Chuck vs. the Podcast 57 – Jeffster Special Part 1 – The Actors

It’s finally here — our 100 minute monolithic Jeffster Special! We’ve even done a custom opening in honor of the phenomenon known as Jeffster.

Part 1 features fun video interviews with the men of Jeffster, Scott Krinsky (Jeff Barnes) and Vik Sahay (Lester Patel). Hear from their perspective how Jeffster has impacted their characters, and what their process is like preparing and performing a Jeffster song.

Then, part 2 will take us behind the scenes… first, we talk with musician Eugene Edwards, who performs guitar and bass on Chuck and also on Jeffster songs, and also sings guide vocals on the Jeffster temporary tracks. Then, Chuck composer Tim Jones takes us into the studio, and demonstrates many before and after versions of Jeffster songs, explaining his process, and gives many funny and interesting anecdotes.

Of course, there’s also a ton of Jeffster music, including some never heard before versions and mixes.

Behold, Part 1!

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  1. The season finale was amazing! Jeffster is awesome! I can’t wait for season 4. GO CHUCK!!!

  2. Fantastic finale! Can NOT wait for Chuck season 4! 😀 But one question?
    Is there going to be a Chuckfest?! Please say that there is…..

  3. Wonderful first half of the podcast. LOVED the Jeffster opening. Great interviews. Thanks so much!

  4. AWESOME FINALE! I hope chuck is at the comic con this year!

  5. What’s a Chuckfest? I’m sort of new to the website. Not Chuck, but the website. I am Chuck’s #1 fan! Go Chuck! 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for an epic Jeffster podcast! Loved the opening and the great interviews.
    Also as a Canadian, I’m piping up to say Vik does make us proud. I remember him from his ‘Radio Active’ and ‘Our Hero’ days. He seems like a very well spoken, witty and funny guy. Plus he spoke French!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for continuing to bring Chuck fans great interviews and info!