CASTING NEWS: Kristin Kreuk Joins ‘Chuck’

Kristin Kreuk joins 'Chuck' for multiple episodes
Kristin Kreuk joins 'Chuck' for multiple episodes

Hey, Fedak & Schwartz, your Superman fanboy is showing! Hot on the heels of the much-discussed casting of Brandon Routh for a multi-episode arc comes news that Smallville‘s erstwhile Lana Lang, Kristin Kreuk, is joining Chuck for several episodes. Per EW’s Ausiello, Kreuk will play “Hannah”, recently laid off from a glamorous job in publishing and now working at the Buy More. How the mighty have fallen.

But wait, there’s more! Naturally “Chuck and Hannah definitely have feelings for each other,” says someone trying to stir up the ‘shippers an insider. Their “meet cute” takes place on a flight to Paris (bonjour, Monsieur Bartowski), which should be raising eyebrows all over the place. As should the fact that she’s a brunette. If Lou, Jill, and La Ciudad have shown us anything, it’s that gorgeous brunettes with an interest in Chuck aren’t exactly trustworthy.

Don your flak jackets, take a deep breath, and comment below.

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  1. Mel, Kristin was Lana Lang.

    Not Lane.

    That’s for Lois Lane.


    Kristin Kreuk ROCKS. She was OUTSTANDING as Lana LANG on Smallville. The show hasn’t been the same since she left.

    What a fantastic addition to CHUCK. Does it sound like I’m about to explode with joy, happiness, excitement – well, I AM!!

    Thanks for this great news!!!!

    Keep on Chuckin’ all you Chuckaholics!! CHUCK ROCKS and so do all of you!!

    • Lana Lang was the worst character on that show.

      Here’s hoping Hannah will be much better.

      • Sorry, Charley. But as you can tell, I obviously disagree. 🙂

      • I agree with siskj! For me, Lana was awful, jury’s out on Kreuk. Here’s hoping Chuck will make MUCH better use of her and that she won’t whisper every line. I think KK fansites must have linked here… 🙂

      • Actually, I’ve never seen a K.K. fan site. I didn’t start getting on fan sites – at least that I can remember – until the advent of CHUCK. I just thought she did a good job as the character she was asked to play on Smallville. Anyway, I’d be willing to be a Subway footlong with all the fixins that she’ll win you over during her 3 episode arc on Chuck!!!

        And by the way – how could you NOT root for Lana Lang on Smallville. A little 3 year old kid one day on main street in sunny little Smallville is being held by her aunt. She sees her parents across the street and waves “mommy, daddy.” And then out from the sky falls a five ton flaming piece of krypton which scores a direct hit and incinerates her parents right before her three years old eyes. I think all that was left were their smoldering shoes. From then on I was a fan of Lana Lang!!! 🙂

      • Note: too fast typing this a.m. Not willing to “be” a Subway footlong, but willing to “BET” a Subway footlong. 😉

      • What she/he said.

    • i strongly agree!

    • Lana Lang was the BEST part of that smallville show and Kristin Rocks!

      • You, sir, are very wise!

      • ♥Tori.Loves.CLana/KK♥

        ABSOLUTELY! CLANA forever! But I’m glad KK is moving on and happy. The writers were not treating her character right. KK is a wonderful actor and it hurts me to think of how much hate so many actresses have to put up with, including Kris. I used to like Smallvile, but not without Lana Lang, the HEART of the show.

    • Oh please Lana Lang was absolutely boring on that show. She was always the DID – Damsel in Distress.

      She is very pretty, I will definitely give her that but the best character in Smallville I think not.


  3. O.K. I’m not exactly keen on her gettin’ in the way of Chuck and Sarah, but I’m not getting into that aspect of things anymore. It only leads to frustration! All I can say is “Bring on Kristin!!!”

  4. Duck and roll everybody!

  5. Ooooh, NICE. Thought I was kinda hoping the hinted at new love interest on the show would be for Sarah…

    Either way…DRAMA.

  6. Amazing cast for this season …. Kristin Kreuk is a gorgeous brunette and is excellent for a fight scenes.

  7. Hope season 3 shows more of jeefster and morgan, Chuck supposed to be a lil bit of everything..Not just Every1 is making this funny – kick ass program into a love soapie…Heres a ‘casey’ quote: Loves 4 suckerrrs!!!

