTANT!! But get them sent out NOW. Don’t wait any longer. Sign the online petition at http://petitionspot.com/petitions/renewnbcchuck

    Participate in the FOOTLONG FINALE campaign on Monday (the 27th). Have SUBWAY footlongs for dinner before or while you’re watching the finale!!

    Everything that we do counts. If we fail, we can’t say that we didn’t try. And if we succeed – and I think we will – what a great summer we’ll have waiting for SEASON THREE of CHUCK!!! Thanks, everybody. Go CHUCK Go!!!!

  2. im really concerned about chucks situation. i dont live in the us, so i cant do many things your recomending. i try hard but it would be really helpfful for us, the fans outside the us, to know about ways to help chuck. is there any nbc mail we can write to? please tell us how can our voice be hear.

    thank you so much

  3. im really concerned about chucks situation. i dont live in the us, so i cant do many things your recomending. i try hard but it would be really helpfful for us, the fans outside the us, to know about ways to help chuck. is there any nbc mail we can write to? please tell us how can our voice be hear.

    thank you so much

  4. Hey… if we really want to get NBC’s attention, let’s bring down their web site like we did this one!

  5. Thanks you guys, for the info on the website. I was kind of worried about it for a bit but It finally came through ( talk about Chuck with drawls). I really am exited about Mondays episode. I did look at some sneek peeks on NBC and YouTube. I know I know shame on me. But I am trying to do whatever I can to keep the show going for a 3rd season. Thank guys.

  6. I’m gunna cry! It’s the last episode of the season! What am I going to do with all the long months between the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3? (Yes, I have faith that a 3rd season will be coming. And I have also written 2 letters to NBC and 1 to Subway.) I guess I’ll just have to memorize the rest of the first two seasons. Well, it’ll be a long wait, but definitly worth it!

  7. I only started watching season one cause I never heard of the show before until my cousin told my about it an I have seen all of season 1 and am waiting for season 2 finale, but I gotta tell you that the show kicks ass I love it. Best show ever!! I really hope we can save the show so that there are more seasons to come!! Keep up the good work guys and do whatever you can so we can have season 3 after summer. So I hope NBC will listen to all of us and save the show!!! 🙂

  8. cody h. did you write the letters or was it an email? i need to know if there is any so i can write cause i live in colombia. we have to stay togheter and save chuck.


    Chuck is the BEST show ever i mean LITERALLY.
    So awesome it motivated me to send a letter all the way from Taipei to Burbank!

  10. Mel, I tried to send you an e-mail, but it came back. So I guess it’s because what you’ve said in this post. I’ll try again later.

    RENEW CHUCK PEOPLE! We, brazilian fans, are looking forward it too. ;P

  11. yes, colombian fans also!! but how can we write to nbc.? people in the us is so lucky they dont have to write mails, the can do it in paper.

  12. Us fans form outside the US suffer the most since, while the American fan can actually do a little something on its own (and boy, can that make a BIG diferrence!!) the fan from abroad really can’t do anything but sit idle and wait (you CAN still buy the Footlong if Subway opperates in your country!!… not my case tough).

    So I really wanna thank every single one of the American Chuck fans that are actively promoting and fighting for the 3rd season to be a reality. Would the 2nd season of Chuck be on here and viewership in Europe mean something in the long run, I would be with you guys every step with of the way.

    P.S. I did buy the season 1 DVD, not much, but it surely can’t hurt can it? Too bad I can’t pre-order the second…

  13. omg thanks a lot i didnt know that i could buy the footlong here..we have subway! and about the 1st season in dvd, i asked for it, and they are over”! i have to wait till they bring more