SPOILERS: Morgan, Casey, Alex, and the Season Finale

The Chuck spoilers are flowing this week! We’ve got details on Morgan and Casey, Morgan and Alex, Summer Glau, and the title for the season finale.

From TVLine:

Question: Any word on a renewal for Chuck yet? I hope to God that it comes back next season! —Archana
Let’s put it this way: Boss men Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak are in no way, shape or form being subtle in expressing to NBC their expectation that the show will return. How unsubtle? The title of the May 16 season finale is “Chuck vs. The Cliffhanger.”

From EW.com:

What’s Morgan going to be up to on Chuck? — Laurie
Well, if you watched last night’s episode (and you really should have), you saw that Morgan stepped up to protect John Casey’s secret second assignment with the GRETAs (who are no more)! According to co-creator Chris Fedak, that somewhat speaks to the relationship the writers are building between the two. “We have some really funny stuff coming up in regard to the odd couple that is Morgan Grimes and Col. John Casey. It’s a peculiar decision to decide to room with your girlfriend’s dad. But they’re also very good friends and Morgan needed a place to crash,” he dishes. “Going forward, we really like the idea of Morgan as Chuck season 1, the guy who’s experiencing the spy world anew, fresh. We have some really interesting ideas about where we’re going with him in this season and how it all folds back to John Casey and his girlfriend Alex.” And if things get out of hand, it’s good to know that Sarah always has her tranq gun.

So Chuck brought the Old Spice guy [Isaiah Mustafa] and Stacy Keibler back to the show last night, any chance we’re going to get to see Summer Glau come back? – Rick
It could be a while. Not that Fedak doesn’t want to see her return, but it’s a creative pickle. “I would love to bring Summer Glau back,” Fedak says. “She, of course, left on bad terms at the end of her episode. She had kind of run afoul of Col. John Casey, but, listen, if we have the opportunity, I would love to bring summer Glau back. She’s just wonderful.”

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  1. LOL, Chuck vs. The Cliffhanger. I’m think that this will be more literal, but hey, I wouldn’t put it past them!

  2. Chuck vs the Cliffhanger? EVIL! EEEEEEVVVIIILLLLL!!!!! That kind of inhumanity makes Volkoff look like a sweet doting dad. Curse you Shwedak!

  3. If they make something about the wedding a cliff hanger, I’ll probably throw my shoe at the TV!!

    • Agreed!!! Although I love a good cliffhanger, but the will they won’t they of a 5th season makes me nervous!!

  4. Can’t wait to see the rest of the season! Now we just need the title for 4.23. (Also, I hope there is a wedding this season.)

  5. I feel like Schwartz and Fedak will actually incorporate some sort of actual hanging from cliffs, as well as the expected season-end cliffhanger, much like Chuck vs. the Ring was about “losing” Ellie’s rings and the introduction of The Ring.

  6. This news about the title worries me to no end. What if they don’t get a season 5? I sincerely hope that the episode incorporates Chuck actually hanging off the cliff only to get back up and make it in time for his wedding.

  7. Ratings for the last ep were terrible. Im rly worried about Chuck.

  8. We couldn’t have had a bigger cliffhanger than the way season 2 ended, and that turned out pretty great!

  9. I’m not sure if it’s been reported on here yet, but Mercedes Masohn has tweeted that she’s been told Zondra will be returning for the wedding this season.

  10. I wouldn’t mind the cliffhanger on Chuck and Sarah’s wedding. I’d love that they DO get married at some point in the series — looking forward to the wedding either by the end of this season or on the next.

  11. Sounds like Fedak and Swartz want to mobilize Chuck fans yet again with this title so that fans will show their support for another season. Given the response so far it seems like it could very well work.

  12. This would be great I hope they get season 5 cause I love Chuck

  13. You never know what can happen to a show for good or bad.

    There was a show I liked called Two (kind of a fugitive with an evil twin as the one armed man) and it got canceled because of something with the company that produced it (I think they got bought out).

    The British show Primeval was put on hold for a year while the business aspects were worked out . They then picked up the storyline a year later (with 3 people lost in time , 2 of them together and them the big ship for the show) , that season is over but another is already filming (they have very short seasons in this.

    And look at Two and a Half Men – steady ratings but it was stopped in it’s tracks by the misbehavior of one of it’s stars and given his previous behavior they gave him a lot of leeway before they got too frustrated and fired him.

  14. Lets hope for the best! we love CHUCK!

  15. I Love the Show and hope for renewal,I have my fingers crossed,living in Canada it is hard to watch a good show and not have your viewership counted, many a time I have gotten on to a show only to have it canceled.

    One way they can bring Summer Glau back to show for an episode or to is by having her go over to the dark side, Volkoff, another “caseyesc” episode. Revenge for getting her kicked out of the GRETA program.

    Thanks to Mel and Liz for keeping us chucksters well informed on all the scoop. Keep up the Good Work 🙂

  16. hey guys i have an idea for a cliffhanger that i could live with and i am curious to see what others think about it so here it goes.I think the wedding should be done and on the honeymoon after a little discussion in bed sarah says to chuck “Chuck I have something to tell you” chuck “what is it?” sarah Im?
    cut to black thats the end of the season unfortunately I am about to accept the fact that this is chucks last season because I have seen the ratings for the latest episodes and the trend isnt good so I feel a ending like that would leave it open in the Event a miracle happens and chuck gets renewed the writers can finish off the line and progress the season from there or leave if up to interpretation for eternity.

  17. a renovação da serie chuck para a quinta temporada deve ser a maior espectativa dos fans do mundo tudo,estou muito anciosa para saber,espero q sim.

  18. the renewal of the series chuck for the fifth season must all be the espectativa greater of fans of the world, is very anciosa to know, emais spero q yes.