Catch Zachary Levi on Leno & Bonnie Hunt

Set your DVRs, Zachary Levi is hitting the talk show circuit to talk about Chuck in advance of Monday’s episode. He’ll be the main guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow, Thursday, April 1. Then catch him on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Friday, April 2.

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  1. I am so glad they are sending Zach out to promote the show.

  2. I think yvonne would of been good to.

  3. Zak is great but I am surprised that he and Yvonne don’t do more promotional appearances together to promote the show as that would definitely create more interest.

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  4. Dang. Does that mean I have to actually watch Leno? The horror!

    • Agreed… As soon as the Zac Levi segment is over, I will be changing the channel as fast as possible

  5. I’m glad Zach is getting out to do promo work. The show really needs it with the veiwer issues and ratings so far. However, it continues to amaze me that neither the show or nor the network have used Yvonne on any of the major promo activity this season. It makes me wonder if she is having issues with show/network or they are having issues with her. It gives the appearance of them wanting to distance her from the show. It could be something else, like she doesn’t like to do this stuff or other committments, but she has been noticeably absent with the promotional activiities all season.

    • I don’t think it’s anything like Yvonne having problems with the network/producers or vice versa; if that was behind it, I doubt she would have been on that E! Online video with Zach saying that she’d skydive with a giant “Save Chuck” banner to save the show. I think it’s more likely two things:

      First, she’s got a movie coming out in Australia in a little more than a month and probably has to do promotional work for that, not to mention any other commitments on her time.

      Second, it costs talk shows money for every guest they have on the show, so it costs less to have only one of them on. And, if you’re only going to have one of them on the show, it makes sense that it be Zach Levi, since he plays the show’s title character.

  6. Great! Great news! 😀 But what about yvonne? It would be much more smart to put them together, it would please the fans and call more attention to who doesn’t watch..

  7. One of the challenges with having them both in an interview, is that Zach is pretty hard to compete with in real life settings…Yvonne would smile and answer direct questions, and Zach would be his funny, warm, always entertaining self, talking a mile-a-minute and making people laugh. I’ve always felt that Yvonne comes across as sweet, but pretty reserved in live interview situations. I think Zach would unintentionally overpower her, and their Chuck on-screen chemistry wouldn’t really come through. Just my opinion.

    • I agree… Zac is that guy who talks to fill the silences. He does an excellent job at it too, with his awkward kind of funniness. Yvonne is more reserved especially on interviews. She answers the questions. It would end up something like the Comic-con a few years ago, where Zac impersonated Yvonne’s accent. Despite their great chemistry on the show, I am not sure about their chemistry in an interview.

  8. They should have Zach and Josh go out and do joint interviews. These two are hysterical together!

    The world at large needs to be introduced to the awesomeness that is Levi & Gomez!