Stacy Keibler Confirmed as Greta 3.0 (SPOILERS)

Stacy Keibler tweeted this morning that she’ll be guest starring on Chuck this season, after giving us some clues yesterday. Ausiello has now confirmed that what most of us assumed, that she’ll play Greta in episode 4.03 (title TBA). She’ll take on the role after Olivia Munn and Isaiah Mustafa, joining the ranks of Greta-of-the-week in the reimagined Buy More this season.

Keibler also revealed that she’ll be in the same episode that sees the return of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and therefore Nicole Richie. The episode starts filming this week and will air in October.

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  1. Two actresses and one actor not bad… going to be interesting what they’ll come up with next.

  2. couldn’t be a better pick, in fact I tweeter her that she should guest star on Chuck when she was on Psych.

  3. I bet Zac’s wishing the writers did not put Chuck and Sarah together. Just look at all of the pretty women he does not get to kiss, or are these the bumps?

  4. Hee. Maybe they can follow this pattern and alternate attractive ladies and men as Greta each week for the rest of the season.

  5. All I want to see is a Captain Awesome, Isiah Mustafa (Old Spice guy) encounter

    Just imagine it… the sheer amount of WIN could blind viewers at home

    • lol Sounds like heaven. 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to the Casey/Stacy first encounter here. Whichever way the writers have Casey react has the potential to be absolutely priceless!

      (Should we start some kind of numbering system? Greta 3? Greta 4.3?)

    • That would be (un-ironically speaking) awesome!! That would make for a funny encounter!!

  6. Oh geez, like I needed any more reasons to watch this show! 😛 Great news for sure.

  7. I think it is a smart move to have guest stars every week. It might help the ratings and bring in new fans.

    It seems to be already getting more people interested in Chuck. A friend of mine, who reads Perez Hilton’s website, said he had been reporting on the guest stars on Chuck, and that he usually doesn’t write about Chuck. If more websites with as much readers start writing about Chuck, I believe that (with a lighter, funnier, Shaw-less season) we will be able to “gain” more Chucksters!

    • The Old Spice guy is a hot ticket these days, so I can see lots of folks tuning in to catch him do his shtick: Hello Sarah, look at your boyfriend. Now look at me. Now I’m riding in a Crown Vic and I’ve got two tickets to that weapons expo you like.

  8. Is this awesome or what? Like in season 2, never ending guest stars!

  9. Gueststars! Every week! As spies! – Love it! 😀 Oh and yeah this could in fact help the ratings improve 🙂

  10. So few wrestling fans educated enough to write complete sentences, but am I the only one who noticed Stacy Keibler and Stone Cold Steve Austin were both professional wrestlers for the WWF and will be in the same episode? Anyone know if the WWE will promote this? They did for Stone Cold last time during Monday Night Raw. Anyways since this is the episode where Sarah and Chuck hit a rough spot in their relationship, Sarah may get jealous of Stacy and Nicole could egg her on about it. That’s be cool.

    • Hey, I’m not a wrestler-fan but I read their bios on Wikipedia! So you’re not the only one!
      Imagine a fight (without stuntmen) between Austin and Keibler! 🙂

  11. I’m unfamiliar with Stacy Keibler. Is this one of the Keibler Elves?

  12. I like to nominate @LittleChuckFan to be Greta of the week. Baily has proved she’s a true Chuck fan!