Schwartz & Fedak vs the Controversy

Alan Sepinwall snagged both Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak for a phone chat today to talk about the controversy over last night’s episode of Chuck. Here’s an excerpt from the transcript:

There’s also been a lot of speculation about why she might have gone from being so annoyed with Shaw to being interested in him within this one episode. Some people suggested she went running for a rebound guy when she saw Chuck with Hannah, while others think she might be checking Shaw out because she doesn’t fully trust him.

JS: We don’t want to answer everything. Some of the fun of being an audience member, I hope, is projecting onto the scenes and reading between the lines. There’s such pressure, anyway, on a network show to spell everything out and leave everything completely unambigious, and then that pressure is doubled by fans who want an answer and want it now. And, look, we have been saved by our fans. We will most likely need to be saved by our fans again. We are incredibly invested in and respectful of our fans and their response. We are receptive and read almost everything that’s out there. This is a show that we’re doing as much for us as we are for them. That being said, we still have to tell the story that we’re going to tell.

CF: A lot of the questions that you’re asking, we actually address, but we address in upcoming episodes.

Well, in terms of being receptive to the fans versus telling the story you want to tell, is there a danger in just giving the fans what they want?

JS: Absolutely. Having been raised in the slums of the teen drama – just kidding, it’s not a slum, it’s a beautiful part of the state – those kind of shows, they just exist on the relationships that people are invested in. It’s what they drive on week in and week out. As you stated yesterday in your blog, Chuck and Sarah is but an element of our show. There’s a lot of other storytelling imperatives that are driving how these episodes unfold. Chuck and Sarah is a critical element of the show – we have said before that it is the heart of the show, and we stand by that – but there are other factors that are driving the story here. Given time, I think you will see this is a story that’s unfolding not just on a romantic plane. There’s a lot of Chuck and Blair fans on the “Gossip Girl” sites who’ve heard that couple’s in trouble and are up in arms in a similar way, and it’s like, if people are only happy, there is no conflict, therefore there is no storytelling, or drama. We’re not arbitrary about it, we don’t do it to drive conflict, We’re not just going, “How do we keep them apart?” Part of your job as a storyteller, part of the writer’s jobs here on the show is to mine all of these characters for maximum conflict and drama. There is an overarching design to the season, these stories are more than just romantic stories, and people have to trust that the journey we are taking them on is one that is designed to give audiences both what they want and what they need.

CF: The other thing, Alan, is you know us, we’ve watched way too much television growing up. We’re very familiar with all the will-they-won’t-they romances out there. It’s an equation that we’re always constantly thinking about. We realize there’s the pitfalls as well as the successes.

JS: And to whatever fan out there who thought the way to get the story back on track was to boycott the show, we’re about ready to start writing the finale, which is 12 episodes later than the one last night. Look, we are in a dogfight for our survival once again, and it would be a shame if people reacted in a way that was scorched earth.

CF: Who closes the book after chapter seven? That’s the thing.

(read the full interview here…)

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  1. It’s really a shame that we’ve got to wait 3 weeks or so before we find out what happens next.

    • This could be considered bad and i mean really bad.First the fact that Schwartz & Fedak had to publicly explain what was going on is bad.That means the fans reaction was so negative and so loud it reached them in less than 24 hours.A writer should never have to do this.They both realize that the fans are not happy at this particular point and Fedak put it best “we are in chapter seven of the third book of the CHUCK saga…Who closes the book at chapter seven”Fans are over reacting to the episode in a big way and its not helping our cause.It only gets worse as CHUCK is off the air for three weeks.This is really bad.this could kill us no joke.Schwartz & Fedak are scared you can tell that’s why they did the interview so quickly to calm down the fans.They wanted to let it be known that they were aware of what was going on in the world of CHUCK fans.I’m sure that they did not think that this episode would cause such controversy,and it would not have it was a normal circumstance with the next episode airing on Monday.But its not normal and that’s why its bad.Let February 9th 2010 stand in infamy as the day that fans revolted against CHUCK.They won’t admit it (but in a big way they did with the interview)but the brain trust in charge of CHUCK knows that time as well as fan patients is running out.And they are scared.The bottom line is this is not good for the true fans of CHUCK because we love this show and don’t want to see it canceled.Schwartz made a good point they already have BIG things planed so boycotting would KILL the show.All of you irate fans need to take a deep breath,take some time to think about what has happened this season so far.Than rest easy knowing that Schwartz & Fedak have a plan to leave you with you jaws on the living-room carpet wanting more.Till than enjoy the winter Olympics, watch NBC,and eat at Subway at least once a week.Looking forward to the rest of the season can hardly wait.

      • Paragraphs are your friends. 😉

      • Not all fans revolted, just a vocal minority.

      • But this “vocal minority” must be much larger than normal, and much louder than normal.

        From reading the forum boards, I know that in the past there have been episodes that set people off. But as far as I know, Schwartz & Fredak haven’t consented to a phone interview within a day or two of the airing.

        To me that was interesting. It indicated to me there was enough criticism that a raw nerve was struck.

        I will say it’s really too bad that there is a 3 week hiatus.

  2. I discovered Chuck just before season 3 started and I love the show. I am probably outside the target demographic – being a little over 50. I got my daugher hooked on Chuck. Somewhere down the line I would like to see Chuck and Sarah get together. But I totally understand the writers have a story to tell. Long may the story go!! Perhaps both Chuck and Sarah having unusual childhoods need certain experiences to develop all their potential.

  3. One subplot I’d be interested in: Lester’s origins. =)

  4. Morgan shouldn’t be mad at Chuck for kissing Hannah. Morgan still has to live down that condom IOU situation. Plus, he got Carina and Chuck still hasn’t been with Sarah!

    Morgan needs to cut homeboy some slack. 🙂

  5. Good interview. I would suggest reading the whole thing.

    I agree with what vickielwm has to say. Let the writers tell their story! Sometimes not everything is perfect the way everyone wants it to be. This is a great show with great writers and actors. There is more to the show then just the Chuck/Sarah romance. You have the feeling Chuck and Sarah will get back together at some point. You just have to be patient and let the story go along.

    This is said at the end of the interview

    CF: What’s important for us is, don’t close the book yet. We’ve got some amazing stuff coming up.

    JS: And if you thought the end of season 2 was crazy…

    This makes me excited for the my favorite show on TV. We can’t have our own fans bring the show down and preventing a season 4 from happening. Just be patient my fellow Chuck fans…BE PATIENT!!

  6. CF asks who closes a book after 7 chapters? Lot’s of people will if the book is bad. Some people will shut a book after 1 chapter if they think it’s a bad book. Others will read further into a bad book, in hopes the book will get better, before they put it down.

    • Yes, but the book is NOT bad. Overall, it has been a GREAT book. The fact that you care about these characters so much proves you like this book.

