Chuck Renewal Campaign Update – May 7

If anyone thought Chuck fans were going to quiet down until May 19th, they have another think coming! Here’s a quick update on the latest news from the campaign for a third season:

  • Live had a segment on the Save Chuck campaign featuring Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, and our own Gray Jones. The segment was broadcast online today, but you can still watch it here.
  • has an update for us:
    Well, “Chuck” me.NBC still isn’t expected to make a final call on its bubble shows until May 19, when it reveals exact details of its fall schedule. But there are signs that things just might be looking up for “Chuck,” the NBC comedy-drama we at MoJoe tend to write about as often as Perez Hilton mentions Lindsay Lohan.

    Two Peacock insiders told us this afternoon that NBC executives have started taking notice of the massive Twitter- and Internet-based fan campaign to Save Chuck. “I think it’s working,” said one NBC source not given to overstatement.

    Both insiders cautioned that there’s still no guarantee “Chuck” will get a pickup. But they said that the fan campaigns to patronize sponsor Subway and to send Nerds candies to executives have impressed NBC suits.

    Also helping things: The super-low ratings for this week’s return of “Deal or No Deal,” which attracted exactly half the young adult audience as a typical episode of “Chuck.” NBC brass realize they could do a lot worse than “Chuck” on Mondays.

    Stay tuned.

    (Thanks to Tricia at for the head’s up.)

  • The Have a Heart – Renew Chuck campaign, soliciting donations to the American Heart Association on behalf of Chuck Bartowski, has raised $3,432.03 since launching on May 5th. Well done, Chuckaholics!

So while we don’t have official word from NBC yet, we’re certainly being noticed. Keep up the good work with the Watch/Buy/Share/Write campaign and make sure NBC knows that you want another season (or 5) of Chuck!

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  1. Wow, well it sure is nice to know that we are being noticed. Sucks that we still have to wait till May 19th (torture). At least that gives me time to keep doing something. No mention about the American Heart Association yet – I bet the notices just got to them today or will tomorrow. Time to do even more!

  2. SAVE CHUCK! its the best show E-V-E-R !
    this is aa lot of money ! $3,432.03

  3. Oh—I’m voting for the +5 season renewals for Chuck. If it can be done, then I WANT it done.

    Come on Chuck…roughly 11 more days until the big news…

  4. I think if it was in the double digit thousands news networks might be making that more public. We need to spread the word about that. I’m even making donations for my family members. Lets work harder people!

  5. Joanne Chuck and Yvonne lover

    Chuck is awsome it is a show that everybody can watch iv been hearing tonnes of news of Chuck really likely to renew on they say it;s a 95% chance of being renewed but that doesn’t mean if they renew Chuck that the fans are still not heard. If you want to watch the cnn talk about Chuck with Grey,Zac and Josh go to and click entertainment and type in chuck.We have to kepp our heads in the game so that NBC will keep there’s in so don’t stop talking about Chuck when it gets renewed because that wont work good if it gets renewed that is most likley to happen but don’t get to happy until they announce it on May 19th is waht im hearing.

  6. It’s so cool how people come up with these great ideas. The AHA is such a great organization and it’s cool that we can help out such a great cause while continuing our campaign.

    Great news btw. Every site i’ve checked says that things are looking good for CHUCK. Definitely exciting, but i’m still waiting until the official word

  7. If you ask me I want another 10 seasons of Chuck!

  8. It’s good to have some news about the campaign, and we’re not going to sit quiet till May 19th. The NBC guys ain’t seeing the International Impact of their show, problem is, we (foreigners) don’t catch NBC and our only means to see the show is through the Internet. NBC should consider counting up all those who wait eagerly to see the show by streaming or other means. If it means we have to buy a footlong a week to show NBC we support them even from the 4 corners of the globe, then I say, “Let’s do it” 🙂
    SaveChuck !

