Nicole Richie, Steve Austin Returning To Chuck (SPOILERS)

Now this is big news: Nicole Richie and Steve Austin will be reprising their roles on Chuck this season, per Ausiello. Richie played Heather Chandler in fan favorite season 2 episode “Chuck vs. the Cougars”. She was Sarah’s high school “mean girl” who turned out to be involved in nefarious goings on at their reunion 10 years later. She’ll appear in an episode slated for October (we believe it’s episode 4.04) when a prison transfer goes wrong and Heather ends up at Castle for safe keeping. Per Ausiello, her arrival coincides with some serious bumps in Chuck and Sarah’s relationship, which she’ll try to use to her advantage.

Steve Austin will reprise his role as Hugo Panzer from season 3’s “Chuck vs. First Class” later this season. No word on what Hugo’s doing back in Chuck’s world, but we have a feeling he’ll be out for a little bit of revenge against the nerd who took him down in the airplane.

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  1. The rogue gallery is back in business. Me like 🙂

  2. Sweet, but the ‘bumps’ part worries me a little, I hope it doesn’t turn too sour between them. On the Cougers part 2 I say bring it on, that cat fight was awesome, and I’m loving the idea of old baddies returning like Chuck having his own rogue gallery like in the comics. Wicked awesome, can’t wait.

  3. Super pumped about bringing back old story lines, especially if they will deal with Sarahs part 🙂

    Absoluely hate the idea of “serious bumps” in chuck and sarahs relationship. I have a feeling this won’t jive with fans… I’m thinking we need all the fan support we can get if we want to continue past season 4 and maybe even the wedding we’ve all been hoping for. The last things fans want is to go through another roe about the Charah part of the show.

    But I can’t make judgements until season 4 debuts and we’ll see, you can never tell with spoilers. I’m just hoping whatever goes wrong gets fixed relatively fast.

    • i know a lot of fans wanna see a jealous sarah ;)u know chuck he’s a cute defenseless…erm..sorta guy

  4. during charahs fight Heather makes a move on chuck and he can’t flash cause he’s to….. u know then sarah comes in and kicks her @ss and they forgive and forget..erm…sorta that would be an lol scene jealous sarah…..that will be funny

  5. 1st off Nicole Richie was a pretty bad, well bad guy so I’m excited about that. 2nd I’m usually a glass half empty type of gal but I mean at least Chuck and Sarah HAVE a relationship to have bumps in… I don’t mind as long as they keep said relationship

  6. I’m wondering if “serious bumps” is just another one of those cover phrases that CF and JS use….”serious bumps” could mean that they had an arguement over what color they wanted the new carpet to be….no more angst between the two please!! that’s SO last season 🙂

    • I don’t mind a little angst – all couples have their arguments. I think we will see it as sort of like the few times Awesome had to sleep on the couch.

      I’m wondering if this is the episode where Sarah finds out that Chuck is Orion and that he has been lying to her.

  7. I hope not start with the nonsense of Season 3 Cap. 7 +8

  8. Let’s hope that the serious bumps are purely anatomical.

  9. Ausiello actually says that steve austin will be in the same episode, not “later this season”

  10. no bumps because there will be a lot of fans not watching the show anymore

  11. this will turn into : Moonlighting with Bruce Willis and the show gets cancelled come on the only reason anyone watches is the Chuck and Sarah story

  12. They said they loved each other now let’s get them MARRIED!!

  13. I agree with everyone here no to the bumpy relationship. I just want a happy spy couple

  14. If. U stop wqtching cause of that then ur. Noot. A tru chuck fan 🙁 I will bee disapointed but I wont stop watching

  15. If u stop watching cause of that ur not a tru chuck fan 🙁 surely I will be disapointed but I wont stop watching I love this for all its aspects and I always love a little fight plus when is every relationship ever “perfect” per say of course they’re gonna fight and I know a jealous sarah will be very very very entertaining to watch XD

    • Of course after they fight comes the kiss and makeup scene.

      I don’t think any of the bumps will be so bad that we see them splitting up. It will just be the same kind of fights all spy couples have – you know like stop leaving your guns in the couch kind of fights.

  16. what is a show without conflict? that is what every show is made up of. think about it, if chuck and sarah get along fine for an entire season the show will just get monotonous and boring. there needs to be conflict in many aspects of a show for it to be entertaining.

