Don’t be ri-dic-u-lous…Chuck Vs Balki for Episode 4.02!

The casting coups continue!  This time Chuck and Balki will no longer be Perfect Strangers!

As per William Beck from TV Guide:

Bronson Pinchot — who popularized that catch phrase as bizarre foreigner Balki on the 1986-93 sitcom Perfect Strangers, has been cast on the second episode of Chuck‘s new season. Bronson, also memorable for his roles as Serge in the Beverly Hills Cop movies and as the Prankster on Lois & Clark, will play Victor, a tacky and audacious wannabe-matchmaker Chuck (Zachary Levi) meets at Milan’s Fashion Week.

Pinchot As Balki Back In The Day

Further news from the article states that Armand Assante will return in 4.04  as Premier Alejandro Goya. The Premier, still feeling the love of Devon and Casey’s 100% American Blood, will invite Chuck and Team Bartowski to his island for a vacation.  Is it a vacation or is the Premier up to something more?

I have run out of superlatives for the Chuck casting team.  Getting Assante to return and Pinchot to guest star speaks volumes about everyone attached to  the show.  It is a great touch that Assante gets to reprise his role as his character never got a proper send off the first time.

Now if only they would announce the return of Carina again….

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  1. Gringo Chuck Fan

    Lou – please check the EP number for your posting…
    I think it should read 4.02….

    Also – I had the strangest thought this morning:
    How Chuck could be like the Muppet Show.
    Chuck as Kermit
    Sarah as Miss Piggy
    Casey as Fozzy Bear
    Morgan as Animal
    Even the weekly guest stars seem to fit.

    hmmm – maybe I should change my breakfast diet.
    cheers –

  2. I was kind of meh about Nicole Richie and Steve Austin returning, since they seemed like one-shot villains to me. But the Premiere? That’s much better news, and 4.04 sounds like a great concept. Though I do hope he invites Ellie and Awesome down to Costa Gravas, as well – he has a personal fondness for both of them, no?

    • Oh please tell me the premiere invites Ellie and Awesome. That would just be… well… awesome!

    • Oh I think he will this season is sounding better all the time. I’m just grinning like an idiot with all these delicious spoilers. It’s gonna be awesome.

  3. looks like Yvonne is getting her fashion week idea…. sounds great. Very interested to see how they are using the premiere. Hope Sarah is also on the island.

    • I was about to say: Yvonne’s finally getting her fashion week! Well, they better bring it for that episode 😀 It seems like the Chuck writers and execs (and casting directors) are bringing all the stops for an explosive and glamorous new season. I’m ready to be amazed.

      Only another month and a half!!!

  4. I am tickled pink that Assante is reprising his role as Goya!! This is indeed a coup! (pun fully intended) Yes, the casting news keeps getting better and better. This may be the best Chuck season yet – I hope so AND I hope new viewers are attracted to join the Chuck fan family.

  5. no… as much as i like a guest star here and there, this is getting ” ri-dic-u-lous” (Yeahhhhhh!!!!!)

    but seriously i wanna tight story with the characters i know interacting with each other, not flavour of the week Greta mixing it up with 2 or 3 guest stars each week…

    but yeah, i wont judge till i see for my self… ill just hold on to these reservations.

    • I agree. I want team Barcowski back up and running. However, the guest star announcements seem to be inclined toward one ‘in and out’ appearance rather than prolonged arc. I don’t think any of them will impact greatly on the overall storyline.

  6. Does anyone else think they might bring Jordana Brewster back as Jill this season?

    • Christopher Yang

      I hope so, it could pack a punch near the finale if done correctly.

      • I think they shouldn’t. They should save some people from Chuck and Sarah’s past for the 5th season. Jill and Jack Burton for instance.
        The 4th season seems to be going quite well regarding the casting.

      • The only compelling reason I can see for bringing Jack Burton into the picture is if Chuck were to track him down to ask for his blessing prior to proposing to Sarah. Not sure I’d want to wait till season 5 for that one. But I’d gladly wait till season 10 before having to endure the likes of Jill or Shaw again.

      • Since they already said (if I am not mistaken) that there will be no wedding this season, this Jack-Burton-hypothesis is exactly what I was thinking about for season 5.
        But not to ask for his blessing (I think Sarah is too independent for that and he already showed he approved of the – articulate – Schnook), but for him to walk Sarah down the aisle.
        BTW: even if there were 20 seasons, I would never ever want to see Shaw again. Unless he had been turn into an android, since I think Brandon Routh could really play a robotic creature (based on what I have seen from his very robot-like acting). No, wait, I think even androids have to show a bit of emotion, so… hmmm, no can do.

      • Where and when did they say that there won’t be a wedding this season? Did I miss something?

      • hes still a good actor and played his part very well

  7. “Now we so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!!!”

    Come on, we were all thinking it, I just typed it…lol 😀

  8. Here’s the dance of joy.

    I couldn’t find a short “ridiculous” clip.

  9. The only reason or only way I would want Jill back is as a villain(no PLI or LI), so that Sarah can beat her up for the crap that she has done to Chuck. A catfight. Otherwise: no thank you.

    • I’m with you on that one ises. I don’t understand all of this Jill talk. Yuck! And as much as I was repulsed by the Shaw/Sarah angle, I really thought he was a great villain for the last few episodes of the season. Every superhero has an arch-rival and Shaw–once he turned to the Dark Side-was a great nemesis for Chuck. Chuck vs. The American Hero was one of my favorite episodes because it showed who the REAL Hero was. The scene at the end when Chuck is carrying Shaw out of the building just hit by the missile is one of the most memorable scenes for me of the season. Anyhoo, I’d rather see Carina again and also Bryce (not to get in between CHARAH, but more to flesh out his history with Chuck and Papa B).

    • I think the reason some of fans want to see Jill again is to bring her back as a full time villain, not as a once upon a time ex girlfriend who betrays because she has too. I wouldn’t mind if Shaw came back at least for one episode mind you, Because he’s such a terrific villain who knows Team B like no other I was actually getting scared in the season 3 finale. That’s pretty good.

      • Regarding a potential return of Jill Roberts, I was actually thinking more along the lines of her being–as a former Fulcrum agent–a grudging ally of convenience for Chuck and Sarah in the search for Chuck & Ellie’s mother, and against any other threats that might come up; sort of a “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of thing.

  10. This is so exciting. The premiere was so nice the last time, d’you think he might have an ulteire motive? I know there will be something that the gang will be up against there always is in every episode

  11. I was a big “Perfect Strangers” fan too. Looking forward to seeing Bronson again. He’s a seriously underused and very talented man.

    As a side note, I checked out the Happy Dance clip and got sidetracked by all the clips of American sitcoms remade for Russia. Fascinating! 😉

  12. Maybe Balki will manage to fix Morgan up with a supermodel.

    This should be a really funny episode, but I’m more looking forward to the Costa Grava episode with Armand Assante. There will have to be some more Latin dancing between Chuck and Sarah.