  8. It just keeps getting better and better…

  9. Well, let’s see. They now have Brandon for Sarah and Kristin for Chuck. Maybe
    they can bring the rest of the cast for Superman over to cover everybody else
    on the show too except of course for Ellie and Awsome since they’re newlyweds.
    Then the show can be renamed the “Superman-Chuck” show. But who would get top
    billing, Superman or Chuck? I must admit I’m confused here. After all who could blame me for getting Brandon confused with Bryce and Kristin confused
    with Jill? This couldn’t possibly be a replay of seasons 1 and 2 could it with
    well known actors signed up just to give the viewers more of what they’ve seen before? No, it couldn’t be….

    Don’t get excited folks. Just having fun with this. Can’t wait to see who else
    they sign up for the 13 episode 3rd season. They’re definitely on a roll.

    I say no more.

  10. Bring her in. I Liked her on Smallville. As for brunettes not being trust worthy. Don’t Judge all Brunettes just because of Some that crossed Chuck’s path were not trustworthy.

  11. sigh it just has nothing for sarah and chuck fans.. more and more i hear the worse it sounds. They are meant to be in love yet they go for other people. its like college ..

    me i will not bother watching after the shaw spoiler and now this

    its time to look for a new show

  12. Shipper down! Shipper down!

    Calling Team Bartowski!

  13. though BWC is a little extreme, I can certainly understand her…
    As it seems Jafar and Iago(AKA S&F) are heading the show down the drain.

  14. now they both have love interests.
    this worries my shipper heart :[

  15. Dave, why have you deleted my post ?

  16. sorry my mistake , the browser was sluggish…

  17. Okay, this is starting to wear me down. There are still 179 days and 3 hours and 35 minutes (give or take) till the season premiere and I think I’m on “spoiler” overload. It’s one thing to hear this stuff and know I’m going to find out first hand in less than a month – but now, now I’ve got to wait and wonder for almost 5 months. And when I want to get a Chuck fix and come here, I get more overload. And people take sides – and I wonder how and why this feel good show could create so much angst among it’s viewers. Now I know why I never went to spoiler sites before.I don’t think I can take five months of speculation on these boards – will they, wont they, how could they, why are they – I’m afraid the boards might turn me off more than the exclusives and casting leaks do. I am a loyal fan. I am still looking forward to S3 – I just don’t know if I’m looking forward to the tumult that will go on until the premier. And that saddens me.

  18. that’s what I find most annoying in the directed links and spoilers coming out of the production, instead of grooming good thoughts and hopes regarding the series, the choose to stir the shipper’s(and not only them…)pot.
    That’s not good promotion, and basically that’s their main job, they should let the writers write, and they should put Zach and Yvonne on the talk show circle…Didn’t you ever wonder how come that some small time celebrities find their way to Leno and Conan and Letterman, and two ‘assets\'(pun intended) like
    Zach and Yvonne are withheld from promoting the show, weird isn’t it.
    So instead of annoying your fan-base, maybe they should better be busy at PR.

    • Agree with you here. How many “talk” shows does NBC have now? If they don’t put Zach and Yvonne on these shows in an all out blitz prior to the S3 premiere, they’re overlooking a GREAT opportunity. I think a joint Zach/Yvonne hosting of SNL would also be a smart idea. It is an NBC show, after all.

      • That’s actually a brillant idea. Have Zach/Yvonne co-host and bring in the Buy Morons for individual skits. It might actually make SNL funny again.

      • I agree having Zach and Yvonne hosting SNL would be great. With musical guest Jeffster.

        Also I have this zany idea of getting Adam Baldwin to host the Christmas episode. Alec (or is it Alex?) Baldwin seems to host that episode alot, and I just see him coming out during Adam’s monologue “Wait you have the wrong Baldwin – It’s me Alec, I’m the one that always hosts this show”.

        Of course, Adam would go all Casey – Grunt, put his hand over Alec’s face and shove him back and say “Idiot”.

