Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck/Sarah, Project Runway, Robert De Niro

Curt at Show Patrol has a new interview with Yvonne Strahovski that asks some serious Chuck/Sarah questions balanced with some silly geek questions. Check it out an excerpt:

First off, I need to clear something up. When they pitched this interview they wrote in the email “things are heating up” between you and Zachary Levi. What does that mean? Do they mean the characters or you two? They giving me some romance scoop?
Oh, God no. [Laughs.] Yes, we’ve announced marriage. [Laughs.] No, no no no–the characters! Yeah, things are getting heated in more ways than one because now we’re a couple. We’re boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re living together. We’re going through all the couple drama that one would expect a new couple to go through, so there are the things that we explore with that.

Will Chuck and Sarah be asking Ellie and Awesome for advice?
I don’t know if Sarah would be open to that. [Laughs.] It’s funny, because I think my character likes being part of a relationship. Obviously she loves Chuck a lot and she likes having him as her boyfriend, but at the same time it’s such new territory for her because he is such an innocent guy still and he is not like the other men that she’s been with who have all been spies. To her this is a far more normal relationship and she is a little bit of a fish out of water in some ways, so I think they’re sort of discovering their needs and wants and that maybe some of their needs and wants are different from the other. It makes for some good drama.

Last season when you two were split up there was a lot of fan uproar. I wasn’t one of the fans who was totally freaking out, but I do like it better when Sarah and Chuck are together. How do you feel about that?
I like Chuck and Sarah together. I think there is more fun to be had with that and also, like you said, all the fans want them together more so than apart. There was a big uproar when we had Daniel Shaw come in and threaten to take Sarah away from Chuck for good. … I get to be closer to more of the fun stuff on the show. I’ve always been part of the serious stuff and the spy stuff and I feel like now that Chuck and Sarah are together I’m seeing the scripts come in and I’m getting to play around with the fun things, like the whole sexting thing that was going on in the first episode with Morgan and even in one of the episodes last season where Chuck and Sarah were together on the mission in Europe on the train and we played that southern couple.

(read the full interview here…)

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  1. She seems to be such a lovely person!

    Just the “Oh, God, no” part was a bit too spontaneous from her. But she “corrected” it right away with some humour.

    No wonder the show is so good: it’s a cast of great actors, who are also nice, down to earth people.

    • I agree she is lovely and so is zac, but what is up with these two lately. Zac gave an interview saying kissing Yvonne is like kissing a sister and Yvonne is like no no no no we and zac are not real. I get it your not real but why say such weird things , I understand that as an actor you will have a lot of movie roles where you have to be intimate with other people and so for your own sanity you have to keep a professional boundary but guys show a little class!

    • Was the spontenaiety a reflection of being mortified at the very idea or a case of protesting too much?

      • I think it was more a case of trying to correct what was implied in the email Curt received to set up the interview. Yvonne and Zac get along really well. I watched them between scenes on set a couple of weeks ago and they’re clearly friends with a good working relationship. However, it is a distinctly brother-sister vibe between them.

      • Thanks for the reality check, Mel. I guess it’s a tribute to their remarkable acting skills that they manage to fool at least a handful of fans, and leave others of us wondering from time to time. Very few screen “couples” have the capacity to fake that level of electricity so convincingly. Emmys for them both!

      • Ditto. I often wondered about their chemistry. It would be hard to manufacture that. But it seems like they aren’t photographed together at functions or interviewd together as much now as they were in the 1st and 2nd seasons, so it had me wondering about their work relationship. Glad Mel saw and reported that they are still having fun and getting along, even if it is in a brotherly/sisterly way. 🙂

      • I was just referring to the interviews both gave lately, like the vibe I got is that they would only get together if they were the last people on earth, lol. But I do appreciate that especially after fake name, some fans may have let the line of reality and television get blury and so the actors kind of have to give a reality check every so often. Also I think when asking an actor if they really get along with another person if zac or yvonne said yeah the other one is really sweet and a nice person, you can bet that in the future if either does another movie or tv show and the chemistry is not the same a reporter could use those words against them, so I understand that they have to put out a diplomatic vibe to protect themselves and their careers, so no problem with that. But they are lovely and charming people and I like them both!

    • I didn’t mean to stir any controversy. I just found it funny.

      • You’re such a troublemaker, Cat! (LOL)

      • I also found it funny, it is her no no no god no! that got me. I am a fan of how I met ~your mother and in one episode a girl said to robin are you dating barney and she said 17 no’s and his reply was really 17 no’s really, lol.

  2. Here’s the commercial mentioned at the end.


  3. Nice to hear her thoughts on Sarah and Chuck’s relationship as a couple and the opportunity to now to be more in on the fun stuff. I wish there would be a chance where Chuck would see Sarah’s karate pose and realize that she was the one who destroyed his computer (in the pilot) and the fun that could be had in his reaction as he chased her around the apartment or Castle. Or to have him get upset at her over something in a fun, lighthearted way and fake flash on her and see her reaction.