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NBCUniversal Events - Season 2015

Zachary Levi to Perform at Carnegie Hall Christmas Concert

Zachary Levi is bringing his musical talents back to the stage for a special holiday ...


  1. This song is AWESOME!

  2. ha I appreciate the post, but I would like to correct one thing. I’m actually a girl, the MK stands for Mary Kate :) Sorry I made that unclear.

  3. This is Aces, really well done and love the song. This should be on itunes, hope there is more coming like this :)

  4. really sweet tune! the chords at the wow it's great best cialis prices end remind me of the show too :)

  5. “Hero of the Herd!” I love it! Great lyrics, it should be the new theme song!

  6. This song is fantastic! It’s better musically than a lot of the most popular stuff on buy propecia 5mg the airwaves today. Really cute, too–represents the show so well!

  7. It is a great song!~~
    Dear MK, may I share this song to a Chinese forum?
    And can I also have the lyrics of this song?
    Thank you very much!~~

    • Hey you can share it with anyone! You can find the lyrics on the youtube video:

  8. Awesome! You’ve gotta post this to Zac Levi’s twitter- He’d love it!