  19. I think shippers should watch all the episodes in this arc before they jump ship. I don’t think they are going to repeat the Lou, Jill, Bryce, Cole scenarios for Season 3 using new characters. I think there is alot more going on here that we are simply unaware of. They are intentionally releasing these little bits of information to work up the fans. When all is said and done I think Season 3 will be a great Season for Chuck and Sarah (Charah), despite all the negative Charah news coming out. There was never a bad episode of Season 1 or Season 2, so why believe Season 3 will be bad? I don’t! I look forward to Season 3!! And I look forward to seeing Chuck and Sarah come together in season 3 despite all the negative statemants that contradict that. Thanks, Halley Smith (Charah673)

    • I hope you’re right. I just wish they would quit stirring up the pot. You could generate just as much fan interest/excitement by saying that “Superman” is going to guest star on the show and “Lana Lang” is going to be on a three episode story arc without adding things that lead fans to believe that it’s going to be a repeat of S1 and S2.

      Either they’re enjoying seeing us go at one another or they don’t know what they’re doing. I think it’s the former, rather than the latter, and truthfully that’s not being very “nice” to the fan base, don’t ya think?

      I just decided that I am going to basically IGNORE anything that says “potential love interest” or “rival for affection” or anything similar because best case, it’s just to yank our collective chains, and worst case (I shudder to think it), they actually ARE repeating S1 and S2.

      Call me a “shipper” or a “Charah” fan or whatever. But for the sake of my sanity (and for the sake of not letting myself get mad at those in charge), I’m just going to filter out the other stuff. You know the kid that when he starts hearing stuff he doesn’t want to hear puts his hands over his ears and says “blah, blah, blah” so he doesn’t hear anything. Well, I’m adopting his strategy, because there’s no way in you know what that I’m jumping off the CHUCK ship. The writers, creators, etc., of the show are “innocent” until proven guilty – and the proof will be in the pudding when the episodes of S3 start rolling in during March.

      Love, the show. LOVE the show – and am excited and happy to see Kristen Kreuk (and yes even the Superman guy) on board. As for the other stuff that’s being added to the announcement of their appearances on the show, to tease, torment, or just stir up the pot, all I can do is put my hands over myears and say blah, blah, blah to that stuff! 😉 😉 😉

      But give them credit. They’re not letting us get bored during this loooooong hiatus!!

      • Wasn’t it Henry Ford who said something like “I don’t care what they say about me as long as they keep talking about me”.
        I look over at the NBC Chuck boards and they are starting to come back to life again.
        I think this is exactly what they want, and I also think that Hannah and Shaw as love interests for Sarah and Chuck will turn out to be nothing remotely as bad as what many are thinking.

      • You never know, Hot love affairs can do funny things!

        Can’t waits for the action!

    • Hi Halley:

      I agree. It is too early and the information being released is very vague.
      I think it is to just continue conversation. It would be hard to come to any conclusions on such small tibits of information.

    • I think there were some episodes that I would consider not real good in seasons one and two–but nothing like I anticipate in season three. F&S have done this on purpose and I really think they miscalculated. Schwartz indicated he already knew what is going to happen in the final episode of season 3–I am more than a little concerned. I was extremely disappointed with the “Ring” It did not live up to the hype and was certainly poor compared to “The Colonel”. I think with the proper preparation Chuck and Sarah could tour some talk shows and smooth out some of the negative feelings, if F & S even want to smooth things out–I have seen them both, Chuck and Sarah in interviews and on talk shows and I think a little professional training on how to respond to questions from hosts or the media would really help. At one time I had to take some similar training from Hill and knowlton in Chicago. They had network interviewers there to help with the training–quite a work out but well worth the time and money. By the way how many episodes is Superman going to be in, I get the feeling it is going to be more than 3 or 4–ugh –why did I ever get hooked on this show in the first place–Rick Holy you have to be sick of seeing my posts–I cannot be shiny, bright and uplifting until Chuck and Sarah are together romantically and just plain having some fun. Just had a thought, I wonder if Superman is really bullet proof–we need to test that theory–Casey come here!! I have a favor to ask of you!!!

  20. I think this is great news!!!! I love Kristin Kreuk, and I loved her in smallville. Ok, I don’t really like the way they sent her off on smallville, but for a good 7 seasons I was all Clana (Clark and Lana) lol.

