Chuck Announcement to Come May 4th

Multiple sources are reporting that NBC will now make its announcement about which shows will appear on the fall schedule on Monday, May 4th instead of May 5th as originally reported. NBC will only release which shows they’re picking up for next season on Monday; the full programming schedule won’t be announced until May 18th. (We’ll keep the entry deadline the same for the Watch/Buy/Share/Write/WIN! giveaway, though.)

In other news, Variety joins us on the optimistic bandwagon for Chuck; Brenelz Web Design is giving away Chuck season 1 on DVD; and Hulu will soon be streaming Less Than Perfect, Zachary Levi’s pre-Chuck series.

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  1. That’s Awesome (no Pun Intended!)

  2. That’s Awesome! Pun Intended!

  3. please bring chuck back…please nbc, please…without it there is nothing that keeps me watching nbc..

  4. God, that just makes me more nervous. *crosses fingers*

    PLEASE bring back Chuck. Please.

  5. FullMetalJacket

    Phase 2 of Operation Bartowski can start one day earlier.

  6. oh!! don’t do this to us…we want Chuck to continue. This was an amazing series that made me start watching NBC…now wat?? who is gonna watch NBC without Chuck??!!

  7. Please give Chuck a third season 3 NBC

  8. Chuck is the best series to come on TV in quite awhile. To cancel the series would demonstrate why NBC is in such dire straits.

  9. Hopefully NBC has come to their senses. Chuck is one of two NBC shows I watch. Heroes is the other. How can you not renew after that finale…

    btw…I was over at and came across the following. Way to show support!!!

    “Finally today, a little TV commentary and a plea for fan/network action. Every year it seems, I end up doing a rant about how the TV networks suck. Their ratings are declining and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s all their own damn fault. Their shows are generally awful and these days mostly cheap “reality” fare. When on that rare occasion you find a show you actually enjoy, the network shuffles it around on the schedule until you lose it for good. What TV viewer is their right mind wants to deal with that? Well, at least a few million of us tune in anyway each week, for those rare gems actually worth our time. Naturally, ’tis the season when most of them are about to be cancelled. But let me just speak on behalf of one we hope gets saved: NBC’s Chuck. Ratings are down for the show, as the are for nearly everything this season, but Chuck remains a delight from week to week. It’s cute, funny, surprisingly original and it’s that rare show you don’t need a Wiki to understand and that you can watch with the whole family. Lots of other people seem to agree, as fans rally around the show (see here, here, here and here – that last one in particular is worth checking out. Think I’m getting a hankering for a Subway…). Hell, even my old friend Weatherman Dave is in agreement. Let’s hope NBC gets the message. Geeks unite!”

  10. Can someone please tell NBC that Monday night at 8pm is one of the toughest timeslots on television, if not THE toughest? Chuck is against Dancing With The Stars, The Big Bang Theory (which probably has many of the same viewers as Chuck) and House (one of the most popular shows on TV right now!) NBC obviously doesn’t realize that being able to pull in 6 million viewers during House AND Dancing With The Stars is nothing short of amazing! Move Chuck to Wednesday or Thursday at 8pm and I’m sure it would bring in MILLIONS more viewers.

  11. Katharine Lhota

    I’m trying to stay optimistic, and hope that the powers that be at NBC in Beautiful Downtown Burbank realize that they have an extraordinary series with “Chuck,” even if the blasted Neilsen numbers aren’t cutting it. It would be a foolish move to prematurely end what could eventually bring NBC big gains on their investment if NBC would only continue to be patient, nurturing and supportive. I’m cringing that “Celebrity Apprentice” has been renewed, and we haven’t yet heard on “Chuck.” I’ll be good, and I won’t even bleed internally if NBC blows us all off as whacko fans. But, I do believe that “Chuck” is one of the most consistantly entertaining programs to come along in years, and I very much want to see how Season 3 will play out.

  12. At this point, I’m fairly convinced that season 3 is going to happen, if only because of the massive support the show has received from fans and critics alike, NBC probably won’t look away from all that. Heck, even the people at TVbythenumbers give it a fairly good chance of renewal, and you know your show is in good hands when they give it their blessing!

    Now just I hope that they back the show with some freakin reruns during the hiatus to get some new fans before S3 premieres while the people here at and all other fansites continue the struggle to get more people into the show. Chuck deserves to be a hit and with NBC and Chuck fans working togheter, we might be able to put it off!


  14. Come on, NBC…renew Chuck!!! Even us 50 something year old moms love Chuck!!

  15. May not be on Monday as of Today (Saturday, May 2nd). Apparently Zach Levi said in an interview that Josh Schwartz told him that it could be another week or two before they know. (hopefully that WON’T be the case) And you wonder why NBC went from first to worst. Pretty soon they’ll be behind the CW and Univision. Either they know by now that the show is going to be renewed or not. They might not know all the details, but they HAVE to know one way or another! Just spit it out already for cryin’ out loud!

  16. No Chuck = no nbc in my life. EVER. You take away the reason I saved up $500 for a t.v. of my own[I’m 14 years old] to put in my room and you nbc, will lose me as a viewer forever. ‘Cause frankly, all your other shows just SUCK. I’m sure this applys to so MANY other people too. My family’s favourite show they HAVE to watch every week is CHUCK. NOT heroes. NOT parks and recreation. NOT any of the other crap on your station. Keep Chuck. You won’t regret it.

  17. has NBC delayed the chuck announcement? when is it? if it hasn’t been delayed, has chuck got its renewal? could someone actually reply this?

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