  9. I love watching Chuck, creat characters. My favorite tv show out there and can not wait for season 3. I will go out and buy the DVD today as my first step of saving Chuck. Second step is to giving everyone I know a chance to watch my favorite show. (even if I have to force them) first 2 episodes should do the trick. I am from London/UK.

    Lets save Chuck people.

  10. I got my season 1 DVD yesterday.. waiting for 2 and for all the seasons to come 😀

  11. “Two Peacock insiders told us this afternoon that NBC executives have started taking notice of the massive Twitter- and Internet-based fan campaign to Save Chuck.”

    They’ve started to take notice? The campaign has being in full power for months and only now are they taking notice? Do NBC execs live under a rock or something?

    Just kidding 🙂 Great news tough, every day is only day closer to having Chuck renewed.

  12. one day closer*

    And I sure hope that people don’t start slacking on their efforts to promote Chuck after it’s renewed. Getting Season 3 is just the beggining, we need to get those ratings up when it returns!

  13. Congrats to the have a heart

  14. Mother’s Day is around the corner. Guess I’ll buy some Subway for lunch.

  15. I think the low ratings on NBC Monday this week without Chuck is going to make a difference so hopefully Chuck fans will find a way to keep people from watching whatever they are putting on Mondays right now…sorry nbc but yeah we are that desperate! We just want Chuck back!!!!

  16. Mothers Day is Sunday. Don’t know what to get her? Don’t want to take a trip to the mall? Make a donation from Mom to AHA. She’ll love it!

    CHUCK Me!

  17. I’m thinking that Chuck: Season 1 would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift

  18. My thoughts exactly Ryan. I know my mom really enjoys this show. Definitely something to help.

  19. Kelvin(i like daiwa fishing reels)

    I also agree with Ryan.

  20. Do you have a badge we can put on our websites? Maybe now it can read “Save Chuck” with a link here, but if Season Three is renewed, it could be “Watch Chuck” with a link to showtimes, for example.

  21. BigDFromUpAbove

    I’m a huge fan of Chuck. Can’t wait for season 3 of Chuck. NBC is crazy not to renew CHUCK. We need a season 3 after that cliffhanger.

    For CHUCK Fans, see my Custom Intersect Video Wall created with Motion and After Effects.

    I will be posting a tutorial on how to make your own video wall like this in Apple’s Motion soon. In the meantime enjoy the video.

    Watch the Custom Intersect Video and tell me what you think at

    “Chuck Me”

  22. We hope NBC, notice this campaign and they realized that people, just love this show. Chuck rocks!!!!!
    It’s the best TV show EVER!!!
    We really need to continue helping the show.

  23. I stated in another post that I have to work allot of hours to make ends meet. I wasn’t complaining! It just mean that I can’t afford to do allot of things other people who make more money can. Chuck is one of the things I look forward to in my week. I love the concept and the creative thought that went into it, the actors are just perfect for there roles, and the plot just keeps getting better. PLEASE SAVE CHUCK! I realize I,m a small fry, but there are more of us than you!! So hear the masses and save something worth saving!

  24. I don’t know if anyone else has read this from Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily but if its true, it looks promising:

    “I’ve learned why announcements regarding the renewal fates of Chuck and My Name Is Earl have been delayed. And it involves more horsetrading than the Triple Crown. My sources tell me that NBC lowballed the Earl license fee, and the show’s owner, Twentieth Century Fox, came back with a proposal which NBC has been sitting on for a few days. As for Chuck, this gets complicated. Turns out NBC didn’t like David E Kelley’s Warner Bros pilot Legally Mad. Problem is, there’s a $2 million penalty that gets paid to WB if the network doesn’t pick up the show. So NBC is hoping to work a deal tying the renewal of Chuck, which is also a WB show, to a pass on paying that Legally Mad penalty.”

