VIDEO: Season 2 DVD Bloopers

Ever wondered what it’s like on the set of Chuck? Wonder no more! The blooper reel for the season  DVD has leaked, and it’s hilarious! From Zac dancing to Yvonne missing her mark to Adam dropping is banana, it’s 7+ minutes of fun with Chuck.

Pre-order your copy of the season 2 DVD here (no release date in the U.S. yet), or if you’re super anxious, order it from Amazon UK where it’s due to be released next week (note: UK releases are Region 2, so make sure your DVD player is compatible).

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  1. That. Was. AWESOME!

  2. That was freaking HIlarious!! LOL. I wish my job was that much fun

  3. LMAO! Even better than the first season!!!

  4. Mother of all Sweet Things!

    I am going to hurt somebody’s…feelings!

  5. I never thought the DVDs would be released earlier in UK then US. That’s great for us in Germany too. So I canceled my order from 🙂

    What a wonderful day!