SPOILERS: We’ll Learn More Of Casey’s Past This Season (UPDATED)

The TV Guide Mega Buzz reveals that we’re going to learn more about Casey’s past in Chuck season 4 in this week’s spoiler column:

Do you have any Chuck scoop about Casey? —Melanie
MICKEY: We’ll meet two former members of Casey’s Special Ops team. One will be as grounded as the other is skittish. They’ll also, oddly, kind of remind you of Justin “I’m a Mac” Long and John “I’m a PC” Hodgman.

I’m trying to decide if Mickey is being literal, i.e. Long and Hodgman are the guest stars, or if the characters are sort of based on their Mac and PC characters. Also, thank you Melanie for asking a Casey question!

Updated 08.26.10: Casey’s buddies have been cast!

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  1. Huh interesting… Wonder what they have this time? But if it’s anything on Casey I’m excited. 🙂

  2. That sounds like a “because they are” statement to me. Are those guys the current equivalent of R2D2 and C3PO? Anyway, any Casey is good Casey so S4 can’t start soon enough. Are we counting sleeps yet? 😉

  3. I’d love to see Justin Long and John Hodgman interacting with Adam Baldwin on Chuck! Too funny! Bring on Season 4!

  4. Since they cannot seem to resist the PLI temptation, and since Chuck and Sarah are no longer candidates for that stuff, maybe one of the special ops guys will present Morgan with competition for Alex’s attention. Which one would Casey back?

    • Don’t think that the Col. would be the kinda guy that would let one of his old, I repeat. . .old. . .SF buddies to try and rob the cradle. But at the same time he doesn’t really want Morgan goin’ after Alex either.

  5. Justin Long is a movie star now. If they got him that would be kind of a first. They’ve gotten people who once were movie stars, but not really current movie stars.

    Justin Long being on “Ed” may have given him a soft spot for quality shows that can’t seem to find a significant audience.

    • Didn’t he also play Brandon Routh’s boyfriend in a movie too.

      He could say he was Shaw’s roommate at one time.

  6. I hope she is being literal.
    John Hodgeman as a special ops guy – now that would be funny to see in itself.

    Regardless, it sounds like it will be a great episode.

  7. justin long did do the voice of alvin in alvin and the chipmunks 1 and The Squeakquel whiched starred Zack levi as toby

  8. so justin long could guest star in chuck

  9. It’s about time that they delve into Col. Casey’s past more. Can’t wait to see what they can say without the Col. having to shoot everyone who watches the episode. haha

  10. Theres new info on casey’s old team


    Wouldnt Joel’s character be a bit young to be on caseys team?

  11. I read that Eric Roberts and Joel David Moore are Casey’s ex-soldier-of-fortune buddies. What a hoot!!

  12. Casey’s A-Team? YES!!!!

  13. Ohkay well I think that this is gonna rock!!! (: (: Man This’ll be exciting…we’ve seen his future buddies in the season finale of season 2 at the time of Ellie’s wedding and that was kinda cool! I have a feeling this will be more humorous tho(:

  14. is justin long gonna be a villain? i love to learn more ’bout sarah’s past especially sarah’s mom.