  21. OMG!! Smallville was my first big crush on series. Kristin’s Lana Lang was my favorite character. I was really too addicted to it, but now there’s no more Lana (and no ‘Lana & Clark’ shipper), the magic has gone, so I can’t stand it anymore. Now my top #1 is Chuck, of course. And I can tell you, I’m just loving the fact one of my favorite actresses will be a part of my favorite series again. I love her so much! WELCOME KRISTIN! ;*

  22. Yeah! she`s hot and good actress.

  23. I very strongly disliked Lana Lang. My feelings about Miss. Kreuk are undecided.

    • Finally. Someone else agrees with me.

      • My friend, one is NEVER alone – not even on CHUCK web sites! Possibly outnumbered, but never ALONE!!! 😉

    • “I very strongly disliked Lana Lang. My feelings about Miss. Kreuk are undecided.”

      Same here. Kristin was waay to melodramatic in her acting in Smallville. It was soo annoying!

  24. I’m cautiously optimistic. The Lana character ruined Smallville for me, but maybe that was the writing more than KK…

    • Yeah, blame the writers. I think fortunately ‘Chuck’ does a great job with the actors they get. Usually the casting turns out to be awesome, so I’ll be optomistic too.

      • yes, i have much more confidence in Chuck’s showrunners than in Smallville’s. 🙂 as long as this Hannah doesn’t get possessed by a kung fu witch we should be okay…

      • There you go, my friend. Be POSITIVE!! “Walk toward the light!” “Walk toward the light!” 😉 😉

        Truthfully, I bet you’ll be a KK “convert” by the time she’s done with her run on Chuck! 🙂

  25. Wow PLEASE let both Brandon and Kristin be arced in the same episodes, double outside love interests for Charah would be GOLD.

    • Now that would be interesting. I dont like all the love intrests, but this I like. HE! HE! There could be a lot of humor to be had from this. 🙂

    • what exactly is so golden about the LI’s , will you kindly explain ?

      • Personally, I find NOTHING golden about the LI’s (love interests) – not after two seasons of them already. Now if we’re talking about the LI’s between the two main characters of the show – and perhaps Morgan & Anna, Big Mike and Mama Grimes, Casey and ANYONE, Jeff & Lester 😉 ;), then that’s a DIFFERENT story. 🙂

        I’m hopeful that all this “stuff” is just for tease and chatter value on this and other sites, and that it’s not “real.” If I have to see Chuck swallow hard one more time seeing Sarah attracted to another guy, or see Sarah in tears (or dang close to it) because Chuck is “more than interested” in another woman – ESPECIALLY AFTER WHAT TRANSPIRED DURING THE LAST TWO EPISODES OF S2 – then I’m going to lobby that we change the name of the show from “CHUCK” to “As The World Turns: Primetime Edition!”, because it will be basically a soap opera.

        How often can two people who LOVE each other keep hurting each other?? It almost gets to be a little sadistic after awhile. It’s not something you can “enjoy” watching – unless your a little “off.” Perhaps there actually ARE Chuck fans who sit in front of the tube and say “Yea, Sarah’s crying again!” or “SWEET, Chuck’a all depressed again!” But I certainly hope not. 😉

        Anybody old enough during the 80’s to remember the J. Giels Band version of “LOVE STINKS” ?? I just hope it doesn’t turn into the Chuck and Sarah theme song – although it WOULD be an EXCELLENT Jeffster song being from the 80s!!

        My optimistic side tells me that those in charge aren’t going to blow it, and that all this teasing stuff is just fodder for chatter – but we shall see come March. C’mon March – get here soon!!!! Six months more of this onslaught of info. and my head is going to explode! 🙂

      • agreed Rick, at least on the first part of your post.
        regarding the second, I hope your optimistic view will turn out right…
        As for me, I have very little faith in S&F, but I do hope for the best.
        And regarding March or sooner, It all depends on the Slot vs.Promotion.

      • I rekon having kristen kreuk going for chuck and brandon going for sarah at the same time would be gr8,granted chuck and sarah rnt interested in them, only in each other

      • Well said Rick–you are my kind of guy, although you have more faith in F&S than I do or maybe that is just wishful thinking—I look for F& S to find new ways to humiliate and hurt Chuck and Sarah–A lot more painful than just plain old physical torture. I would not be surprised to see Chuck propose to Sarah in the last episode of Season 3 and for her to turn him down. As I said in another post,ugh–They will probably have her say no, I am carrying Superman’s child. There goes season 4 down the toilet with the same painful problems left without resolution..

