SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 3.15 Title & Casting Sides

We’re getting deeper in to the extended season now with the casting sides for Chuck episode 3.15, titled “Chuck vs. the Role Models”. Thanks to SpoilerTV for the head’s up!

[MRS. TURNER] In her 50s.. attractive, WASPy, stylish, smooth and dignified, she and her husband Mr. Turner are a CIA super-couple: highly decorated, extremely accomplished, expert CIA agents who have been together for 30 years. Their relationship is tumultuous to say the least…MAJOR PROMOTABLE GUEST STAR (8)

[MR. TURNER] In his 50s.. handsome, WASPy, stylish, smooth and dignified, he is and his wife Mrs. Turner are a CIA super-couple: highly decorated, extremely accomplished, expert CIA agents who have been together for 30 years. Their relationship is tumultuous to say the least…MAJOR PROMOTABLE GUEST STAR (8)

[OTTO VON VOGEL] 35-50.. German, severe, cold and clever, he’s a software designer who has created a program that could render CIA security useless. He throws a party in his mansion as a smokescreen to evaluate potential buyers…GUEST STAR (17)

[JUSTIN SULLIVAN] 30 years old, handsome and doctorly, he works in the Congo as part of Doctors Without Borders, and does whatever it takes to deliver medicine to those who need it…GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (22)

[HEAD SOLDIER] 40-50, an African American soldier in the Congo, this intimidating man heads up an armed militia…CO-STAR (22)

[SOLDIER] 30 years old, African American, he is a soldier in an unnamed militia in the Congo…CO-STAR (35)

Hmmm…Mr. & Mrs. Turner sound like the writers are giving us a glimpse of what Chuck & Sarah’s relationship could be like in 30 years. Is anyone else concerned about the software that “could render CIA security useless”?!?

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  1. Okay,it’s too soon to jump to any conclusions – but the info on 3.14, followed by this info – well my speculatin’ hat is on and I’m speculating that the question Old Darth wanted asked in any interview may have finally been answered.
    Lou, if your reading this,further proof I’m paying attention ~ care to share with the class?

  2. As Mel pointed out with 3.14, a lot of information with these casting calls.

  3. First off, we know that Chuck’s dad, Orion, is coming back for these episodes. So, I think that this software is what draws him back in.

    As for Mr./Mrs. Turner……I believe that Chuck and Sarah will be seeing a lot of themselves in them.

    And as far as the spoilers go, the show lost one of it’s producers this year to V. Maybe Scott R. was writing th before, and now it’s someone else doing it.

  4. I just hope fans aren’t setting themselves up for a huge fail… id treat everything with extreme scepticism…

    but you can hope… go nuts with the hope.

    maybe we might get some Mr and Mrs Smith action with a side dish of Casey

  5. Chuck & Sarah as TV’s version of Mr & Mrs Smith. WOW, Season 4 or end of Season 3

  6. Why do shady guys always throw parties?

  7. Seems like its going to be a really cool ep. Can not wait to see how this seasons plays out. So far its been “awesome.” 🙂

  8. jeez I’m totally hopeful about this ”little season” I think we’re gonna get some charah finally :D:D

    • Oh God yes!!! I miss Charah! I think one of my most favorite Chuck moments ever was when Chuck gave Sarah his mom’s bracelet while Jeffster was singing Africa. Or maybe when they almost (I wish they did) made love. I miss that Charah drama.

      • I think you’re confusing your episodes. Chuck gave Sarah the bracelet “vs Santa Claus”; Jeffster performed ‘Africa’ in “vs the Best Friend”. Both terrific scenes, but not at the same time.

  9. How about this? We had fun earlier this season guessing who would be good to play characters in these casting calls. The role of Sydney that went to Angie Harmon is a good example (someone correctly predicted her.)

    Now, for the roles of Mr. and Mrs. Turner (Promotable Guest Stars in their 50s), wouldn’t it be awesome if they got a real-life FORMER couple to be tumultuous–Bruce Willis and Demi Moore?

  10. The information in these last few casting calls, bode well for the future of Mr and Mrs Chuck Bartowski. OK maybe in season 5 or 6. But this definitely feels like we will see them as a real couple by the end of this season.
    For Mrs Turner, I’m thinking one of the former Charlies Angels – Cheryl Ladd perhaps. I thought she still looked pretty good in Vegas.

    Mr Turner seems a little tougher for me to come up with. I was going to say Tom Sellick from Magnum, but I dont think I have ever seen him play smooth and sophisticated. If they didn’t already use Bruce Boxleitner as Papa Awesome I think he would have been a good choice for that role.

  11. Hmmm… Ali Adler (Chuck writer) has previously revealed via Twitter that Awesome’s two brothers were unable to attend the wedding because they are with Doctors Without Borders, and sent their apologies.

    Wonder if there is a connection to the Justin Sullivan character…

  12. I’m calling The Hoff for Mr. Turner.

  13. James Remar and Lesley Anne Down for the roles of Mr and Mrs Turner

  14. This has nothing to do with the casting call of this ep but wouldn’t it be hilarious if Betty White starred in an ep of Chuck? lol

  15. According to Michael Ausiello of EW, Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz have been picked to play the Turners.

    • I love Swoosie Kurtz! She’ll be awesome! I had hoped that Tom Sellick would get Mr Turner – that would have been great, but oh well!