Linda Hamilton Cast as Mama Bartowski

At today’s Chuck panel at Comic Con, we got a little video clip revealing that Mama Bartowski will be played by the legendary Linda Hamilton. Schwartz explained that they wanted to cast someone who “feels like she comes out of the same universe as the show”, someone Chuck and Morgan would be excited about seeing if they were real. (“Not that they aren’t,” he quickly amended when Zac and Josh started to object).

We’ll get a glimpse of Linda Hamilton’s Mama B in the season premiere, but don’t expect Chuck to track her down too easily. Chris Fedak says the focus of this season is searching for Mama Bartowski.

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  1. Yay, this is getting good I’m excited.

  2. Not sure how I feel about this choice… But we’ll see how she acts the part

  3. Great Choice – Sarah Connor can really kick butt.

    I would love a scene or two of Mama B and Sarah kicking butt togheter. I think it would be a great way for Mama B to get to know her future daughter in law.

    • I’d like to see a ‘flashback’ of Mama and Papa Bartowski working together – and the circumstances that led them to go into hiding.

      As Steven J. Bartowski is dead – the only was we will see him again is in flashbacks, hidden messages and Chuck’s memories.

      • They may yet bring back Stephen Bartowski if they use the same secret technology which kept Bryce alive……Lots of different potential plot twists while at the same time gauging whether or not the audience would like that story line developed….another season-ending cliff-hanger? I think so!

      • Sounds plausible. We thought Orion was dead when the helicopter got predatored in Season 2. We saw Bryce & Shaw come back from the dead. Nobody seems to really die for good in this show. It’s becoming something of a running joke, and I like it. Maybe Alexis White didn’t really off herself with the syringe.

  4. LOL So now we have Sarah Lancaster, Sarah Walker and the former Sarah Connor all on the one show? Maybe I should change my name, see if it improves my chances to get a part. 😛

    • I’ll do you one better, Montee. My blonde wife’s given name is Sara (no ‘h’) and my granddaughter’s name is Hannah.

      Coincidence? I think not!


    • Maybe they will be changing the name of the show from Chuck to Sarah.

  5. The more I think about it. . .the more I can’t think of anyother way to put it than. AWESOME! Linda Hamilton was a brilliant choice for Mama Bartowski!

  6. Well, I think Linda Hamilton is an excellent choice. That’s a really nice surprise to hear the scoop.

  7. She’s got the right resume for this show, “Terminator”, “Beauty and the Beast”, she’s the right age, and looks enough like Ellie (very important: Papa B said that Ellie looked just like her momma in “the Dream Job”). Well thought-out choice by the Wonderland brass.

  8. I didn’t see that coming. Can’t wait for the new season. 🙂

  9. Looks like Linda Hamilton took my advice about talking to Robbie McNeil at the Toronto SF Expo last year! 8)

  10. HOLY SMOKES! I’m in nerd heaven. Never expected her to be casted as Mama B. What a pleasent surprise.

  11. Truly brilliant, and I don’t think anyone even considered her. Well done JS & CF, not only for surprising us all once again, but for considering us fans – There was talk of many good actresses but they pulled one of the biggest female stars of the sci-fi genre out of the bag, knowing us Nerds would all be fascinated by it.

    Brilliant. Truly excited for September now. Didn’t know I could be more excited until I saw this news. And Ellie & Awesome too!

    • Well said, I mean, well written 🙂

      I am very curious to see her with the dark Bartowski hair.

  12. I could not be happier about this. Smart, smart, smart.

  13. Sam Beckett as Papa Bartowski and now Sarah Connor as Mama Bartowski. Didn’t it occur to organisations such as The Ring of the pedigree of the Bartowski Kids?

    Currently going through Season 3 in the UK. Can’t wait for Season 4 from the sound of this headline (plus the inclusion of Ivan Drago himself – I try to forget the He-Man movie – in the first episode of Season 4).

    Chuck just gets better and better.

  14. Mmh.. does it mean that if Terminator5 will get produced Linda Hamilton will be in it ?
    Being Chuck produced by McG and having him produced and directed Terminator4 ..when legal rights dispute on Terminator franchise will get solved..

  15. I just have to say it I’m in geek heaven Capt. Archer for a dad and now Sarah Conner for a mom it’s no wonder Chuck is a superspy

    • Chuck Bartowski didn’t NEED the Intersect after all. It just helped a little bit…

    • Heh, he isnt a super-spy anymore – he is a Super Hero!

      Working outside the government (and hence the law) – with his own super-abilities, secret base and double-life.

      Just Awesome!

  16. I am sorry but Linda Hamilton doesn’t look like Ellie. Papa B said Ellie looks like her mother. A snaffoo here. That being said I do like Linda Hamilton.

  17. Linda Hamilton looks like an older version of Sarah Lancaster. That’s important since Papa B said that Ellie looks like her mother. Fine actress, great casting choice!

  18. Linda Hamilton seems like a great pick—I think one of the strengths of the show is the chemistry between the actors–if I would worry about anything it would be chemistry–I hope she fits in and just leans back and enjoys the part.