VIDEOS: Chuck Season 3 Promos in HD

NBC is pulling out the stops to promote Chuck, airing different promos during The Office (their highest-rated scripted show) and Sunday football. Thanks to Richard, we have them in HD. No more Mr. Nice Spy.

Did you catch all the guest stars? Brandon Routh, Steve Austin, Kristin Kreuk, Vinnie Jones and Angie Harmon, all in the first five episodes. Yowza.

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  1. Pure Chuck awesomeness. 1.10.10 will be epic.

  2. Four different promos all airing seven weeks before the start of season 3, I think that is more promos in number than for season two and at the rate they are going it looks like they will push the show in the way they pushed Southland and Parks last year. Can’t complain that NBC isn’t behind the show. Also I love the idea of two episodes on sunday followed immediately with another on Monday, the ratings usually go up through an episode, a two hour show with another hour the next night should set the show up well ratings wise.

  3. Those were so cool. I’ve already seen the third one at least once when I cleaning the kitchen. My hubby was flipping through the channels and I saw. So COOL!!!! My kids went wild. 🙂

  4. all that i have to say about this new season is exactly what chuck says in promo #3….”yesssssssssss!” 🙂

  5. is dat angie harmon who said “cute and talented”? nd whose da girl he kissed?
    Really looking forward to the fight scene wit stone cold steve austin

  6. No more pickin on Chuck in the Buy More no more!

  7. can’t wait any longer…!!!chuck unleashed!!

  8. O.

    These are some of the best promos I have seen in a LONG time… and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased towards the show. They are PERFECT. If I was someone who didn’t know anything about the show, these would definitely make me interested in tuning in, and I hadn’t felt that way about any of the earlier season promos & ads.

    There is an energy and casual coolness to them that is *hugely* enticing. I actually think these could be wildly effective towards reeling in new viewers… hope there’s a lot more like them to come. My hope is that they get people to tune in, and then the three episodes in two days hooks enough people to really get this show on the road to becoming a genuine hit for the network, instead of a show that’s “on the bubble.”

    Hot damn, bring on season three!

    — Mike (Watch “I’ll Scratch Yours” for my Chuck plug… skip the very last second of the video though if you have sensitive ears.)

  9. P.S. Oh, and btw, the new tag line, “No More Mr. Nice Spy” is genius!

  10. That was a total awesomeness!!

  11. From that one second i saw hanna she looks really really hot

  12. I like the first promo best. Why? Isn’t it obvious?

  13. Looks like Chuck has to face Emmet in Promo #3 … I wonder what coup Chuck will start to get Big Mike back in command … bet it will be hilarious!

    • The beard doesn’t look to bad in that scene but i’m glad its gone after the first ep of s3…..Or is it? Seriously, Zach could hide a country in that thing. lol

  14. Guys check out this major spoiler for S3. These are great for Chara fans but beware. THESE SPOILERS ARE HUGE!!!!! Check it out. It is VERY VERY GOOD NEWS CHARA FANS. VERY GOOD! 🙂 OMG Im freakin out. Heres the link:

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but DR does NOT know everything about season 3, he just likes to yank the ‘shippers’ chains. A lot of what he said that is being taken as truth was said in jest.

  15. A new promo (much better): Chuck Season 3 preview – Behind the Scenes:

    Charah Fans, a kiss of Chuck & Sarah at the end and more =D

    • from what i can tell from dat video chuck and sarah in slovakia(praga). I am really looking forward to seeing chuck develop into a gr8 spy

  16. One of the promos mentions Chuck going on a solo mission, I can’t wait to see that.