SCREENCAPS: Chuck Episode 4.02

We’ve added 1900+ screencaps from “Chuck vs. the Suitcase” to the Gallery. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m pleased these are back this season. It’s like watching the episode again in comic book form.

  2. Thanks Mel!!!

    The photoshop on the photos showing Mama B and Papa B is amazing. Much better than the usually very “meh” photosphop we have seen on the show (the Carmichaels’ pictures on Chuck vs. the Suburbs is an example).
    They look very very real and visit web site amazingly done. The one where Scott Bakula and Linda Hamilton are together is simply perfect.

  3. I loved these screencaps! I always look at these so I can see my favorite parts of the episode frozen! Like the ending chuck and sarah scene or the jeffster scene as they enter the buymore(; thanks!