    • Yeah Amelia, I could not agree more. This is total GOLD!!!

      This is going to be amazing and exciting stuff. Brilliant casting and hot love interests. YES SIR!!! GOLD!!!


  26. From EW: On the heels of Brandon Routh’s casting as a love interest for Sarah comes word that Smallville vet Kristin Kreuk is joining Chuck for multiple episodes as Hannah, a girl Chuck meets on a flight to Paris. “Chuck and Hannah definitely have feelings for each other,” teases an insider.

    I don’t know who wrote this but it gave us 2 facts: Shaw will be an love interest for Sarah and Chuck will have filings for Hannah. This is not good new for the Charah fans ( myself included ) but i will watch season 3 even if this means another repeat of season 2. 🙁
    Season 2 had his good moments ( the scene between Chuck and Sarah in that motel ) and some less good moments but in the end i think it was a happy end for Charah, maybe at the end of season 3 we will see Chuck and Sarah together for real. 🙂

  27. Yay!! Bring on Kreuk!! She’s awesome!!!

  28. Can a Michael Rosenbaum signing be far behind?

    • That would ROCK, too. Just let the poor guy have HAIR for this roll (just not Chuck’s S1 or S2 hair – no Chullets or helmets on Lex Luthor, please.)

      • S2 hair is no more. Not sure I like the new hair but it’s certainly different. Judge for yourself:

  29. This is great news, I love Kristin. She’ll be a joy to watch.

  30. As I predicted, this is the weekly JS&CF stirring the pot of Chuck fans. Gotta keep the HYPE up. It’s a long way until March 2010.

  31. I am a HUGE Charah shipper, but I think that bringing in these two love interests could be very interesting…. Maybe they both try to make the other jealous? Who knows… I do know that I CANNOT wait till March for Chuck to start!! Torture!!

  32. Wow there’s certainly a lot of discussion regarding this casting news. I personally love the idea of having Kristin guest star on ‘Chuck’. I was a Smallville fan during the early seasons but have not watched in a long time. I can’t believe the show is still on but you got to give it props for somehow prolonging its longevity. You have to question though whether quantity is better than quality but I digress.

    While Kristin isn’t exactly the strongest actress, she isn’t bad either (don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of KK but I hold no illusions as to what she can and cannot do). I mean it’s not like they casted one of ‘The Hills’ people. I’ve seen some of the other things she’s done (including ‘Partition’ which IMO is her best work) and can honestly say depending on the material she could do quite well.

    All I’m saying is give the girl a chance to see what she can do before writing her off. I’m all for Charah (I’m a shipper at heart and seriously those two crazy kids belong together) but give the show and specifically the writers a chance before jumping to conclusions.

    I’m excited for the new season to start and whenever casting news comes in that will potentially bring in more viewers, I’m all for it. Say what you will about Kristin, but she definitely has her own built in fan base who, from reading some other boards, are already excited to see her in something new.

    • Awesome post Diane!! Season 3 coming our way.

      Bring on the mountain of spoilers!!

      Keep them coming Josh my friend!

      • Dave, I got to say your enthusiasm is quite refreshing. I’ve been reading quite a few comments from fans who a worried about the possible implications of these casting news to our favourite couple but I say ride it out. Speculate all we want but what matters is Chuck is coming back and we actually get a chance to look forward to another season (thanks to all of the show’s awesome fans)! Can’t wait!

  33. From the Ausiello files it seems that also Morgan will try to have chance with Hannah, so here u have it, ur love triangle ,or trapezoid, if u want to include Anna too….Anna/Hannah, lol, now i’m confused.

    • I do believe that Kristin is not very tall (either that or Tom Welling is 6’5″), so yep, our “little bearded man” Morgan might just have a shot! 😉

      • Poor Anna. Morgan is going to be after both Carina ( and Hannah. Though I would love to see her kick both their a**s’. Oh! when did Chuck go to Paris????

  34. A couple of thoughts I had with respect to Hannah/Chuck.
    What if the feelings they have for each other are loathing instead of love?
    My thought when I read the spoiler was that Hannah will be a stuck-up snob that hates nerds.
    Also I’m wondering who she meets on that plane to Paris. Is it Chuck Bartowski or Charles Carmichael? If it is the latter, Chuck will be squirming as he explains to his friends at the Buy More why he had a different name, and what he was doing on a plane to Paris.
    Was there a computer emergency at the Louvre?

