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Join Jan, Karen, Joe, and myself as we embark on our next Season 4 Audio Review.

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  1. You said OD that Sarah said many times that Chuck can be a spy, no matter if with intersect or no, but when was that, because i don’t remember it…I remember few times Sarah calling Chuck a hero, but i don’t think for Sarah hero=spy so her going you are not a spy without an intersect, it makes sense since for her Chuck can’t defend himself properly and being a spy is a whole package, both being smart and being able to kickass…And since Sarah being really emotional, with mission from MamaB, she blurted something she most likely shouldn’t has said and she knew it was bad what she said, but didn’t apologize for it, because his safety was more important to her than his feelings at the moment.

    • I have to agree with what you have said, Sarah mentions in Season 1 and a lot through season 2 that he is a hero, however does not say in so many words you are a spy. i think sarah beleieves chuck is a spy, just not the spy that can deffend himself and take care of himself without the intersect. he is just chuck bartowski. I think however that this episode has to be best epiosde so far for Sarah emotions shwoing through to everyone. she never shares emoitions with anyone really and this time she really shares them in front of everyone, beckman, casey, agent rye.

    • Chuck Vs The Third Dimension.

      • Yeah, but that was one crap of the episode, so i wouldn’t count that so much and if this is the only time you can point it, than your argument is still invalid.

      • Episode quality is irrelevant. It was said.

      • thanks “OldDarth” I actually forgot that one, however as much as I think that chuck is a Spy i think what Sarah is trying to say in Chuck vs the fear of death is that chuck is not a spy without the intersect, he is only the true spy with the intersect and if he didnt have that, even though he has manned up alot and can handle alot more now without the intersect he would still only be chuck bartowski and not able to defend himself in a dangerous situation without the intersect.

    • Bryce also told him in Break-Up.

  2. I Must also mention that this was a great reveiw this week, and i agree with what has been said watching it back, its not that really Sarah beleieves that chuck is not a spy, hes just not the proper spy without the intersect and she really does regret saying the way she does, and i think they shoudl discuss this together in the next episode even though i do also think that this wont be mentioned which is a shame. One thing that i really did like, wthat was pointed out however didnt think of it this way before and that is its not so much that chuck always needs sarah and cant survive without her, which is true, what would chuck be like without his sarah? but its more of how sarah cant cope without chuck,she said this in season 3 to the doctor that she needs to him to be ok, and throughout season 4 she has said please come home safe to me, and with ringing him all the time when he is on the mission. I really dont think that any other person “Bryce, Shaw” has ever had this effect on her, and chuck really his her true love that makes her bring out her emotions. she really has changed from S1 to 4.

  3. Again I go back to the thing about the different writers that are new to the show, and I think that’s why this episode for me wasn’t consistent with the whole arc of the story of Chuck. I hope like Jan, Karen and Joe that next week will be like the second part of this week’s because it really didn’t flow like a whole story. I loved Rye mostly for the fact that he didn’t belittle Chuck like so many did in the first and second seasons. I was hoping he’d be in another episode. He was funny and as tough as Casey. And I also hope they cover the whole part about Sarah saying he wasn’t a spy. That was low,but really true if you define a spy as one who knows how to fight his way out of a situation as well as the intel part. I’ll have to rewatch the episode to see who wrote this one.Looking forward to 4.10 as we see Mama B coming to their home, if he hasn’t got the intersect back yet, maybe she’ll be there to somehow tell him how to get it back.

  4. hi cnn nerds I enjoyed your podcast i would like to pose a few points which weren’t covered well in your podcast for example This episode felt to me as if it were written by someone who had never seen the show before because the idea that everyone at the cia and nsa didn’t know when chuck first downloaded intersect 2.0 he had no control over his flashes his first flash was involuntary when the ring agent pointed a gun at sarah also when he was in prague seperated from sarah after the train incident he was unable to control the intersect.In the aisle of terror episode when chuck was visualising his greatest fear it was sarahs death not his own,another couple of instances when his emotions have impeded the intersect all relate to her but interestingly when they work together he calms down and starts working effectively everytime there is a threshold chuck thinks he cant cross he does for her.On the question of is the greta idea a good one i say the way to make all the gretas relevant is to make them all spies for volkoff that is how volkoff knew about agent carmicheal and helps to explain the prison transport helicopter from cubic z while also going some way in explaining why volkoff dosent know chuck is mama bs son because the gretas wouldn’t be trusted with such important information.
    They are rotating moles for the volkoff organisation.
    they collect as much data as they can in a short period in order to avoid detection and are replaced with another agent who continues the data extraction.
    perhaps this isnt the right forum to post this however I have a few story ideas i wanted to run past you which could be explored this season or next hopefully!!!!
    please tell me what you think.

    1.bring anna back in a episode where the team goes to hawaii and during the mission anna is in danger so morgan goes off mission to save her.

    2.if you want to create tension in the relationship later in the season bring jill back she comes to chuck to save her from some criminal organization she is mixed up with.sarah gets to kick her ass because she hasn’t till this point and i really think she should have.

    3.some movement on sarahs mom and dads story

    4.dan ackroyd should make a guest appearance like chevy
    5.chuck and sarah engagment and marriage>end of s4 hope s 5
    6.funny way of ending the show the camera ends on a shot of a couch zooms out to show sarah telling her kids and thats the story of how i met your father.
    7. casey has to seduce mama b because she hasnt seen him yet.