SCREENCAPS: Chuck 3.13

Not sure if anyone is going to want these, but just in case there’s some interest, we have 1700 screencaps from “Chuck vs. the Other Guy” posted in the Gallery. 😉

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  1. 3. sezon gerçekten çok güzel.. Ama sonlara yaklaşıyoruz sanırım.. 15 bölüm diye anlaşılmış 17 yapmışlar diye duydum ben.. Ama bu bayanı çok seviyorum.. Sonunda beraber olacak ve bitirecekler tahminim.. Çünkü artık zaten Chuck’da ajan oldu.. Gördüğüm en güzel dizilerden biriydi CHUCK.. Daha uzun sürmesini dilerim.. Site güzelmiÅŸ elinize saÄŸlık.. 🙂

  2. Translation of what Nazli said: Season 3 really was awesome. But we are nearing the end I think, They decided on 15 episodes but they have made 17 I think. I really like this woman. They are finally going to be together I think. Because now Chuck is an agent. This is one of the best shows. I hope it will get renewed. The website is really cool great work.

    (This part is not a translation)
    Sorry for the bad translation, my Turkish is a little bit rusty so it was kind of hard to use the correct grammar and choose the right words. But I think I translated it pretty accurately even though some words is just direct translations from Turkish to English.

    Just thought that you guys might wanted to know what she said since I doubt that many of the visitors to this site understand Turkish.

    Even though this isn’t the right place for comments about the episode, I just wanted to say that it really was awesome.

  3. They’re wanted, Mel. Thanks for all your hard work.

    *goes off to find Casey-with-cigar shots*

  4. Have to give F&S credit this was an excellent episode–I only liked a few episodes of season three up until 3.13 but this was really good. Sarah and Chuck together could be the beginning of some great adventure and comedy as they go after evildoers together. No more love triangles can only help. I think more appearances by the regulars will also be a plus. I wish I could say I trust F&S not to throw us any drastic curve balls and to win us a season 4–it is entirely up to them but 3.13 really got me excited again about the show.

  5. Ok I ready this site since it exist, i participate in the bring season 3 but never. I Could resist to write finaly i’m happy like a heck for Chuck.

    Your right this new line (we hope it’s not a prank) will give some more action since every known that we you have your love you are better.

    Yes for a 4th season.. let’s jump on-it.

    The Chucks mailbox is still the Subway i presume?

  6. nazlı neden turkce yaziyorsun..:) 🙂 ingilizce yazsana yazdıklarını amk

  7. I love chuck. It has alot or energy. It allways has me on my toes. I would love to see a new season