  17. What couple doesn’t have fights, conflicts, bumps in the road? Isn’t bad for a couple not to have conflict?especially with Chuck and Sarah’s back ground.

  18. “You Missed. . .a lot. . .”

  19. Maybe the next guest star will be the Govenator. . .he is in The Expendables after all and will be outta office soon enough to do an episode of Chuck. Perhaps an evil Austrian that Chuck has to take down.

    • How about Chuck vs. every single one the action stars in Expendables. Now that would be really awesome. 🙂

      • they should put more world traveling in this show and maybe down the road It would be cool to make a movie

  20. Now Chucky don’t give them ideas lol! Well maybe they can have the rock or Lionel, but not Paris, hell Nicole is enough, and I enjoyed her, so we’re not gonna egg them to push it ha!

    Besides people, calm down, I’m sure they’re exaggerating about the “bump” part

  21. No relationship is plain sailing and this storyline will add spice to Chuck and Sarah’s relationship which is needed otherwise it will become boring. Everyone loved S02 because of the tension between them and this is one way of putting it back without breaking them up. It will make a great romantic scene when they make up again. 🙂

  22. “Serious Bumps”???? That is a serious problem in my book… Can they not give Chuck and Sarah just a few episodes where they dont have a problem??? It better end with a cute romantic maky up scene. (: if not than i will be sad but i will keep watchin!

  23. Maybe next up will be Chuck Norris as a bad guy – the episode title Chuck Vs Chuck.LOL

  24. Hey, everybody. I have some very good news that should put a lot of peoples’ minds at ease about Chuck and Sarah. The Comic Con panel is already posted on YouTube and watch :40-1:45 of Part 2. To summarize it, it sounds like F&S got the “no more angst message” and realized that they messed up in season 3. Josh Gomez’s reaction to Schwartz’s first comment on it is hilarious. It also sounds like doing the angst in season 3 was as much of a nightmare for F&S and the cast as it was for us fans. I guess they also noticed how lacking Brandon Routh’s on-screen chemistry was with Zac, Yvonne, and Adam. I hope this puts most peoples’ minds at ease. Every couple has thier obstacles and arguements, but it shouldn’t be too bad.


    Will Chuck and Sarah’s relationship survive? “Chuck and Sarah are a couple this year,” said Schwartz. “We’ve learned about putting people in between Chuck and Sarah.” Added Levi: “Even though we’re together now, and we can be honest about being together and we’re a couple officially, the love has always been there.”

    • Yes, Toni, that was the part I was talking about. Great news, isn’t it? If not the best news ever.

    • “The love has always been there” is the quote that stands out for me. It sums everything up: the love among the characters in the show, the genuine affection that the actors seem to have for one another, the emotional reaction that the show generates among the fans, and the love they give back to the actors when they come to a Comic Con.

  26. Ok I Have A little Rant…

    1) Who picked the picture that goes on top? Chuck looks freakin hammered. Nice job. Agent Alchoholic.

    2) For all you who want Chuck and Sarah (Yes I actualy take the Two extra seconds to write Chuck and Sarah instead of Charah) to get married, I say lets skip the dang wedding and watch Sarah get knocked up.

    3) Well I already did the Charah rant

    Have a Nice Day

  27. Ok we all know that CHARA is going to survive through the season. The writers have learned from their mistakes in season 3. The only thing we dont know is how many/big the ‘bumps’ in their relationship will be. But they WILL stay together

  28. Serious bumps? Does that mean a baby bump for Sarah?

    • I don’t think so yet but there is gonna be an Awesome bump for the Awesomes so i’ve heard.

  29. Glad Nicole Richie is coming back. The fight in ” Chuck vs
    the cougars ” is my all time favorite. Go cougars !

  30. There needs to be tension between Cb,Sw thats the show folks the spy stuff is just a side show to fill in the gaps…..Chuck is definto the new orion behind sarahs back..And i think they’ll clash on missions….
    It was mentioned at comic con that orions base is there so that chuck could rebuild the govenor if needed, bbut i think it will play a bigger part in season 4…

  31. Okay I have a theory here. The spoiler is that heather tries to use the serious bumps to her advantage right? Well it could be that either Sarah found out about that Chuck was lying to her AGAIN with the whole secret base with info from his dad and is mad at him or Chuck made Sarah mad about pushing her about her past. In every way I see it’s Chuck’s fault