SPOILERS: Chuck Episode 4.11 Full Synopsis

NBC released the longer synopsis for Chuck episode 4.11, “Chuck vs. the Balcony”, giving us some more clues about the first episode of the new year:

CHUCK PLANS A SECRET MISSION WHILE ON ANOTHER SECRET MISSION IN FRANCE — When an assignment brings him to a French vineyard, Chuck (Zachary Levi) juggles tracking down a nano-chip with trying to create the perfect romantic getaway for Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). Back at the Buy More, Lester (Vik Sahay) comes to Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) for his own romantic problems. Joshua Gomez, Scott Krinsky, Bonita Friedericy and Adam Baldwin also star.

I’m very curious if the 4.12 synopsis will spoil anything major, considering it will be released before this episode airs. Ahem. “Chuck vs. the Balcony” airs Monday, January 17 at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. PROPOSAL!!!!!!!!

  2. Proposal pleeeeeeeeeeease(: <3 that would make my life verrrrrrry happy (:

  3. I love these shipping comments, they always make me smile (or grin, actually). But I concur, Clark already proposed to Lois, now it’s up to Chuck to man up! :3

  4. Given their talk at the end of Living Dead last season, why wait?

  5. Chuck is taking action on PLAN B of his Proposal Plan.woohoo!
    We are really are nearing to the much awaited PROPOSAL EPISODE.
    I really hope the PROPOSAL EPISODE would come later than sooner!

  6. OK if they are in France, then my bet is the proposal will take place at the Eiffel Tower.

    Although it does say he plans the mission, it doesn’t say he gets to execute it. They could stretch it out.

  7. Proposal would be awesome sauce.

  8. PROPOSALLLLL!!!~~ 🙂

  9. oh my god proposal PLEASEEEEE!

  10. It looks like this is the “proposal” episode. I hope so. This would be fun way to kick off the remaining 14 episodes. It would also be fun if Morgan, Casey or even Beckman assist Chuck in his plan…

    BTW, I hope Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc write this episode…

  11. Heck with a proposal ! Just elope already !

  12. PROPOSALLLLL!!! Please, I am thinking though that he may be planning the proposal for this mission but i also am thinking it’s not going to go according to plan, and we are not going to see the proposal just yet, my anticipation for the the epic proposal is growing bigger and bigger and I just can’t wait now, gonna be the best chuck and Sarah moment of all time I think:)

  13. You guys all realize that even if Chuck attempts the revised version of his proposal, it’s all bound to go horribly hilariously wrong. I can’t wait!

  14. Proposal idea is stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very very happy that chuck and sarah are together, but marriage would take away from the realism that the show has created. A married spy couple? Really? It wouldn’t work, and simply isn’t believable. Don’t pull the Turner’s on me, Chuck and Sarah are nothing like them!

    Here’s another way of looking at it, they get engaged, then married, then what? It just stops? You can’t move things along too fast! And as far as tv shows go, this is WAY too fast.

    Drop the marriage idea Fedak. Bring it back later, season 7.

    • The fact that Chuck and Sarah are nothing like the Turners is precisely why it would indeed work. The Turners were too hedonistic and self-absorbed to function simultaneously as a spy team and as a romantic couple. Their retirement at the end of the episode left the impression that their love could be saved by walking away from “the life”.

  15. From all the spoilers about this episode that’ve been circling the interwebs, I have a feeling Sarah might be the one who ends up proposing.

  16. I hope the “romantic getaway” won´t once again spoil the entire spy story and won´t take screentime to Casey. I hope that Casey will be with them on the mission….and that Morgan stays in Burbank.

  17. what if Sara says no? the proposal episode. she said she didn’t want to to fast…..I want to see a little chuck or baby Sara…….I think once chuck see his sisters baby he will want one to…

  18. i cant wait until they release a promo for this episode! Proposal pleaseee! 🙂

  19. Marriage did not stop the Harts and it should not stop the Bartowskis–just a matter of skillful storylines–could add a lot to it–Who gives away the Bride, will they have to break Sarah’s Dad out of jail first and will he try to steal the ring. Will Sarah even want a big wedding? The pictures in the suburban adventure might lead you to believe she does–Ellie would be upset if Sarah and Chuck had a quickie marriage in Paris without her.

    On another note it will be interesting to see Sarah’s facial features the first time she holds the Awsome baby.

  20. The proposal epiosde?? I don’t think so..
    Because at the end of the epiosde13 there will be the baby.. and i Thinck the proposal will at the episode 18 or something like that…

    But maybe you’re right it’s can be the proposal episode… or maybe chuck is gonna ask Sarah during the romantic getaway and it’s suddenly interrupted by a spy (who wants his nano chip).. maybe.. maybe not !^^

  21. I’m very exicted!! in chuck vs the seduction impossible (4×14): Roan is back !! and then in chuck vs the Cat suad (4×15) Carina is back!!^^
    It’s gonna be awesome!^^

  22. We gonna find out , some Sarah ‘s past secrets!
    In the episode 15 or 12.. i think but i’m not sure!

  23. Wahou! a romantic getaway!! That’s sounds very romantic!!

  24. I would like a proposal now and smooth sailing later however I do not think it is in F&S not have a romantic conflict of some kind so if they get engaged now they may break them up later—I do not know why they cannot proceed together but I doubt they will–at least for now. I just do not trust F&S. I look forward to a permanent C&S relationship along with their joint adventures and comedy.