      • Correction, the book wasn’t bad. I love this show but I am loosing interest (Although I am the type of person who will make it to the last chapter of book and stop if I feel as though the writing goes bad). I want this show to succeed and will keep watching but if it does not get better I will not waste my time on a season 4. And I am not just talking about Chuck and Sarah getting together, I am talking about the drastic change in their character. I feel in some ways as though I am watching a different show entirly sometimes.

        The show is good. I trust them as writers to restore it to its former brilliance. But my patience can’t last forever. (of course I am just one fan and may not matter at all, I’m just relaying my feelings)

        Go Chuck!

  7. Thanks for answering the qns. Looking forward to the relationshis resolving themselves! Am not giving up on the show just yet.

  8. Schwartz and Fedak remind me of Moe the bartender in this conversation. In one scene in a Simpsons episode, the boys in the bar ask Moe why he has an old, cobwebed covered bullriding machine in the corner of the bar. Without any tangible sign of regret Moe says, “When I opened this place I only had enough money for that or for cable TV and I stand by my decision!”
    These two men have every right to tell any story they want as the showrunners. What is also true is the people who watch it, have every right to quit watching and kill it. These will not be the first two Hollywood writers that had a show cancelled prematurely due to sticking to what they want to write and not what their audience wants to see.
    I will finish by adding that I loved Chuck before whatever this Season 3 disaster (so far) is supposed to be. As long as Yvonne and Zach and Jeffster are around, I WILL be watching. I just hope Schwartz and Fedak can look in the mirror and at the cast and crew at the end of this season and be as sure of their decision as Moe is.

    • That’s your opinion, canuck, and I’m not saying it’s invalid. However, so far I’m very much enjoying season 3 and have no intention of quitting the show over 10 minutes of whiplash-inducing relationship developments. For every fan who is outraged, I’d claim there’s at least one fan who isn’t.

      • First off Mel, I know there are very few people in the Chuck world that love the show more than you and I appreciate your response. BUT.. when the best you can do is CLAIM that only about 50%, of an already too small fan base, is outraged right now then your helping to make my point for me.
        I cannot for the life of me figure out, with all of the positive momentum that the Chuck series had coming into Season 3, that S + F thought now was the time to go this way with Chuck and Sarah. They are within an inch of, if they haven’t already, of killing off the BIGGEST reason why people care about this show.
        As someone on here earlier very astutely (and I think very courageously) said, “if Schwartz and Fedak have filmed any scene of Sarah and Shaw having sex, burn it,re-edit it etc.” as soon as possible. For if that scene ever hits the screen the series Chuck will cease to have been.
        That is my CLAIM and I will be glad to accept any bet you want to see who is right on this one.

      • Let’s hope Mr.Schwartz and Mr.Fedak will show fans of Chuck show that they understood the message and that if any sex scene of either Chuck/Hannah and/or Sarah/Shaw were filmed then next episodes will get re-edited and scenes reshoot where needed to avoid the destruction of the show itself.
        If they really thought to be writing a soap opera and get away with it then it means that they really never understood their own fan base for the show Chuck, which is sad but at least they have still plenty of time to learn from their mistake and listen to the majority of fans that are desperately asking to not kill all the character development they loved so much.
        There is a 3 weeks hiatus for Mr.Schwartz and Mr.Fedak to act quickly and fix upcoming episodes from being an huge mistake that would surely cause the show to die and get canceled to become a series of outstanding episodes that actually make sense without breaking all fans/viewers know and love about the two main characters. Other characters can be wasted as much as they want BUT wasting Chuck and Sarah just means killing the show.

      • I know I’m going to regret asking this, but why are you so hung up on this idea of a sex scene? It just seems like you’re coming out of left field with this. How many sex scenes involving Chuck and/or Sara have there been in this show to date? One?

        It really seems like you’re getting worked up over nothing.

      • I hope to be wrong about it but the last minutes of Season3 Episode7 clearly pointed to Chuck going to have sex with Hannah and Sarah going to have sex with Shaw adding the sneak peak few seconds scene of Chuck punching Shaw seen on promos so far.
        Mr.Schwartz & Mr.Fedak still have plenty of time to fix anything that needs to be fixed before Season3 Episode8 and following episodes air and with a few bucks they could avoid the show to get canceled if it needs fixing, which means if those sex scenes and any reference to them exists, if they happened in the script.

      • With Bryce for Sarah and Jill for Chuck everything was different,they were their respective ex and the characters served the purpose during Season2 to bring Chuck and Sarah together actually, that made sense BUT after having written Chuck so deeply in love with Sarah and Sarah so deeply in love with Chuck up to the point to change her previous spy on the field attitude in which she would have had sex with another spy like Cole just like Carina has sex with a lot of guys,and all of that simply because she really loves Chuck. It would be a deadly mistake to suddenly forget all of that and it would break characters development and continuity that the same writers re-estabilished with the first two episodes of Season3 after all.

      • Well, I doubt Chuck and Hannah are going to do it on the sofa at the Buy-More, and as for Shaw and Sarah, I don’t think they’re nearly as far along as you’re intimating. I know some things were said, but we don’t know the sincerity of any of it, and let me tell you, just because a girl lets you rub her shoulders doesn’t mean you’re going to wake up next to her… 😉

      • Schwartz & Fedak had better hope that the ration is much greater ratio than 1:1 outraged to non outraged.

        With a 2.2 demo for the last show, Chuck can’t afford any more leakage from the demo group, or there will be no reason to worry about what happens in S4, because S4 will not happen.

  9. I have read the entire interview now. I will give JS/CF an A for showing up. But that’s the only high grade I will give.

    Those two talked about putting a lot of stuff into the shows and seasons. A word of advice. Sometimes trying to pack too much into a show cause the show to fail. The quality of the story suffers when to much is forced into an episode/season.

    I will continue watching for a while. Not giving up yet. However, through 7 episodes this season, Warner Brothers doesn’t have to worry about getting any of my money for Season 3. Just don’t like it nearly enough to buy it on DVD. I do have season’s 1 and 2 however.

  10. Unbelievably unbelievable! I know its a show filled with the unbelievable (naturally, its spy genre). But I guess you two guys are just being truthful to what got you here in the first place: teen love / angst / heartbreak/ emotional rollercoaster / lightswitch love affairs, etc.
    Just remember that if not for the fans- you be out of work. See most of us aren’t teeny boppers, and most also probably don’t think the OC or 90210 is the ideal stereotype for spy comedy.
    [A teenybopper (or tweenybopper) is a vernacular socially constructed term by marketing professionals and psychologists referring to the age-span before a child hits their adolescence, particularly girls, who follow teenage fashion in music, clothes, and culture]

    Get real- like do something meaningful with the Ring- just STOP messing with the core of the show (love story). You guys have no freaking clue- do you?
    Way to ruin it for me. I too- am done with Chuck.

