Wants To Know Which Show Was Your Fave in 2009

With 2009 winding down (already!), wants to know what your favorite show of the year was. Go to their site and leave a comment about Chuck; we’re guessing the comments will help shape their year-end list in a few weeks which would be some nice advance publicity for season 3.

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  1. Made it!!!! I left a comment!!!!!

  2. has a hard time signing in/signing up (there was no “submit” button) but finally just clicked on a random (poorly labeled) button and it said I posted. (WHAT?) So I went ahead and wrote something and hit same button (although I don’t have an account, or who knows, maybe I do; the interface sucks) and that posted too.

    I can never properly explain why I love Chuck. I don’t really get it. I just do. (I had to include Grey’s Anatomy cause it’s *actually* my favorite show, even if it’s often stupid)

  3. I’m totally the same way Pamela! I have no idea why I love CHuck so much, I just do. Chuck is one of those crazy things that seems so ordinary on the outside, but is somehow completely extraordinary when you get down to it. It’s like it’s magical or something. =P

    I too am having troubles posting. There’s a button that says “Submit” but clicking it does absolutely nothing…Dang it. I wrote such an awesome post too…I talked about Chuck, Lost and NCIS, all three are my absolute favorites. =)