NBC Renews Chuck for Season 4!

Rejoice, Chuck fans – according to Deadline Hollywood (a reliable enough source that we’re ready to post this article we’ve had ready since February), NBC has seen the light and renewed Chuck for a fourth season!

Update 8:45PM: Ausiello is giving a (qualified) confirmation.

Update 8:55PM: Ausiello says the renewal is for 13 episodes to start with, option to pick up the back 9.

Update 9:10PM: The Live Feed is now confirming the renewal for season 4. THR also confirms that ABC has picked up V for another season, currently helmed by former Chuck producer Scott Rosenbaum.

Update 05.14.10: Josh Schwartz let the masses know via Twitter that he got the official call from NBC this morning.

Update 05.14.10: NBC’s official press release announcing the return of Chuck! Timeslot/episode order not yet revealed.

Update 05.16.10: The Live Feed crashed NBC’s tech rehearsal and got the scoop on the network’s schedule to be announced later today. At this point, Chuck is set to return this fall, Mondays at 8/7c, followed by new series The Event and Chase. NBC is touting Mondays as “action-adventure night”.

Update 05.16.10: NBC confirms the schedule noted above: Chuck returns Mondays at 8/7c this fall!

Update 07.15.10: NBC just released their fall premiere dates, and contrary to previous rumors, Chuck season 4 is confirmed to debut on Monday, September 20 at 8/7c.  See you there!

Is this the first time a show saved by a fan campaign was renewed for an additional season? I think it is. Pat yourselves on the back, Chucksters, and three cheers for Chuck!

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  1. Love chuck it is owesome. Hope fore chuck and sarah proposel

  2. So glad its back. Only discovered Chuck last week, and got through the 3 seasons over one weekend, was completely hooked ! 🙂 Just wish it got some proper air time over in Australia.

  3. I hope for a Mr and Mrs Chuck Bartowski 2 dude


  5. hoola que chida serie esta muy buena hehe me gusto mucho espero poder consegir la tercer temporada

  6. this is awesome im so glad there bringing it back

  7. Its gr8…Only discovered Chuck last week, and got through the 3 seasons over one weekend, was completely hooked ! 🙂
    I hope 4th season comes out soon!

  8. Mel/Liz

    Any news on the back nine? Or when we’re likely to hear?
    I realise I probably am jumping the gun a little bit, I’m just hoping we get a full length season rather than 13+ like last season,good as good as it was, it felt to me that JS & CF were made to rush the story in the first 13 a bit, and a lot of people I’ve spoke to agrees that the back 6 last season upped a gear, probably because JS&CF were allowed to take their time with it and finish off Season 3 with one hell of a bang.

    • I think the earliest we’ll hear a back 9 pick up is the end of August. They’re just now wrapping production on 4.02, and TPTB have only ever make the pick up after seeing the first 4 or 5 episodes.

  9. I am so glad to hear Chuck is being renewed. I didn’t hear anything about it and searched online and was so happy to find this Chuck fansite with some information on it. Thank you ChuckTv.net, I am relieved. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Chuck, Sarah and Casey, weren’t they all left in holding and everything was in shambles. I wish it season 4 was premiering tonight!

  10. We are located overseas also but really like american shows especially Chuck.

  11. Dude, they have totally set up a spin-off 4 Morgan & Alex! They’re like Chuck & Sarah: Dude sucks, chick rox, both belong 2gether! Like 2 see if they really use the fact that she can kung-fu fight! Hope 2 c if they do! Mr & Mrs Bartowski!
    <3 <3 <3 Chuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well actually, Supernatural was saved by a fan campaign after its second season, and now it’s going on to it’s sixth.
    Nevertheless, i am extremely happy Chuck is continuing. I also just found it via DVD and online, and i’ve watched all three season in about two days! It is just an amazingly written, well balanced show! Season 4 will be amazing! I hope they bring Anna back permanently though, I really liked her.

  13. Very excited to hear that there is a season 4! Cant wait! Here’s hoping for a season 5 as well!!


    I am so excited Chuck is coming back! I’ve already gone back to watch the first season…waiting to get season 2 down and then season 3 🙂 🙂 🙂


  15. 35 days to go!! CHUCK 04!

  16. Chuck & Sarah are awsome!

  17. In this season..i hope that Sarah agrees to Chuck’s proposal to be his gf…….

  18. 21 days to go! I’m already chucked over here. I can’t wait:)

  19. 18 days to go! September 20 come on! Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be a real awesome day!