SPOILERS: TV Guide Gives Us Scoop

TVGuide.com’s Mega Buzz has some juicy tidbits for us this week, including one that hasn’t been spoiled by anyone else to date. Can you handle it?

Any Chuck scoop? — Mary Ann
MICKEY: I have a series of teases: Someone gets fired. Someone has a child. Someone learns Chuck’s secret. Someone (who’s not a spy) will be in serious danger. Bonus tease: This season’s Subway product placement will be less than subtle in the coming weeks. Hope you like banana peppers!

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  1. I love banana peppers.

    • Agreed. I can’t even begin to speculate who is having a child.

      • Its Casey, cause when u really think? who else is even eligible.

      • Funny, I was thinking the same thing – Casey has a love child.

        Here is another thought. We know Anna is coming back – maybe the child is Morgan and Anna’s.

        Anna: “Hi Morgan, I have a surprise for you. You thought I ran off to be with the prep chef, but I ran off because I didn’t know how to tell you I was pregnant”.

  2. I doubt its casey… maybe Ellie’s pregnant?? or maybe it’s hannah??…

    • I’m leaning toward Ellie myself, only because in “Chuck vs. the Angel of Death” (Sorry…I forgot the Spanish for that) she tells Devon over the phone that she has a surprise for him. (???)

      Even if they didn’t know then, it just seems very likely (and ver cool) that Chuck would be the super secret, spy uncle of the family. 🙂

  3. Maybe its Anna??? She is coming back after all, and maybe this is why. She could’ve been pregnant when morgan came back and he didn’t know it.

    • I think it’s Casey. Morgan would also possibly make sense except that he is about to find out that chuck is a spy. The writers wouldnt have Morgan find out about Chuck and a baby all at the same time. It has to be Casey. I think it would be awesome if casey had a child because he is obviously a big softy inside and it would be funny to see that part of him.

  4. If you look at the accompanying video, it may (or may not) have given the answers to the 4 teasers. Wild guess: 1. Fired – Chuck, 2. with child – Casey, 3. will know secret – definitely Morgan, 4. be in danger – could be Jeff, Lester, or Morgan.

    • I’m very intriguied with “2. with child – Casey”. Where in the spoiler does it hint at that? 🙂 I want to watch out for it the next time I play the video.

  5. Someone has a child!? OH! The Anna idea is a good one. That could work based on the timing of when we last saw Anna.

    p.s. I feel like the title of episode 3.09 “Chuck vs. The Beard” must give away the secret of who finds out about Chuck. But we’ll see I guess.

  6. Fired: Casey
    Child: Casey
    Finds out: Morgan
    In danger: Morgan (because that’s what happens to people who find out, right?)

    That’s totally just the product of some spoiler-educated guesswork, and since I’m simply awful at guessing these things you can pretty much count on me being wrong about everything but 3.

  7. My guess…

    Fired: Chuck
    Child: Ellie
    Finds out: Morgan
    In danger: Hannah

  8. Fired: Chuck
    Secret: Morgan (though I really wanted it to be Ellie)
    Child: Either Ellie or Shaw (possible he had a kid with Eve, right?)
    Danger: Hannah

  9. Fired: Chuck
    Child: Ellie
    Secret: Morgan
    Danger: Morgan

  10. Fired: Casey in vs. The Tic-Tac
    Child: Casey in vs. The Tic-Tac (clue is has a child, not “having” a child)
    Secret: Morgan in vs. The Beard
    Danger: Ellie in vs. The Tooth

  11. Fired: Casey. We’ve heard this one already.

    Child: Casey. It’ll completely distort his view on life and cause him to question his career. We’ve heard that he gets more involved at the Buy More later this season. Could it be he’s looking for some normalcy at some point? It would also set up the possibility of more of a Chuck-Sarah romanitic/spy team down the road. Casey would be the support guy back at base.

    Child v2: While I think it’ll be Casey, if they wanted to throw a curve ball, it could be Awesome or Morgan. Maybe Awesome played in someone else’s broom closet before Ellie entered the picture? Now Ellie must cope with it. The Morgan and Anna suggestion is possible too. I hope not though. I was never an Anna fan.

    Secret: Morgan of course.

    Danger: Ellie during their Africa episodes.

  12. Fired: Casey
    Child: Although, Ellie being pregnant could be plausible. I think it might be Morgan’s mom Bolonia. Besides, she’s been really intimate with Big Mike.
    Secret: Morgan
    Danger: Hannah

    Lets see how this plays out coming March 1st!

  13. It says “has” not “with.” I think this is an unknown child from a past relationship (e.g. Darth Vader). I’m guessing Shaw, but Casey’s a strong possibility. If it’s Shaw, it tempers his revenge, or if his wife is still alive, calls into question his loyalties (if she’s part of the Ring).

  14. I just don’t think Casey has a kid. I don’t see it. But it could be Morgan’s mom, but I’m stilling betting on Ellie being pregnant.

    This is what I think about the upcoming episodes: Things are going to get worse for Chuck. We’ve already seen the beginning of this: Awesome was shocked at how easy Chuck was able to lie to Ellie, and i think this may effect his trust in Chuck. Next, we knew Ellie believed there was something up with Chuck, but she seemed glad when she saw him with Hannah in the Buy More. That still doesn’t explain Paris. I think Ellie will continue to be suspcious of him, and something else will happen to further damage their relationship. Now also we know that something is going to tick Chuck off, enough to make Chuck punch Shaw. I think Shaw must have really done something bad or cruel to Chuck to make him do that. Just walking in on him and Sarah isn’t enough, especially since he already came to terms with them possbily getting together. Then Chuck loses his job and his whole life seems to fall apart. And in conclusion, a really awesome season finale is going to fix everything for him.

