SPOILERS: Whither The Buy More Gang?

(Can you tell I’ve been reading early 19th-century literature lately?) We know Big Mike, Jeff, and Lester are still going to be around on Chuck, but in what capacity? Matt Mittovich from Fancast sheds a wee bit o’ light on the subject:

If on ‘Chuck’ the Buy More is now being run by the CIA, what does that mean for Big Mike and the Nerd Herders? Are they off the show? – Stu
Big Mike is still on hand – though oblivious to his new bosses, Mark Christopher Lawrence tells me. Lester and Jeff, meanwhile, are “on the lam, getting a taste of freedom… and fear,” says Vik Sahay. “Who knows what that kind of new feral quality that will bring if and when we reunite with the gang?” So, Jeffster’s on some sort of “excellent adventure”? “I don’t know about excellent,” Vik laughs. “More like torturous, weird, awkward and off-putting.”

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  1. I am counting the days until september 20th!

    By the way: it is great to know that there are still a few people out there who actually read (Yay, Mel!). And by read, I mean real literature, and by that, I exclude blogs, magazines and catalogues. Not that those aren’t great, I just think we shouldn’t limit ourselves to them. But, hey, after the Teen Choice Awards I am regainig faith in people’s inteligence, hehe.

    • But it still isn’t enough!

    • Tell you what, Cat, I am counting the days until September 7th. Season 3 DVD should take some of the sting out of having to wait for the 20th. And DVD-Day is four weeks from to-day! Bonus Features anyone? Can you say “Deleted Scenes”?

      • I live in Europe, so I will have to wait even longer 🙁 But at least there is youtube (post peoople, post!!)and great recaps on the internet.

        The problem with the Bonus Features is that there will probably be a lot of Shaw, and Brandon Routh really really annoys me.

      • whats with hatin on brandon routh?

      • Nice guy in real life (Zac Levi plays basketball with him). But we won’t be seeing that. We will see him portaying the slimy Shaw. That’s what truly sucks.

      • Thanks DoctorBob, that’s what I meant to say.
        I don’t hate Brandon Routh as a person, he seems actually really nice, I hate his acting (of lack thereof), and he was really miscast in Chuck.

  2. Forsooth, Mistress Mel, prithee post like missives post-haste. I fear the verdant summer will not wither soon enough and these are welcome news to my poor benighted Chuck-less ears. 😉

    (Translation: kewl!)

    • I titter over yon clever remarks and hope that, perchance, further communication from that land so graced by sunshine called California shall be forthcoming soon and not tarry.

  3. Alas, poor Jeffster, I knew them well. Fellows of most infinate jest and merriment.

  4. Oh I laughed hard just picturing “Jeff and Lester’s Most Excellent Adventure”

  5. Good riddance to the 3 stooges. More Chuck and Sarah time.

  6. Hopefully they’ll make some Blues Brothers references while Jeffster is on the run.