CASTING NEWS: Ana Gasteyer To Guest Star (SPOILERS)

Ana Gasteyer to guest star on Chuck season 4
Ana Gasteyer to torture Chuck

Fancast just confirmed that SNL funny lady Ana Gasteyer has been cast in Chuck episode 4.07, “Chuck vs. the First Fight.” She’ll play Dasha, a “ruthless operative for the nefarious Volkoff organization” with a penchant for torture using “small-ish implements”.

It looks like Volkoff is going to be our Ring/Fulcrum this season. Dolph Lundgren’s character in the season premiere is an operative for Volkoff Industries, sending Casey and Sarah to Russia in pursuit. Will this evil organization be a real threat? Is Mama Bartowski somehow connected? Only one week to go until we start getting answers!

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  1. Funny lady + funny Zac Levi + Chuck’s hate of torture and small implements such as needles? Has all the makings of a great episode

    • Oh… “small implements”… needles… + 2 funny people = commedy gold!

      Will this absurdly great casting ever end? Are they trying to compensate for the miscasting of Brandon Routh and trying to remind us that they actually can cast (extremely) well? I’d say they are succeeding!

      ps.: I believe Brandon Routh was the only bad choice so far, so they still have plenty of credit on my book.

      • I don’t think Brandon Routh was a bad choice at all. I think he played a villain perfectly. It was just the whole Sarah/Shaw romance that makes people hate him. I will admit that this absurd amount of guest stars should renovate some buzz for new comers. Maybe some T. Dalton fans and such.

      • yeah fans are too quick to hate on anyone who comes between chuck and sarah personally I think come on sarahs hot who wouldnt want her

      • If Shaw had been what he was suppossed to be then the whole Sarah/Shaw romance wouldn’t have honked people off so badly. If it was just a matter of someone coming in between them then people would’ve hate Lou and Hannah just as much.And Hannah was kind of stalkerish but there wasn’t any serious hate.

        Shaw , however, was incompetant as a good guy and lest we think that was some kind of act, he was even worse as a bad guy ( I mean really calling your co conspirators when they all all sitting in a big room with a great view of everyone, not to mention doing the villian speech in front of an electronics genius who got to the site you are talking in ahead of you).

        The only thing he seemed to be good at was making Sarah act like a prize idiot.

        Another thing that makes people raid about it all is that Chuck showed regret over his relationship with Hannah and his behavior yet Sarah has yet to show any regret at all.

        We really nee for Sarah to have a facepalm what was I thinking moment for any (preferably all) of her bizarre behavior in season 3 in regards to Shaw. Maybe after finding something left behind that indicated he was with her only to manipulate Chuck and had read her psych profile in order to play her.

        And the biggest differences between Chuck relationship with Hannah and Sarah’s with Shaw has to do with personality and willingness. With Hannah she came on strong but you could understand what drew Chuck to her but you can’t say the same about Shaw (sure he was good looking but arrogant and boring ) and Chuck didn’t give Hannah anything he wasn’t willing to give sarah but Sarah gave Shw what she had specifically denied Chuck .

        I really hope things get brought up and hashed out in season 4. Only 5 more days until we start to find out.

      • I don’t think he was miscast because Shaw was romantically involved with Sarah. Both Bryce and Cole Barker were kinda getting in the way of “Charah” and I think both actors (Matt Bomer and…I don’t know the other guy’s name) were wonderfully cast.
        I just thought Brandon Routh had no chemistry with Yvonne. He didn’t sell any passion or romance, he was just robotic.
        If Shaw had been played by the actor who played Cole Barker (had he not played Cole, of course), I think there would have been lots of chemistry, he would have been convincing on the part and this whole outrage against Shaw would not be that bad.
        I don’t “hate” Shaw, I just think the actor was wrong for the part, which could have worked had it been played by someone else.

      • Unquestionably the casting department for Chuck has been hard at work bringing in some great players to mix-it-up with our team. I’m excited about Timothy Dalton coming onto the show who has played both action hero/villain quite well. Linda Hamilton who is well known for dramas and action is also a welcome addition. I was hoping we wouldn’t get too far into the drama side and I’m glad that actresses/comedians like Ana Gasteyer and others have been cast in there too to hopefully be part of the humor side of Chuck.

        Each season has offered a different “pace” in terms of story and characters and you have to take each one for what it’s worth in moving our characters forward. Season 3’s pace was much different than 1 and 2. Brandon Routh’s character Shaw in Season 3 would have made much better sense if the reveal about his ties to Sarah came sooner in the season rather than towards the E.12 mark. I knew that Shaw was there to stir the pot and was ‘really’ hoping he’d turn out like he did. I wish it has been sooner though. Routh did a much better job playing the character wrathful and with vengeance against team chuck and “that” made perfect sense.

  2. YES!!!!! I mean… YES!!!! This is amazing!

  3. so she would be like the alexis white this season

  4. I hope her torture instruments are sterile – I would hate to see the spies die from secondary infections.

    So I guess Volkoff industries is the new major evil organization in Chuck.

  5. Brandon Routh did a great job, I just think that whole Shaw and Sarah romance made it a bit obvious that he would turn out to be a bad guy, so that he would disappear and Chuck and Sarah could finally be together. Or something like that… All this star-casting is absolutely awesome, however it would be alot of fun to get to see some new faces, sort of unknown up-and-comers, on Chuck. Yvonne Strahovski was not very well known when she she landed the role as CIA Agent Sarah Walker, and that was amongst one of the best casting deals on TV for a long time! 🙂

    • theres been others on this show

      • Yes, there has been many, mostly in season 1 and 2 though. What I meant was that there has been alot of casting of big stars for this season, which I think, as I wrote earlier, is awesome. I just think it would be fun to see some more anonymous actors too. Beacause there are many good unknown actors out there and the castingcrew for Chuck has proven that they know how to pick the really talented ones. If that makes any sense at all…