Named One of 10 Best Indie TV Blogs

Joe Bua, self-admitted TV junkie, wrote a guest column for recently naming his 10 Best Independent Blogs About TV, and is one of them! Joe wrote:

Okay, it’s not really a blog. They did a lot of the heavy lifting in getting the show renewed for a third season and they should be acknowledged.

Thanks, Joe! Other blogs that made the list include Dead Things on Sticks,, and GalacticaSitRep.

P.S. We really are a blog, it’s just the snazzy theme from Brian Gardner that makes it look like we’re not. 😉

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  1. Does the fact that it’s done heavy lifting make it less of a blog? Then what would you call it? a blog on steroids?
    Lord I just couldn’t help myself with that one.

  2. This website looks awfully professional for a ‘blog’.

    I would call it a fan site. Blog makes me think of a site with no graphics, no podcasts, ect..

    This is the best resource for Chuck info in my opinion and does not suffer from heavy handed moderation like the NBC sites.

    Congratulations are well deserved!

  3. Awesome. Just more support for Chuck!

  4. I don’t believe you are a blog, this site is so much more than any blog I’ve ever seen.
    Well done, and thanks for keeping all of us Chuck fnas going.

  5. This is great. Though I agree with Dave that this is way to proffesional to be a ‘blog,’ but hey, more support for the show.