  25. Already reported on the site Bryan.

  26. Iv’e just thought, sorry if this sounds negative, but if NBC do the thing that people with one brain cell would do and give Chuck the axe, is their any sort of possibility that it could get picked up by some other network, like ABC, or CBS or something? Prefferably one that could potentially give Chuck the boost that it needs to become the real universally acclaimed show that it has the potential to become. Thanks.

  27. Joe, It’s not downright or legally impossible, but the chances are really, really really really slim. Alot of people tend to scream CW could pick it up, since WB produces the show, but CW doesn’t have the financial structure and viwership numbers to support Chuck and make it proffitable so I really don’t see it happening.
    Any other network could also pick it up, but by 19th May, most, if not all, networks will be too far ahead in planning their next seasons to have the time to negociate with WB and/or open a slot in their schedule to fit another show.

    I’m preety sure we’ll never find out as Chuck, I’m almost sure, will be renewed, but if it gets the axe and another networks picks it up, I’ll cut my hair short, and I’ve been growing it for years so you know how much it means to me >_>

  28. Ok, Thanks, it was just an idea. At least thinggs are currently looking up in terms of renewal any way.

  29. Yeah, this is going to be another long week if we don’t hear anything…. 🙁 But at least we have more time for the Chuck American Heart Association campaign. I want to see that top $10,000. That would be sweet.

  30. Halfway there 😉

  31. NBC picked up JAG and it ran for a long time. it is possible another net work might pick it up. i said that before and i will say it again. put chuck on usa or sci fi and it could do just as well if not better. did i read some where that deal or no deal went into chucks, spot after its season finale and did a lot worse. nbc take a hint. chuck is a good show. deaal or no deal one of your “top shows” did worse!

  32. JAG was the exception, not the rule grcommander 😉 I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it’s very unlikely. Chuck, as it is, is fairly expensive to produce (it’s no Heroes, but still…), it needs a network who can sell their commercials time high enough to make it proffitable.

  33. Semper Fi from Iraq

    I’m currently stationed in Iraq for my second deployment and I’ve been able to watch the show Chuck. I’ve never seen such a show aside from Heroes and The Unit that can just keep someone so captivated. This show is keeping me going out here because I have something to look forward to. It’s got the perfect combination of everything. Not having more seasons shouldn’t even be a question. SEMPER FI!

  34. odrep JAG may have been the exception, but Chuck could be another. It is probably the only family show that I watch that has apeal to my family and friends. NBC should also take a look at some of these fan sites because I see a lot of people from other countries writing as well. I guess it is all how you look at it. We all want one thing …SAVE CHUCK…

    Does anyone know the name of the song from the season finale. I would like to hear it without the dialogue and can’t find it

  35. There are quite a few, when does it play grcommander?

  36. in what scene I mean.

  37. Chuck Season 3 PLOX!!! i can only support chuck by always going in this website and <3

  38. Viridiana Galicia

    I want season 3!!! i need it! is the best tvshow ever!!! >-<

  39. The song when they are getting married and it says I secretly hope you miss your plane and stay another day with me.

  40. @grcommander
    If you mean the scene where Chuck & Sarah are talking inside the church (1st wedding), it’s “Looking At The Sun” by Gramercy Arms. If you mean the song played during the 2nd wedding at the beach, it’s “Christmas TV” by Slow Club.

  41. Christmas TV thank you

  42. def. need to keep the show going.

  43. we love chuck !! season 3 plzz!! from thailand!!!!! =)

  44. we love chuck!!! season threee pleaseeeeeee from india =)

  45. Season three would be great, love the show, bought the dvd and the footlong (unfortunetly not on the day of the finale, don’t leave in the states.. so it would have been around 5 in the morning and I don’t think our Subway is open that time of day) still tried to contribute..

  46. yay chuck!!! i’ll keep my fingers crossed til the 19th. give us another season!! lots of chuck-lovin’ from the philippines! =)

  47. We need chcuk! 3rd season! ill be so mad if they dont keep it!

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