VIDEO: Hilarious Sneak Peek at Chuck vs. the Honeymooners

E! Online has a sneak peek at a scene from Monday’s new episode of Chuck, featuring Mr. & Mrs. Charles – and their Southern accents – on a train.

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  1. OMG. They could not be more adorable. A minute of video and I’m smiling like a big dumb idiot. Is it Monday yet?

    • exactly on point for Monday. NBC needs promote the heck out this show, can’t wait. 🙂

    • Amanda, I make your words mine =)

      Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for monday!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Ditto to (Amanda says) said. this ……. well lets put only one way chuck could say AWESOME!!!

  3. I’m kind of embarrassed of how excited I am for this episode.

  4. That was beyond awesome! I literally could not stop smiling during that clip. ‘Can’t wait for Monday!

  5. I love these two sofa king much. <3 Too much cute.

    Is it me, or were they about to kiss when the clip ended?

  6. Jenn, I feel the exact same way. Can not wait till monday!! They are so much better when they’re together…

  7. Haha, I’m so not embarrassed for how excited I am. You should have seen me dancing around my kitchen after the first newest episode. Haha, I think I was smiling for a week. <3. I want to know why this is their last mission together. Where are they going? Chuck must be going to Rome, and Sarah to head the new intersect project? Humm, I'm just far to ecstatic to think about that.(:

    I<3Chuck! (oh, and I'm slightly addicted. hahaha)

    • Haha, by “first newest” I meant the latest new episode. I feel incredibly stupid. :p

    • I Think they mean they wont be spy s anymore which, of course, we know they will.

      • yah may be chuck had told sarah that he’s gonna pack summer and winter clothes once more,perhaps they are gonna runaway but that won’t happen, if that happens there’ll be no story.

  8. This wait is torture and this clip is golden. The southern isn’t half bad either. Bein frum South Carolahnah, Ah wood know. : )

  9. Oh my goodness……how cute was that!!!
    If that is any indication how well they work together, then bring it on for Season 4

  10. The accents are adorable 😉 Made my night.

  11. Lockjaw! from prolonged smile after watching this clip…good thing my sis is a dentist!lol

  12. Smile permanently afixed to face. Monday please get here. I am dying.

  13. OMG, I am also grinning like a huge idiot! This show is epic awesomeness!

  14. 3 years waiting for this and gosh, am i happy?
    yes! i am happy!! 🙂

    this minute is pure chemistry, breaking good! 🙂

  15. OMG!!!!!! Dudes! That was SOOOO cute! I can’t stop smiling =P :DDDDD XDDD Yay!! Walkertowski is just so AWESOME. They’re simply amazing together, both Sarah and Chuck and Yvonne and Zac. And yup, ‘m still a-smilin’, folks. Good grief, I think ‘m going to need to check myself into the ER or somethin’, I’m so excited. Y’all feelin’ the same way? Cause I’m PSCYHED!!!! Sorry, just giddy with happiness. How’s about you guyses? =D


    • By the way, in case you couldn’t tell, I’ve just been dying without my Chuck fix. I know, it’s bad… really bad. But hey, can you blame me? =D

  16. Casey with slight southern accent = Jayne?! Am I the only one seeing the potential this southern accent could have for the character? I doubt he’ll be on the train though…what a shame.

    • he does actually there’s a new promo and he tells them he has to bring them back but we know our couple they’re not done having fun yet. So they punch him and escape. But I’m not really worried knowing Casey as he is now I know he won’t hold it against them after this adventure is over just the kind of sweetheart that he is. Loves my Casey 🙂

  17. LAST MISSION WTF!! I can’t freakin wait though

  18. This is the vibe that made me fall in love with this show. The palpable fondness, the chemistry. Why did they waste 13 weeks of my life with darkness? This is where things should have picked up after the episode 2 finale.

  19. OMG! This was sooooo fantastic, adorable, and cute rolled into one. The chemistry between these two is so heartwarming. What is taking NBC so long to simply renew CHUCK for Season 4? Everyone needs to watch this show to bump the ratings …. looking forward to Monday, 4/26!!!!

  20. Every time I watch Yes Yes and Shut up and kiss me I still have tears of joy coming to my eyes. After watching this scene They are so adorable and I know I will need at least 10 kleenex boxes to contain my tears of joy on Monday night. Show this to everybody you know to promote Watch Chuck Live on Monday night.

  21. How charming that the future Mr and Mrs Charles Bartowski are using his name as their cover. That last exchange about them being a team seems as if “Mr and Mrs Charles” are dipping their toes into the shallow end of the matrimonial pool, and they seem to like the water just fine.

  22. I think I owe an apology to all those who suggested that once the show put Chuck and Sarah together, there would be no more stories to tell and nothing left to draw viewers to the show. After seeing that clip, I realize I wasn’t strident and caustic enough in my responses to those individuals. For this I am deeply sorry.

  23. I just hope they wont brake them up before finale

  24. I don’t think Zac was fakeing a southern accent. He is from Louisiana. He is probably dropping his fake California accent. 🙂 GO GO Chuck & Sarah…..

  25. Zac and my oldest son are the same age…when my son was a newlywed every phrase was punctuated with a smooch to the wifey. Sort of like this preview.

    This preview is sooo much fun. I am eager to see the episode! Bring it on!!!

  26. loves this scene and the fact that sarah’s hair looks normal again!!

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