    • @Bill Craig you shouldn’t give up that easily we all know last nights episode was bad but not bad enough to abandon the show.Hope you reconsider leaving the show

    • Bill,

      Please calm down and take a breath. It’s a TV show, is it really as bad as all that? Is it really bad enough to start being so vitriolic to the two guys who created the series and have given you two very enjoyable seasons?

      • You are correct on 2 accounts. 1) It’s just a TV show and 2) no need to get vitrolic.

        That said, because it is just a TV show, and because this genre of TV shows is supposed to entertain. When said TV show starts being non entertaining for a person, that person will either click to another show, or just read a real book, in an attempt to get to Chapter 7.

  11. Wise words:”Who closes the book after chapter seven?” I’m in it to the last chapter. I’ve earned the pay-off: Subway subs,I heart CHUCK, the whole nine yards. I want to know how this volume concludes.

  12. Its easy to attribute all the outrage to crazy shippers. But as someone who could care less about Chuck and Sarah as a couple, I was outraged about the same damn plot being recycled again. Is it that hard to think of something new. And those last ten minutes the acting and dialogue was so bad I thought it was spoof of the show’s romance. That got the biggest laugh out of me all season.

    But it doesn’t matter. Any growth that happens will be reset again if there’s a season four.

    And that interview was full of completely softball questions. I can’t believe Josh Schwartz has never been asked if he’s capable of writing romantic storylines that don’t follow the same exact pattern as the OC.

  13. Season3 Episode7 doesn’t clearly show Chuck having sex with Hannah nor Sarah having sex with Shaw…
    If Schwartz & Fedak do not want to get the show canceled due to the majority of fans disgusted by what is going on with the two main characters then they better re-edit , cut and reshoot any scene of Chuck/Hannah and/or Sarah/Shaw having sex in next episodes… failing to do it will cause the show to sink so fast that it won’t matter how good next episodes could have been… the show would die quickly.

  14. Mr.Schwartz & Mr.Fedak up to the beginning of Season3 you actually put a lot of very smart and well written plot and characters elements in the show but if you do not pay attention to character development the obvious result would be to upset fans that can easily feel that something is off with characters… I really hope that you are going to reveal true motivations of both Hannah and Shaw to give a reason for this Season3 Episode7 chapter of your book BUT I am afraid to see you waste an opportunity to write a very good plot like you did back in Season2. Chuck having sex with Hannah and/or Sarah having sex with Shaw either must not happen or if you want that to happen it must be dramatic in a good way not in a bad writing sloppy way that doesn’t make any sense for characters continuity and development!
    Re-read and re-watch what you wrote in previous episodes because it seems that you are on the edge of losing focus of characters… and if you do that with Season3 Episode8 moving forward then the show will be over because fans would quit so fast that you won’t have time to fix your own mistakes.
    Do not kill Chuck! Do not kill the characters! Chuck and Sarah are more than just the heart of the show.. what you created with these two characters is what lets the show to exist, what the majority of your fans love.. have faith in your fans and do not ruin the characters like in a cheap soap opera… If you wanted Sarah to have sex with any cool spy then the second half of Season2 shouldn’t have been written like you did.. there is no turning back from what you wrote back there.. now either you are able to write it accordingly or the show will fail and get canceled. It’s just that simple. It doesn’t mean that the writing must become boring having Chuck and Sarah together as a solid couple with no betrayals… that would actually mean that the real story just begun… there is a lot to write about them as a couple on the field with everyone against them… that is where you were heading for with Season2… but now with Shaw and Hannah it seems that you are losing focus of your main characters…
    Let’s hope you really got a good plan about it and you are not going to waste everything just to pay Brandon Routh guest feature on the show…..

  15. Chuck having sex with Hannah doesn’t make any sense and it just shouldn’t happen. Also Hannah is a useless character so far.. she better had been a double agent spy linked to Shaw… but it seems writers didn’t know how to write the character of Hannah… such a cute girl fell in love with Chuck on a plane for no damned reason all of a sudden and there is nothing more about her like it was for Jill? Then something is really wrong with writers here.. only an episode left for Hannah and that’s it ? Such a sloppy writing for Hannah, really?

  16. If Sarah had sex with Shaw then it should happen if and only if Shaw used some drugs on Sarah to take her under his control… From the Chuck promos we know that Chuck will punch Shaw in the face and that seems like Shaw and Sarah just had sex and Shaw exactly wanted to have that kind of reaction from Chuck… Shaw must turn out to be a really bad guy, a The Ring agent.. but it wouldn’t make any sense for Sarah to have sex with him if she wasn’t under drugs… otherwise… why the heck didn’t Sarah have sex with super spy Cole back in Season2,uh? Sloppy writing again by writers,uh?

    • Really? You think they should have Shaw drug Sarah for them to sleep together? That’s one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever read on these boards. Talk about going to a dark place…

      If Sarah sleeps with Shaw, why can’t it be simply because she’s lonely, thinks she lost Chuck to Hannah, and likes the guy? I doubt the writers will go there, but even if they do, there’s nothing sinister about it. Shaw has, up to this point, used questionable tactics that have ticked off Team B, but he has been a fairly strightlaced heroic type of guy. The type Sarah has shown a weakness for.

      Chuck could be punching Shaw for any number of reasons. Not all have to do with Sarah. With the punch, we’ve seen 4 seconds of a 43 minute episode. Who knows what they were actually talking about? And because Chuck punches him, it doesn’t necessarily mean Shaw is a bad guy. It means Chuck took offense to something he said, but doesn’t mean Shaw goes off on his free time killing puppies or date raping pretty blond super spies.

      • As well as the beginning of Season3 itself,the writers on Season3 Episode1 told us that Sarah wasn’t sleeping with the guy in the undercover mission as it seemed in the pool and then the Season3 Episode2 with Carina telling Sarah that she broke the spy cardinal rule, that she fell in love with Chuck and at the end when she gave her the video recording of Chuck declaring his love to Sarah and Sarah crying while watching, everything would be wasted and wouldn’t make any damned sense anymore if either Chuck will have sex with Hannah and/or Sarah will have sex with Shaw.
        It would be a deadly mistake and the show would have lost its heart, mood and spirit because the two main characters would have lost their soul, they would look like void puppets from any soap opera being produced instead of the two characters that the writers put so much effort into developing, all the previous episodes wouldn’t make any damned sense anymore.
        It would be very very bad writing.

      • It would be helpful if you’d preface such statements with, “In my opinion…” Also, I had to delete your other comment because it contains spoilers for future episodes.

      • So others can write freely whatever they want here and you decided to censor me?
        Why? Did I write something that irritated Mr.Schwartz & Mr.Fedak and they complained so much that you needed to censor my posts?

      • As I said, I deleted your post that contained spoilers. This post is not tagged for spoilers which makes them off-topic. Feel free to read the comment guidelines, linked above, if you need more information.

