SPOILERS: Olivia Munn to Guest, Plus 4.02 Title

Greetings from cloudy Denver! We’re on our layover as we head West to San Diego, and wouldn’t you know, Chuck news breaks while we’re in the air. Ausiello reports that Olivia Munn, best known for Attack of the Show on G4, will guest star in the season 4 premiere, “Chuck vs. the Anniversary”, as a CIA agent. She’ll play “an impossibly cool, smart, and pretty CIA agent who intimidates and schools Chuck and Morgan”, which seems to answer the question about whether or not Chuck is still part of the CIA this season. Or does it?

Ausiello also reports that episode 4.02 is titled “Chuck vs. the Suitcase” and producers are looking for a supermodel to play…a supermodel in that episode. Is Yvonne finally getting her Fashion Week storyline?

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  1. She’ll be on the dark side of the force with that description and the second title invovles a trip of some kind.

  2. I wait as chris fedak said in an interview in HitFix.com that Chuck and Sarah should be together as a couple because in the last 6 episodes of the season 3 there was demonstrated that they can be perfectly together and the show wins very much because we don’t need more tension of this type.

    • I agree with you Tony..Hope the writers will further develop the Chuck and Sarah relationship and see more of the fight scenes from them,like the one in Chuck vs the Honeymooners.

  3. Yeah, pretty guest stars! 🙂

  4. All I can say is uh-oh, a new brunette!

  5. I hope they don’t use the guest star for angst. Although, a jealous Sarah would be fun to watch…
    So excited for Season 4!

  6. Nice! Knowing Olivia Munn and the director’s use of Yvonne I see a lot of skin on the season premiere. Also, Olivia is hilarious so that is a plus. Great casting news!

  7. Hmmm. . .Chuck vs. The Suitcase. . .makes me think of Tom Selleck’s _Jesse Stone_ movies. The officer that he nicknamed Suitcase. But then again I don’t see why Chuck would use something from CBS since they are on NBC.

  8. Be interesting to see how the on again off again career impacts Sarah. She must feel like she is with a yoyo. Hopefully we now have a permanent C&S relationship!

  9. ultimatechucklover

    Can’t wait for the episodes to come woohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Perhaps Sarah is moving out—hope not, or perhaps its the baggage of Sahra’s past(Sam!!!)