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VIDEO: Zachary Levi Streams Video from the Set of unuj.org Chuck (UPDATED)

Looks like Zac figured out how to stream video from his phone, and give Chuck fans a glimpse of life on the set. First up is a quick look at Yvonne between scenes, typing away at her Blackberry (they’re filming 3.14 right now):

Ever wonder what lunch looks like on the set of a television series? Zac takes us behind the scenes to craft services (cameos by Yvonne and buy branded viagra online her dog, Chaz):

Updated 01.30.10: Zac sent another stream from the set late last night. I was still up so watched live; lots of fun! Here’s the first part of the video:

Check out Zac’s Ustream channel for all of his videos.

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  1. is just me or Yvone is wering a ring on her left hand? Maybe Chuck and Sarah are gonna play a married couple again?! =)

  2. Nice! But I also wanted to see Zac. :(

  3. Hey is that the train set for “Chuck vs the Honeymooner?”
    Cool vids. Wish we could see more of cialis samples in canada Zach though. :)

  4. Zach! awwwwwwww :)

  5. OK in the first video zac laughing to get yvonnes attention so she could look at the camera *CUTE* ! 2 video tim loden (yvonnes BF ) looks in costume i think he gets to play the order viagra pay with paypal quotations punkrocker thats on the train in that episode……

  6. i can not see the videos. what is the problem? is it just about me?

  7. cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  8. Yvonne’s ring looks like a plain gold wedding band but no sign of a diamond engagement ring! In “vs. the Suburbs” Mrs. Carmichael clearly had some bling on the finger. Not sure what to 50 mg levitra make of this, though.