VIDEO: Televisionary Interviews Yvonne Strahovski on the Set of Chuck

Jace (aka the Televisionary) had the opportunity to talk with Yvonne Strahovski on the set of Chuck a couple of weeks ago and he’s sharing it with the fans. She talks about enjoying working with the love triangles, finding out more about Sarah’s past, drama vs. comedy, dancing on set, and higher stakes for everyone in season 3. WARNING: Minor spoilers!

Interesting comment there at the end, huh? Check out Jace’s blog; he’s a Chuck fan who often gets to preview episodes so you might want to bookmark/subscribe to his RSS feed to keep up with his posts.

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  1. wow i can;t wait till third season 3 when does it start january

  2. Great interview. Can’t wait for season 3!

  3. i luv all these interviews, and its gr8 that she says this season will have “love” in it ( or something to that affect). I would also luv sum interviews with zach in it, there isnt anything new with him latley

  4. I REALLY can’t wait for season 3 now… I’m excited about how this new roller-coaster love story gets another series of twists and how it may make or break the relationship. I still hope chuck and sarah still end up together, though. I’d love to see them married and raising kids in the future! I mean, it’s got to be really cool which kid takes after sarah or chuck. whoah, I’m going way overboard, I know! I just cant get enough of chuck and sarah.

  5. we are oscar mike