CASTING NEWS: Lou Ferrigno, Karolina Kurkova Join Chuck (SPOILERS)

Chuck season 4 is piling on the guest stars, and not just as Greta. Team Bartowski has to have some bad guys to fight, right? The latest casting news comes from Ausiello at EW: Lou Ferrigno (aka the original Incredible Hulk) will guest star in episode 4.02, “Chuck vs. the Suitcase”, as a bodyguard to former Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova who plays – you guessed it – an evil supermodel spy.

With this casting news and the episode title, it’s sounding more and more like we’re getting a Fashion Week episode. Yvonne Strahovski mentioned in a couple of interviews that she’d love to have Team B have a mission at Fashion Week in Milan or Paris. What do you think? Is this it?

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  1. Morgan Vs. The Hulk would be the most hilarious scene ever!

  2. Evil Supermodel Spy and the Incredible Hulk?!?! Sounds AWESOME!
    And I agree with Ryan. Morgan vs. the Hulk would be freakin’ hilarious. FTW

  3. My head is spinning. In a good way. These casting announcements are all so delightful and intriguing. Which is to say, in other words, awesome. 😉

  4. I think the Fashion Week idea is great. I’d love to see that. I bet a lot of references would go over most Chuck fans’ heads. “Oh, no, Chuck! You just sat in Anna Wintour’s seat!”

    • Who’s seat?
      Yes I guess you’re right, fashion references would go over our heads. Well at least the guys heads, but we would still enjoy looking at the models.

  5. I could care less about fashion week but if it makes a good storyline and is worth the expense have at it!! It is up to the writers to make sure not too much goes over the viewers heads. I would not mind another visit by Catrina, she always does a good job. Of course Casey might need suspenders (braces) to keep his pants up.

  6. Glad to see Yvonne likes the Fashion Week angle. I could see Sarah going undercover as a runway model. A role she could sink her teeth into, amongst other body parts.

    • Don’t forget Casey as a fashion designer. I could just see him running around back stage in a very odd outfit putting the finishing touches on his creations.

      • Would he still have his man parts?

      • O-kay my mind just went to a dirty place all of a sudden lol (imagines Casey as a fashion designer) too good. This sounds awesome though, Team B vs the Hulk. Huzzah!!! 🙂

  7. Wow talk about your beauty and the beast.
    I am getting so excited about S4. I’m wondering if NBC gave them an increase in the budget this year because they sure are getting some great guest stars.

    As for the Greta characters, I can’t wait to see who they get next. Alhough part of me wishes they would keep that part a secret so we could be surprised every week.

  8. How about casting Michael J. Fox as one of Chuck’s nemeses this season? He recently said in Reader’s Digest that if gets a chance to play a character that is “contrary to how people think of me” he would jump at it.

    • Wow, these casting announcements are so exciting! This is shaping up to be the coolest season yet. I agree, they must have a bigger budget, and that is great news for the show and us! The one I’m still waiting for is that Gary Cole will come back to reprise his Jack Burton role. I’ll jump out of my seat if that one happens.

      • I’ve been blown away by the guest star announcements as well, but I highly doubt it’s because of a bigger budget.

        Most TV shows take their yearly budget and spend a huge percentage of it in the first few episodes of the season. This is done to get viewers back watching the show after the long summer break.

        TV shows also save a huge chunk of their budget for the last few episodes. This is so viewers will hopefully remember the show over the summer break.

        What’s left of the budget gets spent on the episodes in between.

        I may be wrong with this information, but this is what I was told a few years ago in college where I majored in TV and Film.

      • I really hope you are right and they aren’t spending all the budget on guest stars to the detriment of the regular cast. Last season had a reduced budget but still had guest stars; some more successful than others, but some of the regular cast were missing from entire episodes, including some of the main characters. Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t see the need to recognise the actor playing the bad guy, as long as they can act what difference does it make? However, I might be worrying unnecessarily; these guest stars may be cheap; willing to appear on Chuck just for the kudos of being seen on such a good show.

      • I’m sure they will try and get Gary Cole back for Chuck and Sarah’s wedding. He will have to give away the bride.

        Also for the engagement so Chuck can ask his permission to marry Sarah.

      • Much as i’d love to see that old rascal again, I don’t think he’s fit to give Sarah away after screwing with her and her teammates the way he did. I’d rather see Casey give her away since he’s like an older brother to her and Chuck now. That would be so sweet.

      • Despite his failure as a father, Chuck would probably still ask him. Not so much because Jack deserves the courtesy, but because this is the way Chuck is. Sarah says Chuck attributes good motives to her father because Chuck is a good person. Chuck believes in redemption and, assuming that Chuck had any ulterior motive in asking him, would use this as an opportunity to “heartwarm” Jack, to humanise him and bring him closer to the ever-expanding family.

      • And remember, Jack told Sarah after she asked him why he put the money in Chuck’s bank account for safe keeping that he was betting that Chuck loved her and would never betray her. By the end of the episode Jack asked Chuck to look after Sarah. He’d be very happy for her to marry the “schnook” I think.

    • Oh now that’d be great! Michael J. Fox as the nemesis, and not one that comes in between chuck and sarah,it’d be kinda hard to screw it up, finally I villain that I could really love!

  9. Theres loads of guest stars, surely its some sort of record lol

  10. I could totally see Sarah Walker going under cover as a model … me thinks that Yvonne is finally getting her wish!

  11. This is gonna be another AWESOME episode!
    However I really hope that I would see Sarah doing a catwalk on this episode.
    That would be MORE AWESOME.