CASTING NEWS: Dolph Lundgren, Harry Dean Stanton Join Chuck Premiere

The first bit of Chuck season 4 casting news is here! Ausiello reports that Rocky IV icon Dolph Lundgren has been cast in the premiere episode. His character is unknown, but we suspect he’ll follow in the steps of Michael Clarke Duncan and  Adoni Maropis as the villain who kickstarts the season.

Also on board for the Chuck season premiere is Harry Dean Stanton, last seen on Big Love. His role is also being kept under wraps, but feel free to speculate on how these two integrate into “Chuck vs. the Anniversary.”

Updated 10:10PM: Ausiello posted more information about their roles in today’s spoiler column

“Dolph Lundgren plays Marko,” explains Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak. “Is he Russian? Yes. Is he a terrifying bad guy? Yes. Will he say, ‘I must break you’? You’ll have to wait for the return of Chuck.” I’m counting the days! Now, what about Stanton? “Harry will play Harry Dean, the man who comes between Chuck and his search for Mom. Who is he exactly? Well, we’ll say this: Only Harry Dean Stanton could play this part.” Okay, now I’m counting the minutes!

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  1. Wow! The Chuck casting team is off to another awesome start!

  2. Its gonna be great!!!!

  3. Dolph Lundgren is most definitely a bad guy, but probably more of a Michael Clarke Duncan and not be a real part of one of the evil organisations.

    But Harry Dean Stanton im not sure which side he would be on, ive only seen him in two and a half men

  4. Ausiello on EW said this yahoo will try and break Chuck this season. That gave me chills. Gone are the happy go lucky days when this show started, now it seems like they’re going a bit darker of course with light moments thrown in to keep it from getting too dark. I’m so excited I can’t wait. 🙂

    • Well, Chris Fedak said that they would try to balance the dark and funny moments, a la Season 2. There will be dark moments for sure, but perhaps not as intense as some dark moments of Season 3.

  5. Dolph Lundgren is going to be a good guest star just as long he doesn’t sing. Search on YouTube to see what I mean.

    But Harry Dean Stanton is an icon. What a great get for CHUCK! He’s been in everything and worked with everybody. 172 acting credits on IMDB and TODAY is his 84th birthday and he’s still going strong. This is just, if I may say, AWESOME!!!!!

  6. Harry Dean Stanton, could he be mama Bartowski’s Father, she has been keeping in contact with him and he protecting her as well???

  7. Maybe Harry Dean Stanton was like a Gen.Beckman to Mr. and Mrs. Bartowski? If he comes between Chuck and his mom, we will probably see mom within a few episodes, don’t you think?

  8. we the the airing date!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  9. can’t wait for September 20!!
    new revelations, more casts, more twist and turns in the BARTOWSKI family, and MORE OF CHARAH!!


  10. With Rocky IV being one of my favorite movies, the news of Dolph Lundgren being on Chuck really gets me excited. I can’t think of any other show with cooler guest stars than Chuck.

  11. I can’t wait! I super excited. Is wrong im this excited I am dancing???? 🙂

  12. Hearts on fire, strong desire rages deep within

  13. As Chuck might say “this is going to be great”.

  14. Ausiello reported and Josh Schwartz confirmed that Olivia Munn from G4 and The Daily Show will be in the season premiere as a CIA agent!!! 😀