SPOILERS: Is Miranda Lawson Coming To Chuck?

Kristin at E! Online has some Sarah Walker scoop for us in this week’s spoiler chat:

@sheebs08 (via Twitter): So the Chuck promo showed a new look for Sarah. Is she channeling her inner Miranda Lawson?!
I’ll let executive producer Chris Fedak take this one: “Two words: Evil Sarah.” Oooh, did you just get the shivers, too? Could Yvonne Strahovski actually get more badass? The mind boggles!

Pretty sure Fedak is referring to “Chuck vs. the Gobbler”, as teased in this promo. Bring it!

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  1. OK look, Miranda wasn’t evil just… driven. After all, she was cooked up in a test tube with the best genetic material money could buy to be a perfect human specimen, both mentally and physically.

    She did drag the whole team on a mission to rescue her younger sister (who was actually a younger version of her, with slightly different seasoning added into the test tube); would an evil perfect woman do that? Of course not.

    BTW, Mass Effect 2 is being released for PS3 on the 18th of this month; if you didn’t buy it ’cause you don’t have an XBOX now you have no excuse. Fair warning: clear you schedule for a couple of months and tell your family/spouse/pets that they won’t be seeing you for a while. It’s that good.

    • I think they’re referreing more to Miranda’s badassery and skintight suits rather than her being ‘evil’. Considering in the promo, that Chuck said “it’s like cheating on you with you” she better use Miranda Lawson as a fake name.

  2. When Sarah is evil, it’s usually to the bad guys, those who deserve it. She’s quite the opposite with those about whom she cares. This juxtaposition of the two Sarahs is what makes her character so fascinating and multi-dimensional. There would be no sizzle without it.

  3. Miranda lawson or something similar should be her cover lol yet. Another reference they could add

  4. i hope her undercover name is Miranda Lawson that be cool

  5. Well the dark haired Sarah is still giving up some affection to Chuck so I’m okay with whatever evil she may or may not be capable of. 😉

  6. Sarah’s wig remins me of the tv show “I dream of Jeannie” Blonde hair good/sweet jeannie (in this case good sarah) dark hair evil twin sister jeannie (in this case kick butt sarah)

  7. As soon as I saw Sarah in that leather suit and black hair..I started thinking about her character in Mass Effect 2.. She really looked like a IRL version of Miranda Lawson

  8. I think when they mean “evil Sarah” they are hinting that she is going undercover with teh bad guys.

  9. Hmm… my comment was posted immediately on the other thread but it has yet to appear on this one. Apology in advance if it turns out to be a double post.

    Miranda was never evil. Ruthless, ambitious, and cold? Yes. But above all else she is a professional and in a lot of ways at the start she was pretty much the same personality as a Shepard with a ruthless background (re: Torfan). Then about halfway through Bioware does what it does best and pulls the companion rabbit out of the hat and gives us the real backstory behind our favorite Cerberus cheerleader. And given what she says to Illusive Man at the end of the game in a line that Yvonne delivers PERFECTLY (What am I saying? All of Yvonne’s VAing was perfect! She was nominated for a VGA award).

    Anyway to make a long rant less long, Sarah and Miranda both start out as femme fatales but somewhere along the way (due to either a marine who takes on giant calamari robots or due to a goofy guy who saves the day by making a little ballerina smile) they change for the better.