Happy Chucktember From The Zone!

Timm McCoy hosts The Zone, the #1 podcast on iTunes, and he just happens to be a new Chuck fan! With 10 million subscribers, he has the potential to reach a lot of new viewers, and he’s decided to do just that by focusing on Chuck for the month of September, naming it Chucktember. His latest episode is called “Spy School” and features spy music, old and new, plus a special guest appearance from our own Gray from Chuck vs. the Podcast. Here’s the synopsis:

It’s back to school time and it’s also back to NEW TV Shows! My new obsession is NBC’s “Chuck”. This episode of “The Zone with Timm McCoy” is geared to Spy music old and new. We have as a special call in guest, Graham “Gray” Jones of www.chuckpodcast.com and www.tvwriterpodcast.com from Ontario, Canada! We tell you about our “Chucktember Marathon” on our internet radio station “WTFR” as well as playing some back to school songs for you. Also the “Onion Radio News” and this time, our “Geek & Nerd” Zone Top 3″ requests. So, put down that Buy More catalog and get ready for Spy School.

Spy music? I’m in! Check out Timm McCoy’s ode to Chuck on The Zone.

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  1. I mention and talk about ‘Chuck’ regularly on my worldwide internet-based radio show 🙂


    [Music and musings]

  2. Kudos to Timm & Philippa and those others with long reaches who toil to get the word out about “Chuck”. They are doing God’s work.

    • Ditto Doctor Bob. Keep up the good work Chucksters! If my CHUCK ME t-shirt comes in the mail in time for my trip to Cali this weekend, I plan to do some “Chuck-vertising” myself through three different airports. Happy 1st of Chucktember everyone. 🙂

  3. Happy Chucktember to all my fellow fans out there. 🙂

  4. Ah, my favourite month of the year!

  5. Well, that’s freaking awesome!
    Hello to full season-order
    and his follow-up-friends season 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 (Chuck will be running longer than ER)! 🙂

  6. That’s fantastic news and yay for Chucktember! Hopefully some of those 10 million subscribers will be new converts just like Mr. Timm McCoy!

  7. haha the radio station is called wtfr!!!
    plus go chucktember!!!!!!

  8. Wow! I was so flipped out when I came to chucktv.net and saw The Zone with Timm McCoy! Big fan for 5 years. This show is funny! His comic timing, writing and production quality is phat and fresh. The whole Chuck worshipping theme this month is exactly how I feel. It’s exciting and hopeful and fun! Bravo, The Zone! It was a freakin’ hoot with Gray. I am so hooked on this show and Chuck. Thank you Chucktv.net for the introduction to a clearly radical “musical” mayhem!

  9. Wow this is great news! Maybe Chuck will get some (million..please? O:) ) new viwers! 😀 “Spy-themed music”, yeah gotta check that out! 🙂

  10. Chuck can use all the help it can get. The Monday night
    competion will be brutal. I have a really bad feeling that
    S-4 might be the last for our heroes.

  11. A new line up is posted for “Chucktembe for the 17th-18th & 19th.

    1: Gray Jones: Chuck Vs. The Podcast Eps. #58 “Mamas & Papas”

    2: The Zone with Timm McCoy Eps. #506 – “Spy School”

    3: Gray Jones: Chuck Vs. The Podcast Eps. #36 with Zachary Levi & Joshua Gomez

    4: Gray Jones: Chuck Vs. The Podcast Eps. #17 with Director Norman Buckley

    5: Comic Con 2010
    Part 1 – 1:01:02 Part 2 – 28:19

    6: The Zone with Timm McCoy Eps. #506 – “Spy School”

    7: Gray Jones: Chuck Vs. The Podcast Eps. 57 & 58 with “Jeffster” Parts 1 & 2
    Part 1 – 46:16 Part 2 – 55:00

    8: The Zone with Timm McCoy Eps. #506 – “Spy School”

    9: Gray Jones: Chuck Vs. The Podcast Eps. #32 Vik Sahay Interview

    (This Playlist will repeat every 12 hours)