Chuck Fashion: Sarah’s Watch, Sarah’s Jacket, Sarah’s Dress

Thanks to Chuck costume designer Robin Lewis-West and her generous gift of time answering our questions, I suspect that soon Chuck fans will be among the best dressed anywhere! This week we’ve got answers to some frequent Sarah Walker fashion questions, including an assist from the props department.

We’ve received several requests for information on non generic cialis the watch Sarah wears during missions. While Robin knew it was a Tommy Hilfiger brand, she called in the big guns to get the specifics: Scott from the props department not only gave us the viagra on-line details, he took close up photos of the front and back of the watch for us! It’s a men’s Tommy Hilfiger watch with a silicon band, analog dials, and date function. I’m not finding it for sale right now, but chances are you’ll find one on eBay if you keep checking. The model number is TH.

Sarah's leather jacket from Chuck vs. the Honeymooners

Another frequent question is who made Sarah’s beautiful tan leather jacket with the asymmetrical zipper from “Chuck vs. the Honeymooners”. Robin checked her wardrobe archives and reports that it’s by Martin + Osa, from their Spring 2010 line. Unfortunately since it’s about a year old now, it’s no longer available at regular stores. Consignment stores and eBay are your best bets for tracking this down. Updated: In the comments, blueangel and Henk tracked down a similar version at Express. Good work!

Sarah's one-shouldered dress from "Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible"

And now for something that is still available! Sarah’s spectacular one-shouldered dress from “Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible” brought in several queries as well. Robin says it’s Laundry by Shelli Segal, and it is currently available at Saks. The beaded jersey dress Sarah wore was the Hawaiian Sky version, but the dress is also available in Amethyst Purple.

Did you notice that this week’s pieces were all worn by Sarah? She does have the best wardrobe, and we have a backlog of discount viagra sales queries about her clothes, but surely you all are interested in pieces worn by other characters! Send in your questions and we’ll get the answers for you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing ‘sarah walker fashsion’
    I know that the jacket sarah wore in the HONEYMOONERS isn’t availble but i saw a similar on at Express stores.(totally wanted to buy it but too pricy for me. :( ) so if people don’t want to look on ebay check out Express stores i believe it’s also availble on the Express store website.

  2. @blueangel

    This one ?*&Mcatpn=For+Her&Mppg=0 (Lol enormous URL). Hm it isn’t that pricy in my opinion, but hey 😛 I shouldn’t be talking, I live in Holland everything is cialis 100 mg 2x as expensive here -_- …

  3. Ah no found the woman and cialis one :) it was this Jacket ^^ (Light one)

  4. Love Sarah’s jacket – thanks for the Express link! Also loved M+O, but I believe the whole brand (big brother to generic cialis 50mg American Eagle) went under last year. Thanks for the Chuck Fashion posts – keep them coming! :)

  5. Mel,

    Thanks for the info on the watch, now all is left for me to do is to find it!!!

  6. chuck’s blue shirt in 4×12 during breakfast with morgan

  7. More Sarah! We definitely want more Sarah Walker content!

    • I think there should be some sort of catalog of all the nice stuff Chuck, Sarah, and the rest have worn over the seasons. Something like a nice picture book…

  8. thaat jackktt of Sarah’s…amazzingg(: its superr cutte<3 Annnd that dress? Sexxy!!! I luvv her style in this showw!!

  9. I Just Love This Feature, Thanks So Much!

  10. Would love to see a t-shirt series for shirts worn by both Chuck and cialis delivery in 5 days or less Morgan. Love this column!

  11. Thank you so much for answering my question! I’ll be searching quite vigourously for that jacket now. I look foreward to more info on Sarah Walker’s wardrobe! I’ll be sure to buy crestor without a prescription post when I find it. Much love, Meagan VIVA CHUCK!!

  12. Love this fashion update… at least three of all the really cool Sarah stuff! Love the engravings on the back of the watch —

  13. Please Sarah’s jacket in 4.03!

  14. Mel,

    Thanks for tracking down this request for Sarah’s watch.

    There is a brand new one for auction on viagra online paypal Ebay Classico (Italy).

  15. Johnathon Lumbreras

    That’s an interesting point of view, though I am not sure if I agree.

  16. Hey everybody.

    I see you had found the Jacket you search for. Ok I’m searching for another one. The black leatherette jacket on this photo:

    got anyone an idea how or where I can find this one? it would be great if you can help me :)

    chuck fashion

    yeah I want it 😀

    nice greetings to everyone