Zac Launches The Nerd Machine

Zachary Levi wears a NERD shirt at Comic Con 2010Remember those neat Nerd t-shirts you saw Zachary Levi and cialis alternative some of the other cast members wearing at Comic Con? I wore one in a recent podcast, too, and fans have been asking what they were all about. It’s finally time for the big reveal! Zac has launched a new website,, with a vision to make it a hub for nerds featuring all kinds of goodies, beginning with NERD apparel.

Go take a look, watch Zac’s intro video, buy a shirt, then send him your feedback on what YOU would like to see on get viagra drug online the site. Nerds, it’s time to take over the world.

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  1. The t-shirts are really cool. I wanna buy mine, but still don’t know which!

  2. Love the intro video.
    “For all of you who know, I’m Zachary Levi. For those of you who don’t … I’m Denzel Washington”


  3. Haha I want the viagra onlime sales “faux paw” tee-shirt Zac/Chuck was wearing in “chuck versus the other guy” when he finds out from Beckman he isn’t “ready for field work”
    Funny AND clever!

  4. I love Zach, but already has all this covered. Retail-wise anyway.

    • Good! Let them go head-to-head. Let’s see who has the better marketing strategy, delivery record and customer service. Strike while the iron is hot, Zac!