Chris Fedak: New Chuck Viewers Can Jump Right Into Season 4

TheTVaddict interviews Chris Fedak about what to expect in the upcoming season of Chuck.

Topics include MamaB, Morgan in the spy world, guest stars, and how the season will play out if more episodes do get ordered.

Of special interest are Chris’s comments on how Season 4 is designed to attract much needed new viewers:

While CHUCK fans are certainly excited for a new season, there are millions of fans that have yet to tune into the show? What’s your pitch for potential who may be tuning in this week for the very first time?
They’re going to get a big, exciting action comedy television show. Even though we have a mythology and we have a big story going on, I think we still design the show so that you can sit down and watch the show on Monday night and really kind of get what’s going on. While I would also recommend going back and buying our DVDs, it’s not necessary. I think new viewers, if they decide to just start watching on Monday night, are going to get a really fun, big story that anybody can kind of jump right into.

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  1. Good, that means they won’t have any trouble getting up to speed quick like. I’m hoping we’ve gotten some new converts this year. 😉

  2. I think the reason people can jump right in is that in many ways they have a whole new show. Sure the characters are established, and the loyal fans love how they have evolved, in many ways this season is self-contained, because it is so different from the previous seasons.

    The new fans (and the old) will be seeing the new journey that Team Bartowski is taking. I can’t wait.

    • I agree, Gord.

      It’s like Season 1 to 3 was the first volume of the adventures of Chuck (I think TPTB used that analogy once).

      Now, the second volume is beginning tonite, and I’m very excited to see where the characters will be going!

  3. I can honestly agree because I have my coworker hooked now. He watched the premiere last night needed some additional info (but not much)this morning to clarify a few things. I brought him up to speeed and now he is fully converted into a Chuck fan. Hopefully we can get additional episodes this season.I still encouiraged him to catch up on the seasons.