    • If all that downer stuff happens between Ep08 and Ep12 with Ep13 to make everyone whole and happy, both on the show and viewers, we will not need to worry about season 4. It will not happen.

      • Atlee, 3.13 is not the end of the season.

      • I agree although some changes have had to take place since I understand Shaw is now around through episode 13- and previously was supposed to exit during episode 12 (episode 19 is the last episode now)I will be glad when he is gone–I think S4 is in serious trouble unless Scott Bakula can bail it out if it is not too late–I have been very disappointed in S3. The Chuck/Sarah relationship is key to the show’s success regardless of what else is there to enjoy. F/S have failed to handle the situation well and have jepardized what could have been at least a 5 or 6 season series. Sarah and Chuck need to be a permanent couple chasing the bad guys and adventure. At one time I was king of the angst haters but now that part of the show is like a boring soap opera and I basically could care less. Viewers need to stay the course if we want an S4.

      • I love the Shaw idea-hope he still has a wife–must also agree that an onslaught of negatives between now and 13 will probably sink the ship.

    • Looking back at my post, I realize that I meant to say Episode 13–since it was written as the season finale.

  15. Fired – Chuck, Morgan is distraught over Hannah and Chuck and fires Chuck using the continuous nerd herd emergincies.
    Child – Casey, the guy Robert Patrick plays has raised Casey’s child as his owne. In some spoiler Casey re-thinks his spy life, this is why.
    Secret – Morgan even the latest Promo shows him imitating Chuck’s Kung fu
    Danger – Morgan. Chuck vs the Beard.

  16. Vs the Tooth – I wonder if it will be a remix of Vs the Truth. Maybe it is where we see that last scene of the promo between Sarah and Chuck.

    • Say it isn’t so. Let’s hope their isn’t a repeat of Vs The Truth. If another vs The Truth should happen, then the writers aren’t very good.

      At this point, I think the writers are very good.

  17. Fired: Longshot- Chuck from the BuyMore. Longer shot- General Beckman? The longest shot- Awesome gets fired from the hospital for acting so weird lately? The most sense however would be Hannah because she is supposed to be leaving anyway.

    Child- Casey. (I don’t think it’s Anna because she shouldn’t be returning until the additional episodes.) It would really change Casey’s mental dynamics for him to realize he had a kid he didn’t know about. Longshot- Shaw. I would love to see Ellie become pregnant with a little baby awesome. I’d love any excuse to get Woody & Honey back to town!

    Secret– Morgan. I think we’re all onboard with this.

    Danger- Maybe Morgan stumbles into castle and calls Chuck for help and he has to blow off his dinner with Hannah to help him? The media room is wired with cameras (we saw Emmitt watching Morgan and Chuck in there in 3.1) and Chuck did go down the trap door when Morgan was mad at him. He must have wondered how Chuck got out of there. If it’s on video…

  18. I like the idea (as others have also stated) that John “Sugarbear” Casey has a love child. I think it will bring a new perspective for him and help the whole team meet in the middle. Casey is always lecturing Sarah about what they give up as spies and that he doesn’t want a “normal” life. funny if part of it is forced on him.

  19. there’s no way the kid is casey’s, he might die of shame haha
    Let’s see:
    1. Gets fired – Casey is one of the best salesmen on the store, so no way. It has to be related to Hannah leaving the show.

    2. Child – Ellie wouldn’t work because there’s not enough time for it to make sense. I like the idea of it being Bolonia’s or Anna’s.

    3. Secret – Definitely Morgan, who else could it be?

    4. Danger – Again, Morgan, because anyone who knows about Chuck is immediately put in danger


  20. Fired: Hannah. For whatever reason, Hannah gets fired, she asks Chuck if she should stay in Burbank, if he sees a future in their relationship. Chuck says no, knowing that he loves Sarah.

    Child: Casey or Anna. I’m a fan of both theories!

    Secret: Morgan of course.

    Danger: Probably Morgan, and due to the danger he finds out about chuck’s secret…

  21. Takes a tranq until Monday.

  22. 1.Fired: Sarah from the Orange Orange for constantly leaving the store unattended while on missions.
    2.Child: Chuck and Jill, conceived atop a stalled ferris wheel in 2003.
    3.Secret: Skip Johnson, don’t worry he won’t talk
    4.Danger: Big Mike missed the recall notice for the tainted danish.

    • I completely agree, especially with #2, it makes total sense. I mean, who DIDN’T see this coming?! LOL

  23. Fired – Hannah (Morgan goes for some revenge on Channah)
    Child – Casey or Anna (I can’t decide which one is more likely)
    Secret – Morgan (Duh)
    Danger – Ellie (No real reasoning here, I just want more Sarah Lancaster!!)

  24. Fired-Casey?(could have something to do with him being arrested for treason)

    Child-Casey(again it would be awesome if he did cause it would set up a whole new dynamic, plus the idea gets warmer and warmer every time I think of it.:)

    Secret- Morgan

    Danger-Ellie (for spoilerefic reasons)

  25. Shaw’s been around a while maybe its Sarah!! Sounds like something F&S would do!!

  26. Perhaps Anna is going to show up pregnant with Morgan’s child. She may not have run away with anybody but left because she thought Morgan could not handle fatherhood. Maybe Jill shows up and saves Chuck and Sarah from Shaw (it is pretty stupid if Shaw comes back from a couple of chest wounds and was face down in the river). Jill dies and I hope she looks at Sarah and tells her to take care of Chuck. I am guessing along with everyone else–I am probably swinging at air—Please no more jealousy or love triangles–that would just ruin the show.