NBC To Rerun Chuck vs. Santa Claus December 20

Mark your calendars: NBC will air the Chuck Christmas episode, season 2’s “Chuck vs. Santa Claus“, on Monday, December 20 at 10/9c following The Sing-Off.

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  1. That’s cool… but I can’t believe we lost the TV Guide Cover Poll! What a huge disappointment.

  2. This is really cool! Personally, I would have gone with the Season 1 episode “Chuck vs the Crown Victoria” (has a suspenseful ending rather than ending on a down note), but anything that gets Chuck more airtime and attention is a plus! 🙂

    • Santa Claus is one of my top ten best episodes while Crown Vic is bottom 5.It is an excellent episode and I hope people who haven’t seen Chuck will watch it and get hooked.

  3. Well, personally I’m going to do both. Watch vs. the Crown Vic at 9, then Santa Claus at 10. Chuckmas Night!

  4. Great News. But did we REALLY lose the TV Guide cover contest? Major BUMMER!!

  5. Can’t this be seen as NBC really seeing how well Chuck can do and really placing faith in the show? Either way, I encourage everyone to watch it. I fully expect at least a 2.0 😛

  6. This WAS a great episode – and while the ending to the “die-hard” Chuck fans may have been a little less than ideal, to a “casual viewer” who just might happen to tune in – especially since it’s on at a different time – it is a solid, SOLID episode. Plus, I’m biased. It contains one of my favorite scenes – the Chuck/Sarah “bracelet” scene.

    I’m sure most of us have this on DVD or Blu Ray, but still make it a “before Christmas” SUBWAY night – and encourage by email, Facebook, Twitter and by screaming from the top of the highest building in your town 🙂 for people to tune in to “Chuck vs. The Santa Claus!”

  7. I’m hoping that new viewers will give it a shot. How can anyone that watches this episode not get into Chuck. This is one of those episodes that had a perfect blend of all that makes Chuck great.

  8. If I’m recalling correctly this is one of the only episodes of the entire series which features the entire cast (with the exception of Bonita F.) together all at once as the BuyMore gets locked down with Sarah and Awesome/Ellie inside. It’s not heavy on the overall mythos, but still very indicative of the show as a whole so hopefully some casual viewers will give it a try and get sucked in.

  9. Chuck vs. Santa Claus is my favourite episode. I think that if any episode was going to attract more people to watch this show, it would be this one. Just my opinion.

  10. Chuck vs. Santa Claus was a good episode but so much has happened since then, especially between Chuck and Sarah. Hopefully the marketing team at NBC will show some sort of promo for the January restart of Chuck.

  11. Will Sarah give the bracelet back to Mom B.? Might be a little awkward wearing it in fron of her.

  12. This was a good episode–except for the end?

  13. A truly great episode! Starts out a little slow but just gets better and better.

  14. Is this the first time that NBC has re-run a “Chuck” episode? I know they don’t re-run them during the summer. I think USA had a “Chuck” marathon once (prior to season 3?) but not NBC.

  15. This is a very good episode–actually I was hoping for a new Christmas episode that might involve a ring–the finger type. Appreciate everything this site does to keep the Chuck juices flowing during the break–

  16. I’m heavily biased in favor of this episode as it was my first taste of Chuck and consequently the one that got me hooked. I got caught up on the whole series within two weeks of seeing Chuck vs the Santa Claus and haven’t missed one since. 😉

  17. why isn’t there a new show coming on. I love chuck and I would hate if they cancel it