Tim Jones Takes Over as Human Target Composer

Tim Jones, the man responsible for the score on Chuck, is taking on the job of scoring Human Target‘s second season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He takes over for Bear McCreary who is moving on to zombie drama The Walking Dead. Tim will work with Matt Miller, a former producer for Chuck is the new showrunner for Human Target. Tim is still scoring Chuck, so he’s going to be a busy guy!

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  1. phew, I thought he was leaving the show. I like his music on the show a lot.

  2. I was really scared when I read the headline. I thought he was leaving Chuck. Thank God he isn’t!

  3. You have to wonder when he will get time to sleep. I’m just glad he isn’t leaving Chuck.
    With the changes at Human Target, I guess I’m going to have to give that show another try.

    All I have seen of that show was the pilot – I wasn’t that impressed by it.

  4. O my lord I thought he was going to be leaving Chuck too! I think my heart stopped for a second! Yay for season 4!!!!

  5. So now we know why Tim got a bigger studio and hired people! Yay Tim! When he picks up his first Emmy we can say we knew him when! Way to go!

  6. Fantastic! Congrats Tim!

  7. Glad he’s still on Chuck. His score is a big part of what makes the show awesome.

  8. The bigger question is, when’s that Chuck soundtrack coming?