    • Gord don’t ruin the fun with the real scoop!!!

      It is double hot love all the way!!!

      YesSir, I am pumped as all get out for SEASOON THREE!!!

  35. Does anybody think that she will go to work at the Buy More as the new assisitant manager?

  36. By the way this is the direct link to vote for Chuckles in the EW awards:,,20300978_20301504_7,00.html

  37. Gotta say guys,
    not a fan of the whole
    keep chuck & sarah apart.
    but great casting. ;D

  38. what i find cool is that chuck went to paris.

    location shoot?! (probably not!)

    ps: i love these guest spots. these episodes will be full of romantic intrigue for sure!

  39. I am overjoyed with this news! I love Kristin! I thought she was fantastic on Smallville. The show itself turned crappy over the years, but I always enjoyed her performance! March is just such a LONG time to wait *sigh*

  40. There’s still some light for the Chara shippers (like myself).

    When Hannah starts working at the BuyMore, Morgan is trying to have a chance with her while she is all over Chuck whom she met as ‘Mr. Cosmopolitan’ Carmichael on that plane from Paris. Meanwhile Chuck himself only got eyes for Sarah…

    Could make up for some funny stuff going on in the BuyMore.

    • I like that idea. Either that or Sarah will pick up some hair dye, turn into a brunette and Chuck and Sarah will live happily ever after.

  41. i think brandon routh wont be too much of a love interest more like a fling but i think kristen will be more of a proper love fling for chuck which may make sarah very gelous and she myt end up tellin chuck how she realy feels because if this is the last season she is gonna hav to tel chuck how she feels instead of him tellin her how he feels and chuck playin the guessin game

    bring on chuck 😀

  42. Some Guy Named John

    My predictions:
    The writers/producers are just trying to get us all to make wild accusations based off small tidbits of information that in no way explain what is going on. I know waiting until nearly spring is bad enough but these guys need to keep us sharp otherwise we might lose interest, forget the night Season 3 starts, and watch House or How I Met Your Mother instead.

    They now the Charah stuff works, if not they wouldn’t rely so heavily on it. All they are doing is testing the relationship, it makes good TV. No where has it been said that the two will be apart or that Chuck will be back at the Buy More , or if Jeffster will get another gig, or if Awesome is able to keep Chuck’s secrete from Elle, or if Casey keeps his new promotion. all of these things effect the show, and yet the only thing releases was a few mentions of new characters and their relation to Charah… We are still in the dark until S3 airs or gets leaked. I’m expecting the latter, since the time between is so far apart. It’s just stereotypical behavior from TV.

    • I agree, but they could have had all the fans enthusiastic about these casting announcements just by leaving anything “angst” related out of them.
      I know these two actors will bring in new viewers and that’s a good thing. So by leaving just one sentence out of each of those Casting announcements, the fans would be still talking about the show in a positive light.

      Yes I acknowledge that there are many fans not bothered by the angst, but why tick off those who are bothered by it?

      • Agree totally. These casting announcements are great news and they would be enough to generate a lot of fan chatter. Having to throw in those extra few words only stirs up the pot. They HAVE TO know what’s going on out in “Chuckland” with the fans. I try (at least I hope that I come across this way) to be non-nasty and at least somewhat positive in my “less than joyful” reaction to the “potential love interest” and “rival for affection” tag lines that are added (but aren’t really necessary). Some folks get really, really honked off and then we start going at each other. It’s not a good plan to promote the show by having fans form camps of “us” and “them.”

        PLEASE, creators, writers, web-site hosters, let’s share the great news that will be in Season 3 of Chuck – We’re all looking forward to March with GREAT anticipation and excitement. We’re still all going to be working for the show, promoting the show, telling all our friends about it, buying S2 of DVD [if you’d release it in time for the December holidays].

        The teasing, baiting or whatever you want to call it just isn’t a good idea. Look at what it’s doing already – and we’ve still got six months to go before Chuck is back on the air. It would be like me getting up to the pulpit on Sunday and preaching a homily with the goal of dividing my flock. I should be able to come up with a homily that would be meaningful for ALL the people and NOT divide them.