  17. Mr.Schwartz & Mr.Fedak up to the beginning of Season3 you actually put a lot of very smart and well written plot and characters elements in the show but if you do not pay attention to character development the obvious result would be to upset fans that can easily feel that something is off with characters. I really hope that you are going to reveal true motivations of both Hannah and Shaw to give a reason for this Season3 Episode7 chapter of your book BUT I am afraid to see you waste an opportunity to write a very good plot like you did back in Season2. Chuck having sex with Hannah and/or Sarah having sex with Shaw either must not happen or if you want that to happen it must be dramatic in a good way not in a bad writing sloppy way that doesn’t make any sense for characters continuity and development!
    Re-read and re-watch what you wrote in previous episodes because it seems that you are on the edge of losing focus of characters,and if you do that with Season3 Episode8 moving forward then the show will be over because fans would quit so fast that you won’t have time to fix your own mistakes.
    Do not kill Chuck! Do not kill the characters! Chuck and Sarah are more than just the heart of the show.. what you created with these two characters is what lets the show to exist, what the majority of your fans love,have faith in your fans and do not ruin the characters like in a cheap soap opera. If you wanted Sarah to have sex with any cool spy then the second half of Season2 shouldn’t have been written like you did, there is no turning back from what you wrote back there.. now either you are able to write it accordingly or the show will fail and get canceled. It’s just that simple. It doesn’t mean that the writing must become boring having Chuck and Sarah together as a solid couple with no betrayals, that would actually mean that the real story just begun, there is a lot to write about them as a couple on the field with everyone against them, that is where you were heading for with Season2, but now with Shaw and Hannah it seems that you are losing focus of your main characters.
    Let’s hope you really got a good plan about it and you are not going to waste everything just to pay Brandon Routh guest feature on the show.

  18. Iseriouslydoubtthat

    If you subscribe to the any publicity is good publicity theory then it’s extra disappointing that there isn’t a show next Monday as maybe some people would tune in to see what all the commotion is about.

    To me, the most concerning part of the interview was this quote from JS: “NBC’s been incredibly supportive of the show in getting us launched, but I would not expect to see a lot of promotion for us during the Olympics.”

    I was thinking that with so many people tuning in to the Olympics, a strong promotional effort might lead to a ratings boost. Without NBC promotion we fans may need to put in some extra effort over the next few weeks with our “Watch Chuck” campaigns, so we don’t need another “Save Chuck” campaign in April.

  19. The show needs a few unexpected things, otherwise it gets boring …
    why not wait for what happens?!?!
    in the next few episods can happen so much…

    so just wait for it and KEEP WATCHING THE SHOW!
    I think it will be great

  20. Not one of the boycotting fanatics, but they have a point too. I would like to see the Chuck & Sarah characters grow in this relationship. Other aspects of their lives are progressing in season 3, why not this one? It’s season 3 and we’re still back at square one. No closer to Chuck & Sarah relationship than we had in Season 1. It would nice to see how the dynamics of a Chuck & Sarah relationship play out. Since Chuck was on the bubble for Season 3, it would be nice to have them in real relationship before the NBC axe come down on the whole thing. Will there be a season 4? I don’t know, but from what I’m picking up there’s getting to be a little love loss here from the fans. The vocal ones are probably in the every popular “ratings chosen ones demographics”. It’s not like anyone is telling them what to write in the script, just show the fans a little love.

    • We’re not back at square one. Square one is where Chuck and Sarah feel nothing for one another. Right now what we have is Chuck and Sarah’s feelings are all mixed up together, bubbling away, making a mess, in a big pot on the stove. They’re sad, and hurt, and confused, and they want to be smart, but they want to be together, but they don’t think they can… You get the idea.

      Pretty soon, now, they’re going to blow the lid right off this pot in a big burst of steam, and Chuck and Sarah will find a way to express and act on their true feelings for one another.

    • I agree with you. It seems that we are seeing growth with all other aspects of the show: Chuck becoming a real spy, Casey not thinking Chuck’s an idiot, Chuck & Morgan moving in together, Morgan becoming a manager, Ellie and Awesome getting married and their own place, you get the picture. The relationship aspect has remained stagnant though since they are still doing the same old dance.
      One of my concerns with the interview was where he said there needs to be that conflict otherwise there’s no storytelling. Once people get into a relationship it’s not all happily ever after; there’s plenty of conflict to mine out there. I just wish they’d either let their relationship actually grow or drop it altogether and focus on the rest of the show.

  21. This sort of article doesn’t do much to reassure me. If they stick to the line that it’s only a certain segment of the fan base that had a problem with the end of this episode and that this was solely because it transformed the PLIs to LI’s then they fail to acknowledge that they handled the whole issue rather sloppily. If they don’t recognize that they messed up, then there isn’t really and reason for fans to be confident that they’ll handle these issues any more deftly going forward and that the journey we see in the later episodes will be any more fulfilling.

    They could have come on and said. “Look, we admit that we rushed things a bit at the end of the episode and as a result the whole transition from Chuck and Sarah happily going on a mission together and expressing jealousy over the PLIs to Chuck and Sarah both deciding to foster their PLI’s was forced and bordered on craptastic. We didn’t really have a choice. Chuck is show with many elements and a limited budget so we didn’t have sizable portions of several episodes to devote to the formation of these new relationships. The relationships are vital to moving Chuck and Sarah forward, so we couldn’t just omit them from the season. We opted to limit the pain and just tear off the band aide. We understand where the frustration is coming from and honestly we share it when we watch this episode, but feel it was better than having something equally as forced emerge over multiple episodes. Now that it’s done we can move forward and I think everyone will enjoy what we have in store.”

    Or alternately, “We know it looks bad and I hate having to go back to the nearly dry well of amusement park ride ananogies, but this season of Chuck isn’t like riding a normal roller coaster, we’re on an enormous cork screw. There aren’t just ups and downs, but twists, turns and loops that leave the audience suspended upside down for brief periods. Like in the spy world, not everything in this season is what it seems and although we won’t resolve all the issues during the next episode, we think it will go a long way towards restoring confidence in the direction of the show. Obviously, it’s regrettable that fans will have to wait 3 weeks to see it, but we’re as much a slave to NBC scheduling as the fans.

    • Either of those two explanations would have been better than what JS/CF offered. And if they had used your 2nd explanation, they wouldn’t even have had to acknowledge the last 10-15 minutes of The Mask was crap.

      Instead they blame everything on a very small but vocal group of “shippers”. And that they believe The Mask was perfect in every way.

    • I thought that was what they did, to be fair. They said that a lot of this stuff would be addressed in future episodes. As if that wasn’t enough, they called the episode “The Mask” and gave Shaw a line about the importance of body language and chemistry. They’re telling you that all is not as it seems. There is no body language or chemistry between Sarah and Shaw. We can all see that, and the reason we can see it is because we’re supposed to see it. There will be an explanation for the behaviour of the last 10 minutes. Count on it.

