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EXCLUSIVE: Chuck Episode 4.16 Title, Spoilers

We’ve got some exclusive Chuck spoilers to brighten up your Monday, Chucksters! According to our source, episode 4.16 is titled “Chuck vs. the First Mate” and includes some drama for Casey.

The episode revolves around a new recurring guest star, Vivian, a young woman studying history at Oxford. She thinks her father is an oil magnate, but in reality he’s a criminal mastermind. Could she be connected to Volkoff?

Meanwhile, the National Clandestine Service has their eye on Casey and buy viagra professional online they aren’t taking no for an answer.

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  1. First! (Maybe?)

    I imagine something nautical from First Mate, maybe a yacht given the description of Vivian as supposedly a rich man’s kid.

    Also yay for giving Casey something to buy viagra online at do! He really hasn’t had much this season which is sad.

  2. This could also mean that chuck might have a half or step sister.

  3. Wow, that story line sounds really cool. I’m suddenly even more excited for the http://www.vintagespirits.ca/buy-cialis-online-wthout-prescription new episodes.

  4. According to mom. She and Volkoff were never together so I’d say wrong track about half sister.

    My first thought with vs First Mate was an episode down under – Australia, but yacht makes more sense

  5. Maybe it’s a reference to Chuck asking Morgan to be his best man?

  6. So we have Chuck verses the First Date, First Kill, First Class, First Fight, and now First Mate. That’s a lot of firsts.

  7. Has Bryce Larkin come back to life (again)? Sarah’s first partner could be the “First Mate”. Kathleen was Alex Coburn’s first serious love as far as we know, so she might also hold the title.

  8. Bryce is dead–he could come back in mental flashes of the past I guess.

  9. First Mate could be perhaps Chuck has planned his proposal on a yacht for sarah with him as captain and Morgan as the first mate. A little gilligan/skipper fun perhaps. 馃槈 — Maybe they’ll get shipwrecked… who knows… lol

  10. I’m picturing Casey as the skipper and Morgan as his littel buddy.

  11. I miss Casey Kicking butt

  12. i think its to do with chuck asking morgan to be his best man, im pretty sure the ordering cialis from canada proposal will have happened by now.