PHOTOS: Chuck at Comic Con

While we sort out our own photos from Chuck at Comic Con, the professionals have been getting theirs up on Wireimage for us to view. A handful of photos from the panel are up, plus some from the Wired and EW/Syfy parties. If you have photos you’d like to share, send them to along with how you’d like to be credited.

Adam Baldwin and Zachary Levi at the EW/Syfy Party / Wireimage
Adam Baldwin and Zachary Levi at the EW/Syfy Party / Wireimage
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  1. / Great pic of Zach and Adam 🙂

  2. andrew gutierrez

    I was lucky enough to meet the chuck cast at the WB Booth autograph signing and it was MADNESS! ..I never expected it to be that crazy.

    My son and I barely made it in line before the line was shut down by WB and the fire marshall. The whole cast were SO nice and they loved my boy because he had a chuck “figurine” that I made him because obviously they dont exist yet. And the whole cast loved it and thought my boy was so cute for having it.

    Great times!

  3. ı like all them… ı’m turkish. ı wait season 3….

  4. zach needs to shave he cant rock the beard!

  5. The funniest thing about Zach, if you ever see an interview with him, is that he is very much like Chuck in personality.