Chuck vs. the Podcast 75 – 15 Days of Podcast-mas-mukkah

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For our last episode of the year, we kick off 15 Days of Podcast-mas-mukkah: we’ve picked 15 of our favorite podcast episodes, and will be featuring one per day at Please check back daily!

In this episode, we talk about Chuck‘s season high ratings on Monday night, and we have a hearty discussion about Chuck‘s dubious honor of being the #1 most pirated TV show. We also discuss the ups and downs of “Chuck vs. the Leftovers,” and what’s ahead for our favorite show in the coming year.

Be sure to watch Chuck January 17th, when it returns in a one-two punch with NBC’s new show The Cape at 9pm.

Have a safe and happy holiday, and we’ll see you in January!

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  1. Thank you for your interesting podcast.I sure will vote for you everyday.I had the same mixte feeling for the episode but overall, I enjoyed it.I think the resolution of the Intersect arc is too abrupt although I love the “Guys,I know kung-fu, again” It’s so…Chuck.
    I bought, via the podcast site, at, the first season of Chuck and sent it as a Christmas gift for my brother who lives in Texas. Hope he will like it. He’s a computer engineer and a real geek.

  2. Do we get to vote for OUR favorite podcasts?
    My favorite, hands down, was the Jeffster special, part 1 — the actors’ part. Episode 57 FTW!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks milkyway!

    Lis, definitely you can give your opinions — Jeffster part 1 & 2 are both absolutely on the list already.


  4. This episode was good, not great, but I think we’ll look back and see it fit in with the proverbial big picture as the season progresses. It felt slightly unsatisfying on some levels, but I think that’s by design. Is Mama B good or bad? Is this new intersect different in some ways? When will Chuck and Ellie take their father’s lead and work together? Did Orion and Frost work together and how? Why has Mama B stayed so long and still not had a successful mission? How will baby Awesome play into the story now that Volcoff knows everything? Not to mention the Casey/Alex/Morgan triangle which hasn’t been touched on for a while. Season 3 spoiled us because all tension got resolved pretty quickly since the writers thought that that might be it. Personally, I felt season 3 seemed rushed. I think the writers feel they have more time to develop stories over multiple eps, so us the viewer need more patience this year.

    The one dissappointing thing was that Ellie didn’t know “Aces Charles”. She quoted it in the pilot before Chuck’s first date with Sarah. Apparently her memory isn’t too good, cuz she didn’t remember the car either until mom told her.

    Any thoughts as to Papa B still being alive? How about Mama B having a child with Volcoff during the 20 yrs together? Or maybe it’s Orion’s but Volcoff thinks it’s his? The story direction is wide open.

  5. When you commented on his background, I IMDB’d Myers, apparently he came from Ugly Betty before this (Wootton was apparently the NYPD Blue one). Which makes sense to me, because I thought both 5 and 10 were among the stronger episodes in the comedic area. And that’s one of the best parts of the show for me (though I do love all aspects), so I think it’s natural I’m a bit more sympathetic to his episodes (this one in particular) than the average viewer. Though I guess different people have different senses of humor, too, so maybe I’m also alone in thinking they’re among the funniest.

  6. Hi RMahler,

    good catch! We usually did that kind of research off screen, but now that we’re on screen constantly in the Brady Bunch format it’s a lot harder to pull up info like that.