JEFFSTER! Opens the Chuck Comic Con 2009 Panel

Best. Panel. Opening. Ever.

JEFFSTER! appeared live on stage to open the Chuck panel at this year’s Comic Con, setting the stage for a rockstar panel. I’ve attended a few dozen panels at Comic Con in the past two years and this was, bar none, the best opening I’ve seen. The crowd was already excited about seeing the cast and creators of Chuck, of course, but bringing JEFFSTER! out to perform was awesome in a way that only Chuck can be. We’ll be bringing you a report from the panel, plus our press room videos, over the next few days; in the meantime, ladies and gentlemen…JEFFSTER!

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  1. Thank you, that was fast! I thought we would have to wait along time before seeing this! It makes you feel almost like you were there. Almost!

    Thanks for posting all the Comic con photo’s and Interviews!

  2. Someone predicted this would happen back a month or so ago. How cool. Thanks for posting. I wish there was a better audio version though. When does the Jeffster CD come out? 🙂

  3. wow singing Queens songs is not easy. Loved it!

  4. That was quite awesome. Can’t wait for the next season and I’m still recruiting fans.

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