      • I actually disagree on the “no chemistry” part.

        At the end of that episode, Sarah closes her eyes when Shaw approaches her. So she either enjoys the massage or the company.

        My guess is on company…

  22. I really enjoyed the Mask episode. I’m a big fan of the Chuck/Sarah relationship, but it doesn’t bother me that there are roadblocks. The thing that I especially enjoyed about this episode, and this is an issue for Season 3 generally, is that it didn’t have any special intersect/kung fu superpowers. In many respects, this episode could have fit into Season 2. I’m not crazy about the superpowers. I prefer it when Chuck uses his smarts to solve problems as he did in this episode. It was good to see some computer geek skills in action.

    Another thing that I loved about this episode was the Matt Costa song at the end. It’s great! It reminds me of Christmas TV from the last episode of Season 2. The music in Chuck is terrific. It adds another dimension to a wonderful series. It will be hard to wait another 3 weeks!

  23. I am one of those fans who would love for Chuck & Sarah to be together, however frustrating that they aren’t, I still love ‘CHUCK’ & trust the writers–they haven’t let me down yet & I can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner. It seems this season of episodes is flying by, after waiting so long for Season 3 to begin. The cast & guests remain top notch, the music, action scenes, twists & subtleties are always incredible……….’CHUCK’ is still my favorite show and I always look forward to Monday nights.

  24. First time poster as I wanted to comment on the controversy surrounding this episode. I have to side on the writers on this one for now. It is obvious that a lot of Chuck/Sarah shippers were pretty pissed about this episode. I wasn’t that disappointed except that I though the direction of Sarah’s character went another way in regards to Shaw.

    I think though what some Chuck/Sarah shippers fail to realize is that in an upcoming episode, we see that Chuck punches Shaw for the comment he made in regards to him blowing his chance to be with Sarah. I would think they’d realize that Chuck still has feelings for Sarah so obviously we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I would guess though that Sarah does sleep with Shaw and Chuck finds out and is very unhappy with that.

    In regards to Hannah, I would classify her as someone innocent. With two episodes left for Kristin Kreuk, its safe to assume that she’s normal and she gets her heart broken by Chuck. I would think just before Chuck and Hannah go all the way, he realizes he doesn’t want to go through with it because of his lingering feelings for Sarah and that in turn will cause Hannah to leave him and quit the Buy More.

    These are all my assumptions but we shall see what happens. I’m sticking with Chuck to the end.

  25. To me, the real disappointment is that the show seems to be trending to a soap and away from a spy dramady with romance. In other words, the romance, as part of the story is fine, and as many have said, gives the show heart. When scripted well, even the angst can add to the show. While I’ll give the JS and CF a few more episodes to show that there is more going on here than meets the eye, my initial impression is that they are treating the romance like they would on a teen soap. The fact that they are experienced teen soap writers makes things worse because, even if that is not where they are going here, their past writing on other shows certainly creates the very real possibility that this is what they will do. So, why does this matter? I’m too old to worry about teen soap nonsense, and I think a lot of Chuck fans are too. What we like about this show is that it showed some level of maturity in how it handled relationships. It also had comedy and adult romance that was tame enough for the whole family. What we fear is the loss of this maturity and the decline into Melrose Place/OC/90210/Gossip Girl soap trash. If that does not happen, and there is more to these story lines then we now see, this could be one of the great jobs of writing. If, however, this is a momentary romantic obstacle to help the heroes “discover” their true love for each other, it’s little more than a silly teen level romantic play that has become and will continue to be distracting and tiresome. I don’t think it’s time to pull the plug, but I’m also going to really be upset if a show I really liked turns into a silly soap because JS and CF pull a bait and switch.

  26. I say give the writers a chance. Granted, this wasn’t one of their best efforts, but it was a solid, entertaining episode right up until the last 10 minutes or so. They did rush things in the end and make some questionable character decisions, but this was just one part of a 13 part arc. They set up events for episodes to come and until you see the whole picture, don’t judge it too harshly. 5-6 episodes from now looking back at the moves they made in 3.07 might make a whole lot of sense and become one of your favorites.

  27. I have often observed, and found amusing, the following sequence of events in any sort of good episodic fiction: First, the fans give the work a try. Second, they become enthused with it. Third, they become fanatic about it. Fourth, they want to write it.

    These are some of the same writers who’ve been with the show forever. The fact that we care about this show so much is a testament, in large part, to their skill. But now, all of a sudden, according to some fans, they can’t write. Go figure.

    I’m not going to sit here and lie, and say I loved the end of this episode. I didn’t. But maybe there’s something we’re not seeing. The writers know more about these characters than you do, no matter how many times you’ve seen “Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami”. I prefer to reserve judgement until I can see the forest, and not just the trees.

  28. Hi all,

    Me I was a Shipper not so much any more, I still would have liked to see Chuck and Sarah together as a Cool spy couple trying to juggle the spy life and love life. Maybe that will happen and hopefully in a realistic way.

    As I said at the start of this season i would not watch until i heard something positive about the episodes and I have not watched nor has my family they have moved on.

    Well I watched episode 7 last night and yeah its the way that they butchered the characters and 2 years of show mythology. Really Chuck was not Chuck and Sarah’s 180 gave me a sore neck. It was painful that they are not together (which yeah i would have liked but understood it was going to happen and maybe had to happen) it was the damage to their characters.

    The other thing for me is Brandon I still have not forgiven him for destroying a hero of mine and an Amercian icon Superman yeah its stupid but i grew up with such role models.

    Maybe its a play against hannah and shaw .. maybe not who knows but TV fans run from week to week. Most do not do subtext when they found out that there would be a 3 week break they should have put something in like casey or chuck gets a phone call …

    “ok your a pro .. do what you have to do .. i will keep an eye on loverboy”

    Cause that gives it away but my god that would have at least avoided the feeling that i just turned the page and the author has just changed.

    The bad thing is i no longer trust the show runners will be honest with the characters, for all i know they will pull a reset or nightmare end of season to get us to save the show or even reset again if they have a season 4. They have damage my faith in them and in the characters.

    The other thing that has shocked me is that we are all fans shippers and those who call themselves normal fans. Well to see the so called normal fans attack (and as aspinwall said mock and belittle) those fans that said the characters were poorly portrayed which added more pain to the fact they really broke up.

    To be bullied and threatend by so called real fans is shocking given even chuck me tuesdays and the likes of Olddarth said the last 15 minutes were out of character.

    Olddarth i have to say sorry to you, in the past a teased and indeed mocked you for being a person that anything that the showrunners did was great. Well I have a respect for you that you said the breakup was poorly portrayed and has a potential to damage the characters. KUDOS Olddarth if that was you that i have read the comments from SORRY I MADE FUN OF YOU.

