Chuck Survey 2.0: The Return

Prior to the start of season 3, we surveyed Chuck fans about their favorite elements of the show and got some very interesting results. With the conclusion of season 3, we wanted to take the pulse of Chuck fandom again and see what’s different, and what’s the same. The Chuck Fan Survey 2.0 is almost identical to the first one for better comparison, but it does include a new question regarding developments in season 3.

It’s a short survey and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete.  The survey will close Sunday, May 30, so do it now!

Take the Chuck Fan Survey 2.0

NOTE: This survey is for use by It is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with NBC, College Hill, Wonderland Sound and Vision, or anyone associated with Chuck.

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  1. Great ending! Are we now going to incorporate Elle into Team Bartowski?

    • Like it or not, I believe Ellie will be drawn into Chuck’s other world. I don’t think she will be doing missions or anything, but I think she will be working with Chuck managing any of his Intesect mental problems.

      • I think season 4 is going to take place several months later much like 3 did after 2. but as for ellie, i she’s going to take that neurology grant that she was offered before leaving for africa, therefore helpign chuck to either remove the intersect (which he wont want to do) or help reduce the side effects of the intersect.

      • Dylan Anderson

        i m not sure but i beleive that the govener takes care of the problems in the intersect so i don’t think that will be an issue.

      • Yeah i agree with you Adrain. i think it too will take place a couple months after like season 2, and will probably introduce how chuck became a spy again, with ellie’s approval. sounds like some great comedy to me, especially with the buymore exploading. chuck’s out of a job now. sarah will probably go on lots of missions, and chuck will tag along, but keep it from his sister until she finds out, and realizes that that’s what he wants to do with his life, be a spy. wow that was a mouthful. what do you think?

      • sorry i meant adrian. my bad stupid keyboard

    • Don’t think so… but I’m not in the secrets of Gods. 😀

      Anyway, I think Sarah Lancaster can be incorporated in any team! She’s gorgeous and acts really well. Maybe be not as good as Yvonne but we did not have the chance to see before this finale.

  2. I thought the finale was amazing! The entrance of MamaB into the show will make for a very interesting, exciting season 4. I can’t wait!

    • What I am speculating is that Madam Bartowski is not going to be a “good” character, but rather a nemesis. Ellie and Awesome will be patching up bullet holes, knife wounds, anti-venom, etc…

      It will take all their collective skills as they may now have lost the official sanction of U.S. Government.

  3. I think the CHUCK is a fantastic show! And the season finale was shall I say AWESOME.

  4. Awesome finale non stop rollercaster ride

  5. I have to say that I’m disappointed by the death of Papa B, but the spoilers have given me hint and prepared me to accept this storyline. Don’t know what the writers plan for the next season, but I pray hard they would lighten up this show a notch. I think most people decide to stop watching because it’s becoming “serious”. (Which is good, imo, but people are different..)

  6. The season finale was great. My family enjoyed it along with me. The Chuck survey is interesting. I will make sure my family does this survey too.

  7. Fantastic season….I hope WB releases the blu ray soon for this season. I don’t know if I can wait as long as I had to wait for Season 2.

    • I suspect it will either be released in August just before Season 4 begins, or in early December in time for Christmas gift giving.

  8. Thought the season finale was done very well. It was a good ending and would have been an excellent ending whether the show had a new season coming or not (Thank goodness that it does).

  9. I felt bad putting 1’s on anything. I really like all aspects of the show. Just cuz I ranked stuff low doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.

  10. I love Chuck!! The survey was hard though…theres just too many things that I love about the show!!

  11. Well that was a brilliant finale… but body think that govourner watch was abit fragile? Could cause problems in season 4. And did the “your special” flash back not show chuck has always had an intercept since childhood how come that didnt effect him? Ialso have a feeling papa bartowski is not dead, as orion said in season 2 hes had to die a lot of times!!

    • actually, it is very possible that they will bring him back, given that he was killed right outside the cellular regeneration room that shaw was brought back to life in. but as for the “your special” flash, maybe papab removed the pre-intersect from kid chuck shortly after he uploaded it.

      • Pulling for Sarah!

        I think they will bring Orion back. Probably later in Season 4. Ellie is going to get drawn into the spy game through a serious of circumstances. I think she will be there more than for Chuck’s intersect management. Now that Chuck is following in his father’s footsteps, I hope he doesn’t keep all this from Sarah. I found the last few episodes to be lacking Yvonne’s involvement. What makes the show good is when they focus on Chuck/Sarah/Casey as a team. Having these episodes where Chuck lies to Sarah and most of the episode being focused just on Chuck, is boring.

        I would have enjoyed Ellie finding out about Sarah much the same way Awesome did.

      • It would truly suck if they tore chuck and sarah apart again. Last time Prague, this time a lie.
        It’s less interesting like that

  12. So many great choices. I took me an hr to do ur survey. lol

  13. I’m just concerned that orion said something about it being a secret, when his recording tells chuck about his underground base etc. I hope that they don’t revert it back to chuck keeping secrets from everyone who has finally learned the truth.

  14. I thought the season finale was done brilliantly. However, if that were the series finale I would have been highly disappointed. The only reason I am mentioning this is because we might have the same dillema next year but might not have the same luck. 🙁

  15. Love the season finale. I had a feeling even before the Season 3 started that, there’s a good reason why Chuck’s Mom seems to be absent in the first two seasons. As for Shaw, I hope he can redeem himself. His actions turning to a ring super agent and Chuck’s arch is with to be good reason, her wife’s death. Who wouldn’t. I hope the next season would resolved the mystery.

    • There is no redemption for Shaw. Period. He’s recreating similar scenarios to what ruined his life. No remorse. Pure villain.

      On another note, can’t wait to see results. I doubt they’ve changed much.

  16. So, on the first question of the Survey regarding the main reason we watch, there’s the option to vote for ‘Chuck’s Journey….” and there’s the option for voting for “Casey vs Everyone”… But apparantly, the idea that anyone might be watching mainly for Sarah has eluded you guys and, just like the writers for most of this season, you think Sarah only exists because of her romance with Chuck and not as a character in her own right.

    With fans like these…. sigh.

    • I think it’s more of an aspect question. Sarah, as a character, is not really an “aspect” of the show in my opinion. Probably my favorite, and many others’ favorite character, but that wasn’t the question.

      Casey has a recurring role and portrayal in the show. He’s a tank. He’s Chuck Norris’ father, etc.

      However, Sarah “Appeal”, I suppose, be an aspect. It’s not been so prominent in Season 3 (just Nacho Sampler comes to mind), but 1 and 2 had some repeated occurences…Nerd Herd outfit, etc.

  17. I found this survey to be flawed. A couple of things that come to mind are, that I feel there are aspects of the show that I feel are equally as important and thus voting them out of a rank of ten is rendered meaningless. I feel strongly about a lot of aspects of the show, but probably would not stop watching even if it didn’t end up the way I wanted.

  18. Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Alex, Devon, and Ellie, now have no one but each other. They have no place to call home, and can’t allow themselves to become complacent. Any person on the outside that they get close to, might put the other person in danger. A wandering, reclusive tribe of specialists, that never knows when or where trouble is going to arise.