        So, pretty please, fewer little one sentence additions that stir up trouble to what are otherwise GREAT spoilers. We LOVE CHUCK! And we’re extremely grateful to the creators and writers – I think we’ve shown in in all that we did to help “save” the show. We gave a lot of love. Let’s not “spoil” it with spoilers that spoil the love.

        You know what’s going to happen when you introduce a spoiler with “don your flak jackets and take cover – or whatever.”

        O.K. I’ll shut up now. Those who want to have at me now, go right ahead. This is apparently what these spoilers are intended for us (at least in part) to do. Too bad – when it doesn’t have to be that way.

        Homily over. And truthfully, PEACE all you Chuckaholics, PEACE, PEACE, PEACE!!! 🙂

    • Some Guy Named John

      This is a dangerous game to play with fans if you want a season 4. There is plenty of time for the progression of angst to apathy, in fact I consider it a normal progression. My hand will be on the controller. Right now I plan to record all the season 3 episodes and be selective in what I watch. I am sure F & S know what is going on, I just feel they do not respect the views of the fans.

  43. I am glad to see our boy Chuck will be getting some action; however, after professing his love for Sarah in the Ring, I wonder what is going to cause him to stray.

    • What would cause him to stray? I don’t know maybe a badly written story line.
      Actually, I don’t think he is going to stray – perhaps some mind cheating, but I think it would be rediculous for them to have a Jill 2.0 to go along with the Intersect 2.0.

      • Ditto, Ditto, Ditto! It would be pretty shallow to stray now, especially after the last two episodes of S2!! And our boy Chuck has more depth of character than that!!! 😉

      • Niether of them have openly said I love u too one another yet. though that does not mean they should run into the arms of other people. Beneath both of the characters. they are better than that

  44. This should prove to be very interesting,especially since both chuck and morgan will interested in Hannah (kristen kreuk). I also want to now why chuck is going to paris….maybe on a solo spy mission, that would be seriously kool. I am aslo wondering whether or not this will bring chuck and sarah closer or further apart, and will sarah be jealous?

  45. Oh and i forgot to ask Rick Holy are u a priest?

  46. Im sooooo happy! KRISTIN KREUK on chuck!!! i cant wait til the new season starts. She’s beautiful and a good actress. would LOVE to see her on tv again.

  47. kristin is great she will bring a lot to the show cant wait for chuck

  48. How long until Dean Cain is signed on?? Might as well complete the Superman trifecta!

    Maybe Chuck can cast Annette O’ Toole as well. She is sorely missed on Smallville as of late. (Maybe as a romantic pairing for Scott Bakula?)

    With all these love comlpications, Chuck’s and Morgan’s apartment is going to seem like a throwback to the sexcapades on Three’s Company! LOL “Come and knock on our door…”

    • Hey. SOMEBODY has got to be cast in the role of Chuck’s mom eventually. Annette O’Toole would be PERFECT!!!

      And as far as the 3’s Company reference, I’ll take Mr. Roper over Mr. Furley any day (no disrespect meant to Don Knotz) as the nosy, meddlesome landlord!

      • Rick, I wonder what the possibilities with Sarah”s mother could be–I cannot remember her being mentioned. No one could stay married to Sarah’s Dad for very long. Sarah’s growing up and always anticipating disappointment are not bright and optimistic storylines. Maybe Chuck could find her mother and reunite Sarah and her mother. Maybe Chuck could do some really nice things for Sarah to make sure she knows she is special. Let’s make Chuck & Sarah a happy couple and then let’s aggressively pursue the comedy,adventure and the evil doers. Rick, don’t you have some connections that could make this happen.

  49. If this show gets any better I will explode! 🙂

  50. This is the producers thank fans for saving the show by once again driving a wedge between Chuck and Sara. Sara was ready to leave the CIA to stay with Chuck now we are supposed to believe that they can fall for someone else so easy. I understood the Jill Bryce thing because Chuck and Sara had a history with them. Why don’t they try a storyline where Chuck and Sara are a real couple in secret from Casey and Beckman then put them in situation that will test rhe relationship but no they have to do the same crap they have done for 2 seasons. I predict this will be the final season I am growing tired of this