    I have never liked bullies its wrong (i think its the Superman as a role model), me i was a geek (still am in some ways). But to all those geeks and shippers out there i knuckled down ignored the jocks (who hated my english accent – sigh why did my mom have to be english) it does get better a few years later i earn more money than i can spend and can afford sharp suits and some of those jocks work for me. Geeks win in the end and Chuck is still that geek i loved and root for.

    Family nights are now Glee (hangs head its slowly killing my mind – mind you i am sure one of those characters is based on my college days I was such/am such a geek).

    The fact is this season is fragmenting the fan base splitting it and if the series has to be saved can the normal fans work with the so called shippers. Maybe you should be less cruel and a little more understanding, episode 7 was terrible it was badly done.

    For my part I am not so much a shipper anymore if they did it in a proper way then i may say yeah they should be together but episode 7 for me meant that sarah and chuck should never get together which is sad.

    So i am on the bus at the back biting my nails trying to speak but the jocks keep beating up on me well I am worried the driver is a bit scary a bit wild.

    What if the driver leads us off the cliff to make us want to save the show again. The driver has shown they are willing to sacrifice character honesty.

    So given the fans are so horrible to one another and I am a little worried our driver has gone a bit nuts i choose to close the book and get off this bus.

    I hope the show brings its A GAME in March and when i look in May it was an awesome season i was keen to get this back and I just feel we have lost an opportunity.

    All the best

  29. After watching the episode twice I still found myself saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me, what were the writers thinking here?” Like Mo Ryan I felt the believability of Chuck and Sarah’s encouragement of each other to pursue other relationships was forced. How do you have two people who have deep personal feelings for each other (even in this season) just abruptly shift gears and go in opposite directions? There are a number of holes in the story writing of this episode that were just hard for me to swallow.

    First, why is it that Chuck has this on-going attraction to petite, brunettes that always turns out bad? The relationship with Lou didn’t work because Chuck’s real life was constantly interrupted with his work as the Intersect. The relationship with Jill didn’t go anywhere because she was a Fulcrum agent and was out to burn Chuck.

    Now Hannah arrives who Chuck barely knows and he supposedly falls head over heals for her. Hello, why doesn’t Chuck or someone else on Team Bartowski suggest doing a background check on her to see if Hannah is her real name? Why doesn’t Chuck realize that his spy life isn’t going to allow for a real relationship with a civilian? My guess is that we will soon learn Hannah’s true name in “Chuck vs. the Fake Name” and that she will be history, just like the others.

    Secondly, and equally unbelievable why is it that Sarah continues to have a weakness for her hunky, partner spies such as Bryce, Cole and now Shaw? Why can she tell Shaw who she also barely knows, “The way that you touched my neck at the party, it was kind of nice” yet there is precious little of herself, and her likes and dislikes, that she has revealed to Chuck over these past 2 1/2 years.

    My guess is that Shaw’s life will come to an end as abruptly as Bryce’s, especially with the ominous “Relax Sarah, I’m the safest guy in the world” segway to the Ring’s deadly intentions. Once that happens will either Sarah or Chuck be in any condition to think about another relationship, with either each other or someone else?

    While I don’t consider myself a hardcore shipper, I would have found it more believable if Chuck would have been sent on a mission with another female spy who he then began to have feelings for. Instead, I found myself swinging between pity and a lack of respect for two characters that I have always liked. Now I’m thinking that Chuck should move up his counseling appointment with Dr. Leo Dreyfus the CIA psychiatrist in episode 16 and invite Sarah to join him.

  30. With the really bad episode 3.03 the creators missed their chance to attract new viewers (the 600,000 in total viewers is pretty clear sign) to the hard-core base and expand.

    With the really bad 3.07 Chuck is back in a survival mode (JS himself admitted to that).

    Another bad episode and …

    It doesn’t matter how good the rest of the episodes are. I found 3.02 and 3.05 to be fantastic and 3.04 and 3.06 – pretty good. Still, once you turn your viewers off, there is nothing to get them back on in time.

    I’m still going to watch but I’m perplexed as to how CF and JS can’t figure out what’s eventually going to kill the show.

    The writers have come up with some brilliant episodes so far, let’s hope there will still be some ahead of us.

    • and that should be ‘with the 600,000 viewers DROP in totals’

      • i really liked episode 3.03, i hvnt enjoyed season3 as much as i did season 2, but i think episode 3.03 was just as good as the majority of season 2

      • Others did like 3.03 as well, I know. Still, look at where the biggest drop of viewership took place – after 3.03 it fell from 7.3 mln to 6.6. I briefly explained in another post why 3.03 is so bad and contrived in terms of story-telling.

        Before 3.03 there were hopes that the show may pick up new viewers and stay in a secure layer, ratings-wise.

        After 3.03 the viewership was back down to its more or less typical, last season’s levels.

        After 3.07 … well, we’ll see in three weeks

  31. I’ll loose my interest in this great show if I’ll see some more episodes like this one…..they should get Sarah & Chuck back together!!!!!!!!!!!
    It shouldn’t be like Chuck & Sarah start making out with everyone they get on the show

  32. Schwartz and Fedak addressed the fans who were angry about the Sarah/Shaw and Chuck/Hannah relationships. He didn’t address the issues most of us actually had. Which is the new relationships came across as rushed and forced. The characters all acted out-of-character, and the plot was full of holes. When you read a book and seven chapters in, you can see all of that, you might put the book down.

    Now, I said once before that I’ll be back for episode 8 after the Olympics. I will see every episode. I just hope they realize that not every fan is frustrated just because Chuck and Sarah aren’t together yet.

  33. I was reading suggestions that Sarah might be playing along with Shaw b/c she is suspicious of him and his purpose. I really like that idea b/c it puts Sarah above being a serial idiot who has no resistance to the romantic advances of whomever is her current partner at work. I believe true love grows out of growing and maturing friendship. The advantage Chuck has over all other men for Sarah is that she knows real things about him. Who he is. What his character and personality are truly like. Who his family is. His life story. And conversely Chuck knows more about Sarah than some b/c of the situations they’ve been through and b/c he is attentive and sincerely cares. He’s met her real dad, etc. I hope Sarah turns out to be smarter than to link up with every hunk that passes through the Castle.

  34. I think that Schwartz & Fedak are not going to let us down. This is just another bump on the road.

    There’s no new promos yet, so here’s a little something:

    Chuck 3.08 Short Synopsis

  35. First, if you read the interview you know they cannot change the show. They are approaching the end of the season

    Second, I would guess it is the writers’ intention to put Sarah and Chuck back together at some point. I mean do you really think Sarah and Chuck could have possibly had a working relationship while going on missions? Probably not because it would end up with one of them being killed. Sarah and Chuck got so close in the 2nd season and then in the 3rd Season Sarah asked Chuck to run away (as much as we all wanted him to) but that would not make a tv show. Because Chuck denied Sarah she is feeling confused, hurt, and lost emotionally. Chuck is becoming more of a spy and losing some of his old qualities and Sarah seems saddened by that. You can tell at the end of the episode both of them are still trying to figure things out. I am of the opinion that Sarah and Chuck could never have been together until the dynamic shifted (that is what the 3rd season is doing). Chuck is experiencing the difficulties of the spy world and now does not have to completely rely on Sarah and Casey for that matter.

