The latest casting coup for Chuck comes in the form of English footballer-turned-actor Vinnie "The Axe" Jones.

CASTING NEWS: Vinnie Jones to Guest on Chuck (SPOILERS)

Vinnie Jones will guest in the second episode of the season.
Vinnie Jones will guest in the second episode of the season.

The latest casting coup for Chuck comes in the form of English footballer-turned-actor Vinnie “The Axe” Jones. Best known for roles such as Juggernaut in X-Men: The Last Stand, Jones will appear as Karl Stromberg in episode 3.02 of Chuck, “Chuck vs. the Three Words“. Karl (originally called Kurt) is a dangerous arms dealer, devoid of emotion except when it comes to the love of his life – Carina (returning guest star Mini Anden).

Jones also has a series in the works, based on an upcoming comic book series by Howard Chaykin. The as yet untitled series centers on Jake Noble, an international spy who teams with his long-lost daughters he never knew existed. Welcome to the spy world, Vinnie!

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  1. Interesting. I would have thought they were well into filming episode 2 by now. It was reported that 3.01 was already edited and cialis soft tabs quick delivery, no prescription sent to NBC. Wouldn’t #2 be underway already. Is this just delayed news?

    I like the casting. Jones is usually great as a bit of a psycho. They changed the character though. If I remember right, the original casting called for someone much older didn’t it? The change of name makes it a “Spy Who Loved Me” reference.

  2. So, this is the “teddy bear” we keep hearing about? lol Can’t wait till S3. :) Well to the spy world man! This is totally awesome! I hope Casey and Morgan battle this guy for Carina’s affection. That would be hilarious. woot woot

  3. I can’t wait for this episode and the levitra generic brand only for you return of Carina! And can you imagine MORGAN in competition with THIS GUY for Carina’s affections?? I fear for the bearded little man’s life.

    One thing – the episode is Chuck vs The Three Words. When that was first announced awhile back there was varying speculation as to what the three words were (i.e., “I LOVE YOU,” etc.).

    Now – having seen the video off the cast thanking the fans for watching 1,000,000 episodes on-line – and seeing Chuck/Zach STILL wearing the Buy More Nerd Herd white shirt with tie, I’m beginning to wonder if those three words aren’t “WELCOME TO BUYMORE!” [Is BUYMORE one word?? 😉 ]

    If episode 1 is “vs. the Pink Slip,” (and I know that could have more than one meaning, but I’m taking the OBVIOUS one here), then maybe episode 2 involves – in part – getting the old job back!

    • I’m thinking the pink slip will be going to Emmett, and Big Mike will get his old job back.

    • Guys & gals in most cities in the US fist fighting is a thing of the past–If this guy disrespects Morgan then little Morgan will blow him away with the twitch of a finger. It is not a matter of how big Morgan is just how big a caliber is right for him. This guy may take a S&W 50 cal magnum -Sincerely this has the makings of excellent entertainment. One of the few things I can be happy about as far as news goes for Season 3.

  4. I loved the X-Men comics from waaaay back and the X-Men movies have been true to the spirit of Stan Lee (all bow). This is great news for geeks everywhere.
    The original casting call says 30-45. That sounds about right. I don’t really know old Vinnie is and I’d be afraid to ask. Can’t wait to see this episode in, sniff, March.

  5. Thjis looks really cool. All I can say is ‘poor Morgan,’ but what about Anna? Could she whip this guy like she did to the bully from The Sports store? Hmmm….

  6. This sounds interesting. Wasn’t Stromberg the name of a Bond villain in one of the movies?

    I can’t wait for that episode. For me from all the best no rx viagra spoilers, I am really looking forward to the Carina and Angie Harmon episodes the most.

    I’m sure the other episodes will be great too.

  7. Always liked Vinnie from his days playing at wimbledon to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells. I shrewd acquisition by the Chuck team! Can’t wait to see the episode, seriously I may burst with excitement!

  8. What happened to the point/counterpoint Chuck Sarah articles?

    • You mean this post? It’s still there.

      • Thanks Mel,
        I didn’t see any link to it, and was curious if there had been anymore comments added since the last time I checked.

        199 – wow I think that is more than all the posts the NBC message boards have had in the last month.
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