Say Goodbye To Going Nowhere – A Chuck Song

Chuck fan MK Rodenbough sent over this original song she composed for Chuck that made me grin and gave me the warm fuzzies, so I had to share it. She warned me that some of the lyrics are out of date now, given recent events, but I think we can overlook that. Enjoy!

Right Click/Save As: Say Goodbye to canadian pharmacy viagra legal Going Nowhere – A Chuck Song

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  1. This song is AWESOME!

  2. ha I appreciate the post, but I would like to correct one thing. I’m actually a girl, the MK stands for Mary Kate :) Sorry I made that unclear.

  3. This is cheap cialis online prescription Aces, really well done and love the no prescription song. This should be on itunes, hope there is more coming like this :)

  4. really sweet tune! the chords at the end remind me of the show too :)

  5. “Hero of the Herd!” I love it! Great lyrics, it should be the new theme song!

  6. This song is fantastic! It’s better musically than a lot of viagra uses the most popular stuff on the airwaves today. Really cute, too–represents the show so well!

  7. It is a great song!~~
    Dear MK, may I share this song to a Chinese forum?
    And can I also have the lyrics of this song?
    Thank you very much!~~

    • Hey you can share it with anyone! You can find the lyrics on the youtube video:

  8. Awesome! You’ve gotta post this to Zac Levi’s twitter- He’d love it!