    As much as these past few episodes are hated by fans, they are very necessary for the development of the characters. All the fans who are going to stop watching Chuck should be ashamed! This is a well written show and I guarantee that these types of episodes have been resolved in the past (although not as long with Shaw). Examples follow: the 3 epi arc with Chuck and Jill, the 2 epi arc with Sarah and Cole, the entirety of two seasons (on and off) with Sarah and Bryce, and then the 1 episode arc with Chuck and Lou. I believe that the writers of the show will eventually put Sarah and Chuck together but this is realistic development. Assuming all the intersect stuff could actually happen, do you really think that Sarah, a spy, who left everything on the table when she offered to run away with Chuck, could open up emotionally so quickly to the same person who denied her? Chuck who has been told numerous times that he is a hero (especially Sarah in the last epi of season 2) could not have turned down the opportunity to help millions of people by becoming a spy. I am of the opinion that they are both on their rebounds—Shaw for Sarah and Hannah for Chuck. Although you might not like it currently, I would be willing to bet almost anything that you will like the season towards the end. Don’t give up on Chuck! The writers obviously know what they are doing and they are doing something that (almost) none of you could possibly do. They knew that some of these episodes would not be particularly popular (similar to the Jill and Cole episodes) but they know what they are doing in the end. The unfortunate thing, which they could not have anticipated, is the Olympic break after this episode.

    I believe that Shaw is a jerk and that the Hannah thing may have been a little forced but Chuck is a likable guy. (Hannah still could turn out to be a Ring Agent or some other plot twist could occur with her character). Trust the writers! Keep watching Chuck! I’ll use a metaphor from an article I read… Don’t take the bus if you think you should be driving it

  36. I like it when things ‘go wrong’ with Chuck & Sarah being together and folks there is nothing new here with the on again and off again interest between these two characters. Shaw’s character has had worse luck than Chuck & Sarah in telling Sarah his ‘wife’ died at the hands of the Ring. His closing statement in the episode to Sarah when she said they were being dangerous was “I’m the safest guy in the world”… Hmmmm… really? 😉

    We’ve got some great tease heading into the next episode so let’s trust the creators of the show that they’ve got some twists and turns worked into this storyline to keep us guessing… That’s why we watch…

  37. I will start by saying I wasn’t impressed with this interview. What bothered me is JS comparing Chuck fan reactions to the OC or was it gossip girl. To me Chuck should never be compared with a teen angst drama nor ever be treated as one. That is what the relationship stuff felt like at the end of this episode. I was haf expecting Shaw to invite Sarah to the junior prom. That being said, we all expected Chuck and Sarah to hook up with the two PLI’s, but I didn’t expect to see so much happen in the last 10 minutes of an episode. It felt so contrived and way to quick.

    If I were rating this episode on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 4. I thought that the way they were moving Chuck forward as a spy was well done. I liked the fact that except for a few information flashes, it was Chuck Bartowski and not intersect 2.0 doing the spy stuff. That is why I didn’t give it a 1 out of 10. I watched this episode again before rating it. Yeah I know its not great, but I wanted to see if I missed a few things that were good about it. It was then I reassessed the spy stuff, and thought that aspect of the show – was ok.

    This has to be for me the worst episode they have ever done of Chuck. So I guess I am one of those fans that is angry with the writers.

    I am however going to keep watching. It would take more than one stinker of an episode to make me give up on Chuck. Up until this point I have enjoyed S3 – even 3.01, so I am taking this episode for what it is. Heck even my favourite hockey team has a stinker of a game now and then.

    From the spoilers and casting calls we have seen for future episodes, I know there are some really good things up ahead. We know we are going to get a great Casey episode, I’m looking forward to seeing Zach’s directoral debut, and one of the future shows (I think 3.11 or 3.12) is called Chuck Vs the Final Exam – now with a title like that it’s got to be AWESOME.

    I also want to say that the writer for The Mask has had some amazing episodes in the past. Many have been amongst my favourites, so I don’t think we should be calling for him to be burned at the stake.

    For those who say they are giving up on Chuck, I hope over the Olympic break, you will cool off, and give the show a chance to redeem itself.
    For those on the boards that have said that you really liked this episode, I’m happy that you got so much pleasure from it. I honestly wish that I could be one of you, but we all have our own likes and dislikes and with that our own favourite Chuck episodes.

    I just hope that the ratings will recover after the Olympics. In spite of this one bad episode, Chuck is too good a show and deserves a season 4.

    • I respect you very much XD. Recognizing that one bad episode doesn’t mean the end of your viewing experience. I must say I have not been a fan of the “romantic” side of Chuck this year but I have loved the awkward Chuck learning to be a spy side of the show. I have kind of missed Casey and his “seriously” funny moments a bit and feel that a lot of his moments are taken by Shaw =(. That is my opinion. Glad you are not giving up on Chuck!!!! Loved the Buy More Fight Club this season too. The writers have done a pretty solid job this season (especially after the way last season ended with so many questions left) and it seems to me that Chuck is only looking better towards the end of this season. As I said, I’ve trusted the writers for 2 whole seasons and I will trust them in the 3rd. I’d say the Olympic break is just bad timing for this episode… considering Kristen Kreuk is only on for 1 more episode…. Shaw for 4 or 5 maybe?

  38. With this happening right at the start of a break, it’s almost “Chuck v Santa Claus” all over again. An episode seen as a down note going into a 3 week hiatus may or may not hurt the ratings for the start up of the rest of the season.

    But it won’t for me. The big thing that has me drooling for the next episode is the ‘reveal’ of The Ring’s ‘panel’. (for lack of a better term) It’s starting to get reminiscent of late last season, of which, I LOVE the last 5 episodes. And we’re one what.. 7 of 19!?

    The amount of episodes Shaw has left are fewer and fewer, and even less for Hannah. (Speaking of which, I find it very suspicious how they both are throwing themselves at Chuck and Sarah, respectively) Have a feeling that things are going to pick up fast, in all aspects, once they’re back.

    I for one, am keeping the faith. It’s been a good ride so far.

    • People really thought Chuck vs Santa was a downer? Man, I think they’re crazy. That was the episode where it’s revealed that Die Hard and Chuck are in the same world! That was so great. I have been dreaming of a John McClane appearance since.

  39. I think they’re a little off when they think people will boycott. I’m about to give it up completely, which is sad because I’ve really loved this show. But they keep going forward and backward with the whole Sarah thing. I’m pretty sure the season finale will have them seemingly together again and if they get another season they’ll be apart somehow again in the premiere.

    I don’t know how they think there has to be conflict or there’s no story. Does that mean Awesome and Ellie are going to be separating and getting a divorce a few times?

    I’m giving it a few more episodes, but by the sounds of the descriptions I’ll be gone for good shortly. There are a lot of good shows out there that don’t keep yo-yo-ing over the same ground and actually have characters move forward.

  40. Well, must say I got a bit calmed after reading the interview. Gonna give it a go for 4-5 episodes or so.

    But, and this is a big but, if the Sarah/Shaw- and Chuck/Hannah-thing does not get adressed during that time, and by adressed I mean at least a small hint that it’s not “real”, I’m not wasting further time on it.

    • That’s more than fair. That’ll put you near the end of the first “season”. I’m certain you’ll be in a much happier headspace by then.

  41. Anyone see that Ausellio, after interviewing JS and CF has posted that Shaw’s stay has been extended again! This means, unless he’s mistaken, that he will be around after 3.13. I’d prefer that the limited show budget be spent on the Buy Morons and Ellie and Awsome and not on paying Roth. Forget the whole WTWT and Shaw mess, I just prefer those other story lines.

    • I did see the interview you mentioned on Brandon’s episode extension, yet again, and agree that more time/money should be spent on the Buy Morons and Elle/Awsome stories instead of Shaw. For me, even though there’s been good episodes, the spark shared by Anna Wu (who shouldn’t have been cut) and the others is what’s missing from this season. Although Brandon might be good to look at, “with his shirt off”, which will be in one of the episodes I believe, he just can’t act!!! I agree with many of you that “The Mask”, although fair in the beginning, was lacking in the end. I DO hope the upcoming episodes (rid us of Shaw/Hanna)bringing more story unification.

  42. Okay. So the last 10-15 minutes of this episode were just… bad. Didn’t Sarah just watch the video of Chuck telling her why he left her at Prague, and telling her that he loved her, 11 episodes ago? Did that suddenly just not happen? I thought they were taking steps forward, not back.

  43. Here’s an idea! Even though Shaw told Sarah that his wife had been killed by the Ring, has anyone considered that Hanna might actually be Shaw’s wife and together they are infiltrating team CHUCK just to shake things up (?). Any thoughts?!?!

  44. @Rick
    I’ve been thinking the same thing. The revelation of Shaw ‘losing’ his wife to the Ring, coupled with the fact that Hannah joined the Nerd Herd “because she liked Chuck” just seems more than a tad suspicious to me.

    What is suspicious to me is this:
    At the end of episode 4, we see Shaw take a ring out of a case and put it on his left ring finger. We get the hint that he is / has been married.

    In the next episode, we meet Hannah for the first time. She tells Chuck that she works for a private investor, and flies all over the world to “fix problems for him.” In addition, it is Hannah who points out the mark to Chuck. Coincidence… perhaps, though I’m thinking not. There are a couple of things that happen at the end of this episode that could be very enlightening moving forward. First, Hannah informs Chuck that she’s lost her job and is flying to Paris to pack up her things. Chuck extends the invitation for her to come work with him at the Buy More, which she does. Second, the case that Chuck retrieved is revealed to have belonged to a spy that Shaw had operating inside the Ring. Upon opening the case, we learn that one of the items was the wedding ring belonging to Shaw’s wife. It is at this point that we are lead to believe that the operative in question was, in fact, Shaw’s wife.

    Finally, in this most recent episode, there are a few things that happen, which make me think that there is an elaborate arc happening that many just haven’t seen. For starters, there’s the action of Shaw coming on to Sarah before and during the recon at the museum. We see that she is quite irritated, and really lights up the moment that her and Chuck are able to continue the mission ‘as partners’. Also, there is the wording that Hannah uses when seeing Shaw on the security monitors. She calls Shaw “ridiculously good looking”. The tone of her voice seems… I don’t know, somewhat intrigued by what she’s seeing. Could she be Shaw’s “dead” wife?

  45. I haven’t posted here much before but I have to comment on this whole “controversy” thing.

    If you are going to stop watching Chuck just because Sarah and Chuck are (at the time) considering other love interests, you are not making a decision a real Chuck fan would make. You can be disappointed (if you must) but realize that you have not been BETRAYED by Chris Fedak and Josh Schwarz. If you call youself a Chuck fan and are giving up on the show because of this one thing it is YOU who is betraying them. The fans are the big reason this amazing show is still on TV. If you are going to let this one thing be the end of one of (In my opinion THE) greatest shows on TV right now then you were never really a fan of this show.

    The one thing this season that was the only thing that was unChuckworthy was how they killed off Emmett so cold heartedly (And I think they had their reasons for that.) The point is you are picking a horrible reason to give up on the show. And I’m only speaking to people who are (or at least say they are on the message boards) that they are going to boycott the show, which it has already been pointed out is a pointless endeavor saying that a majority of the episodes are already practically completed.

    I just wish I could be guaranteed that Fedak and Schwarz and all the people involved with Chuck would see this comment and know that at least one person (I know there are more like me out there…) still has all the faith in the world in them and that I don’t think anything in Chuck vs. the Mask has betrayed anything that Chuck stands for. Other than Chuck vs. First class, I think this was the best episode yet and saying it wasn’t designed as a cliff hanger….it was a pretty damn good one. I can’t friggen wait for the return of Chuck.

    • It was like you stole the words from my own mouth!!! LOL…. glad there are other people that are thinking like me. Couldn’t have said it better myself

  46. ….Oh and I forgot to mention a prediction (being a nerdy fan I have to do this) These new relationships are going to be very dangerous and Chuck and Sarah will have a final realization that not only do they still love eachother but they can’t even trust anyone else. I would love it if they either hooked up near the end and that was a nice new thing to look forward to in season 4. “SEASON 4- The season of Chuck and Sarah kinda” thing. Of course they wrote the first 13 not certain about the extra 9 but it’s still possible.

    Each season sort of has it’s own thing….
    Breakdown would be like this:
    Season 1- Premise-Gettin’ to know the characters and the whole theme of the show.

    Season 2- Much more solid than season 1 and an real over arching story line gets started. Ends with Intersect 2.0 cliff hanger.

    Season 3- Intersect 2.0 turns out to be awesome and not “jumping the shark” as so many felt it might. (I also meant to cleverly point out that the fans who quit the show because of this Chuck/Sarah thing are the ones guilty of “jumping the shark…..cause I’m clever…)
    Anyways, season 3 set up for what would be an awesome Chuck and Sarah season.

    Season 4

    The Chuck and Sarah season! See how great this would be? Of course we need a season 4 for anything remotely like this to happen. SO WATCH CHUCK!!!